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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Halloween Party!

Nick grinned as he finished assembling his costume. When he heard that this year’s Halloween party was going to be on. He knew he had the perfect birthday gift.
He admired the mask, an evil grin on his face. Lighting flashed in the window behind him, shrouding the wolf in shadows. He was going to have so much fun tonight…

Tim grunted as he pushed the door open with his hip. He was carrying a box full of food and snacks. Tim whistled as he stepped into the foyer of the old manor.
“Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said this would be the perfect place for a party”. Tim exclaimed as he gazed around the open space. It was a 19th century, three storey manor, complete with winding baluster staircase. The house was old, but well kept. It stank of the past. It was perfect for the Turtle Domes Halloween party.

“How much was it to rent again?” Tim asked as Dave stepped in, carrying a box of decorations.
“Burk said that it was decent price, and you know how cheap he is. Apparently the real estate company rents it out to host various functions. They gave it a clean and only stipulated that any breaks, we pay to fix. So Burk doesn’t want ANY damages”. Tim snorted as Dave placed the box on the floor.

“So that’s why we are the ones doing the leg work and set up. Plus why the guest list was controlled, James would love to bust up some of the finish in here. Ok where is the kitchen?” Dave looked around before shrugging and strode into the hallway. Over the next few hours, Tim and Dave set up the manor house for the party. The concentrated on the ground floor, not bothering to pretty up the upper floors as no one should be going upstairs. Though they probably would, but that was their decision.

At 5pm the guests started to drift into the house. Danny arrived first, wearing green armour with the dome helmet from Star Wars. He even had the blaster that lit up. He grinned as he looked at Tim costume.
“And what is Dave wearing? Long John Silver?” He sniggered and Tim gave him a reproachful look. Tim thought he was quite dashing in his pirate outfit. Long pantaloons, a tricorn hat, leather bandolier with pistols across his chest and a fake sword at his hip. “Hey! It’s not bad, and I picked it out this time. Nice work on the armour, Boba Fett?”  

Danny grinned as he walked past “Yup! You look good as a pirate. Bet Dave LOVES raiding your booty!” He called back with a smirk as he disappeared around the corner. Tim shook his head in exasperation as he moved to shut the door.
“Watch it” a deep voice rumbled. Tim turned and smiled at the huge figure looming in the doorway.
“Hey Boris! Very nice costume” Tim said as he gazed at Boris’s almost naked form. He was wearing a leather plaited skirt, sandals and carried a big double sided axe. “Soldier?” Tim guessed as he looked at Boris.

“Minotaur” he grunted as he pushed past Tim into the manor, ducking slightly. His huge size was a bit of an impediment, one that was tough to beat.
Tim nodded, it did make sense and it was easy for the large bull to do.
“Where’s Aang? Thought he had the night off?” Tim inquired as he looked at Boris. Boris shook his head.
“One of the other doctors called in sick so Aang took his place. He said that if the shift ends early, he’ll try to drop in.”

Tim nodded as he closed the door. “Dave has got food and drinks in the kitchen if you’re hungry.” Boris nodded as he placed the axe against the wall. Tim walked close and admired it.
“It’s not sharp, but it is heavy” Boris grinned “just in case I need to beat people off my Aang”.
Tim laughed “I’ve had to do that once or twice with Dave”.
Boris smirked “he does attract a lot of eyes.” He nodded and there was a knock on the door.

Tim turned and left Boris’s alone as he opened to door to see Andrew standing. Wearing an orange jacket, orange pants with a mesh shirt. The fox was grinning at Tim and there was little whiskers stuck to his face. Tim grinned “welcome Andrew, your looking good. Where’s Nick?” Tim asked as he looked around. The large wolf was nowhere in sight.
Andrew smiled “he’s working on his costume, said he would be in closer to the start time”. Tim stepped to the side and Andrew walked in. Suddenly Tim yelped as he felt his ass slapped and he whirled around to look at Andrew.

“I had to test if the pants were hiding anything” he said with a cheeky grin. Tim shook his head as Andrew turned and walked away.
“At least he didn’t go any further” a familiar voice said behind Tim. Tim smiled as he saw Spencer with Sage trailing behind him. The heir was in a handsome blue doublet with gold thread in beautiful patterns. The most prevalent was a heart shaped lock, which Tim recognised. Sage stood behind him in a black tuxedo with a half mask on. Tim blinked for a moment as he drew a blank.

“Ummm, Sage you’re a bit over dressed?” Sage laughed as he pulled part of his jacket to the side to reveal a black cape. He flicked it over his arm and grinned.
“Phantom of the Opera?” Tim said with a smile.
Spencer chuckled “we spent a weekend watching it on Broadway and he bursts into singing every now and again”.
Tim grinned “does he sound good or is it a cat screeching?” Spencer guffawed and grinned while Sage glared at Tim.
“A bit of both” Spencer said as ducked into the manor as Sage aimed a hook at his lover. Tim chuckled as Sage bolted after his lover. “You break anything, you pay for it” he called after the pair.

He shook his head “I hope they behave tonight” he said with a smile.
“Knowing those two I doubt it” a cultured voice said to Tim. Tim turned a smiled as he stared at a handsome man in an open red shirt, with long sleeves and black dress pants.
“Callum! I thought you weren’t able to make it?” Callum took a step forward, his chest almost touching Tim’s. He moved his head close, Tim was starting to blush when Callum spoke.
“I would gladly make it to see you” he purred. Tim blushed a deeper red as Callum licked his lips.
“I’m sure I could suck on you all night long” Callum said as he opened his mouth to reveal fangs.

“You pull the sexy vampire off very well” Tim panted as he took a step back.
“Not just the vampire bit” Callum whispered with a wink a as he sauntered past Tim. Tim breathed in as his face slowly went back to its usual colours. He and Andrew I’m sure will have fun Tim thought as large wolf figure approached the door. Tim squinted for a moment that’s not Nick… Tim mentally ran down the list of people invited.
“Ohh Hi Fang! Very cool costume! Very realistic, almost lifelike” Tim spoke with a grin.
“You’re not going to go full wolf are you? I don’t think people will appreciate being bitten and turning into werewolves next full moon”.

Fang gave him a toothy grin as his face shifted to his human form. “No full moon until next week. Besides I have enough control to not bite people. Unless they ask for it” Fang winked as his face shifted back to his lupine form. He had a ragged pair of jeans on, obviously a very old pair.
“Bessssidessss, itssssss eassssierrrr to sssspeak in human forrrrm” Fang growled as he padded into the house.
Tim smiled as he checked his phone only 2 more to arrive, Sakata should be here soon. Wonder what’s taking Nick?  

Nick smiled as he watched the half wolf enter the manor. He’s going to be fun Nick thought with a grin as he stepped out of the car. He had been planning this night for a while, first with getting Burk to rent the manor. Then adding some modifications to a few of the rooms… Nick grinned as he checked his watch. Andrew should be opening the window in the top room in a few minutes. In fact part of this night was Andrew’s idea. Andrew knew how much his lover enjoyed horror films. Having a Halloween party in an ancient house with a tragic history. It would be a night to remember for everyone...

Tim smiled as he closed the door and walked into the dining room. He and Dave had set up this room with all the food and chairs so people could mingle. Fang was holding a plate carefully as he munched on some candied pears. Callum had just pulled his face from the apple bobbing tub, a line of water dripping onto his chest. Tim looked away as Callum pulled the apple free and licked his lips with a sexy wink. Boris was leaning against the wall, chatting with Spencer as Sage walked over, carrying 3 cups. Danny was food table, loading up his plate as he talked animatedly with a figure dressed in a samurai costume. Including a katana, strapped across his back. Tim tilted his head thinking as he walked over.

The figure turned and Tim recognised Sakata under the face paint.
“Hey Sakata! When did you get here?” Tim asked as he came over and grabbed a piece of sweet corn.
Sakata smiled “I came in through the kitchen, I brought a plate of food and parked on the wrong side of the house”. He grinned abashed and Tim smiled.
“It’s no issue, so we are just waiting on Nick now.” Tim said with a smile.
Sakata looked at Tim “I thought I saw Nick’s car in the lot when I arrived. At least I’m pretty sure it was Nicks…” Tim looked at Sakata and then shrugged.
“A few people have cars similar to Nick’s. Apparently he has a really good costume, since he was working on it when Andrew arrived. Actually have you seen Andrew?”

Sakata shook his head “he was in the kitchen when I got here. Still might be there”.
Tim nodded in thanks and walked into the kitchen. Dave was there, in his full Frankenstein monster costume. Dave grinned, his face twisted by the makeup.
“Hey love, everyone here?”
Tim smiled and shook his head “almost, no Nick though. Have you seen Andrew?”
Dave nodded “he went to get some food and mingle. Why?”
Tim shook his head “ehh nothing just making sure we know where everyone is. You look ravishing”.

Dave grinned “arrr so do you” he winked. “Shame Rioku couldn’t be here, he said he was going to a different party with Cody and Fernando. What’s the bet he’ll be in a sugar rush all weekend”. Dave spoke with a mischievous grin.
Tim sighed and rolled his eyes “well he’s old enough to manage himself. He should have fun with his friends as well as ours.” Dave nodded as there was a knock at the door.
“Want to see who that is?” Tim grinned as he turned and walked to the front door.
He opened it to see Aang wearing a spotted sash and loin cloth carrying a wooden club.

Tim grinned in delight “AANG! I thought you couldn’t make it tonight?” Aang smiled sheepishly as Tim stepped forward and hugged the huge tortoise.
“Hey man! Another doctor came in and was able to cover. Swapped me for thanksgiving” Aang smiled. “How’s the party going?”
Tim grinned “it’s good, people are relaxed and friendly. No one is hostile yet, which is nice, and the punch is non-alcoholic. So we won’t have to worry about drunken brawls. Nick isn’t here yet so we won’t have to worry about our asses either”.
Aang looked puzzled “isn’t that his car over there” he pointed. Tim looked over and Aang was right. There was Nick’s SUV. Parked near the end.

“Huh I wonder where he is then?” Aang shrugged as Tim shook his head and led Aang into the main room. Boris stopped talking as he walked over and kissed Aang tenderly.
Tim smiled as he leaned against a wall. He gazed around, spotting Andrew and smiled.
Tim wandered over “hey man, are you enjoying yourself?”
Andrew nodded “took me a bit to find the toilet but it’s a nice place”.
Tim smiled “oh, did you drive in Nick’s car?”
Andrew nodded “Nick will be getting a lift in, he sent me a message he’ll be heading in shortly.”
Tim nodded “I hope he has fun tonight”.
Andrew grinned “I’m sure he will” he winked.

Tim nodded as he turned away to see Dave next to him and smiled.
“Having fun?” Dave asked as he wrapped his arm around Tim’s waist as he kissed him on the cheek.
Tim blushed and Andrew chuckled as he stepped away with a grin.
“I’ll let you two love birds enjoy yourselves”. Andrew winked as he walked off towards the buffet.
Tim smiled as he stepped closed to Dave and hugged him. “I am, it’s a better party than last year”.
Dave laughed “I didn’t organise the last one, and I like Halloween”.  Tim smiled as Spencer walked over, a concerned look on his face.

“Hey guys, have you two seen Danny? He was chatting with me about a possible fight, then he had to go relieve himself but that was 20 minutes ago. No one else has seen him since”. Tim and Dave shook their heads.
“He might’ve gone upstairs, we can go up to the upper floors, but we didn’t put up any decorating up there. Actually” Tim said as he looked around the room. “I can’t see Callum either and he’s a shameless flirt”.

Spencer grinned at the apt description of his hot friend. “Yeah Sage particularly doesn’t like it when I go on shopping dates with Callum. I think he’s a little jealous” Spencer finished with a wink. “I’ll grab Furball and go have a look”. Spencer smiled as he turned around and left Tim and Dave.
“Should we be worried?” Tim asked after a few moments.
Dave shook his head “there all adults, they can handle themselves. Besides I feel sorry for anyone that tried to rob this place tonight. There’s a dozen fighters here tonight. Any gate crashers are not going to enjoy themselves.”
Tim grinned “you heard about that guy that tried to rob Nick’s place?”
Dave shuddered “yeah, heard he tried to go after Nick for assault but his lawyers made it clear he would lose”.

“Hey Tim” a familiar voice called from upstairs. Tim and Dave looked up to see Sage leaning over the railing, a strip of cloth in his hands.
“What’s up Sage?” Dave asked as he turned his head to get a better look at the item.
“Well we found a few torn pieces of what looks like Callum’s costume” Sage replied with a smirk. “I didn’t think Danny was that aggressive”.
Dave chuckled “he’s small but fierce. Leave them be, we’ll look for them later”. Sage disappeared with a snigger and there was a sound of a brief scuffle.

“Don’t break anything!” Tim called up as he heard a set of running steps above him.
“Why do I feel like we are the only adults?” Tim asked Dave.
Dave smirked at him “speak for yourself, I plan on having fun!” He laughed as he strolled off to the bobbing bucket.
Tim grinned as he followed, deciding to relax. After all what could happen? It’s not like the house was haunted or anything.

Nick grinned as he closed the door behind the passed out forms of Danny and this new guy. He chuckled as he pushed his hard cock back into his pants and zipped them closed. It wasn’t often he got to subdue and have fun with someone new. This ‘Callum’, which Danny had moaned as Nick snuck up behind them. Had put up some resistance, but he was squashed easily. Danny, well he had been on the receiving end of Nick’s cock many times. But he had almost managed to get past the wolf while he was dealing with the brunette. He adjusted his mask, it had helped that Danny had frozen in fear at the mask Nick had worn. He had tied them to the bed, with a gag blocking each of their mouths. He didn’t want anyone informing the other house guests that they were prey… and the predator was already amongst them.

Nick heard running footsteps and flattened himself against the wall. Thankfully the lights were off and his dark fur faded into the shadows as Sage and Spencer ran around the corner.
“I’m sooo going to get you for that Furball!” Spencer yelled as he sprinted round the corner.
“Gotta catch me first princess!” The cat called with a smirk as he raced ahead of Spencer.
Nick licked his lips behind the mask. Blonds were indeed the most fun…
The wolf grinned as he stalked silently after the lovers, his fingers curling with delight.

Tim was lounging as he watched Boris flailing in the air with Aang’s club. The bull was blindfolded and Dave was controlling a Piñata that suspiciously looked like a white tiger. Dave originally wanted a brown wolf, but Tim had vetoed that suggestion. While amusing, there would be at least one person who would object to that. Boris grinned as there was a hard thawck! As the club impacted the Tiger piñata, it spun widely. Aang cheered as Boris pulled the blind fold up slightly.

“Hmupf thought I would break a limb. Maybe the only way to break it is by using the main exit”. Boris waggled his eyebrows as everyone laughed.
“There’s only 2 people that knows that exit intimately” Boris continued with a wink at Tim.
Tim blushed for a moment as he joined in the laughter.
“Wasn’t the most open exit ill say! Took a lot of effort to get in there” the laughter renewed then died off as Fang stood up and gestured for the club. Boris handed it over with a smirk as he pulled the blind fold off.

“Let’s see what you can do wolf”. Fang grinned lazily, his canines glinting in the light
“Bet I can crrrrack thisssss wide open with one hit” Fang boasted as he awkwardly tied the blindfold around his eyes.  
Andrew smirked as he stood up and took the rope from Dave, “I’ll take that bet”.
Fang smirked as he looked in Andrew’s direction and lifted the blindfold slightly “and what do I get if I win?”
Andrew grinned hugely and winked “you’ll find out”.

Tim smiled at the banter. It was nice seeing everyone so relaxed and happy. He narrowed his eyes as he realised something. He looked up at the clock and noted it had been several hours since people rocked up. And he hadn’t seen Nick at all… And it had been at least an hour since anyone had seen Callum or Danny. Or Sage and Spencer for that matter.
Tim was distracted when he heard a sharp CRACK and he saw a bunch of chocolate hit the ground from the rent tiger. Fang grinned as he held the club easily as the piñata slowed.
“Nice trrrrry, I almost missssssssed it. Much harrrrrderrrrr to hit it when you’rrrrre blindfolded, essssspecially when it’ssssss moving”.

Andrew smirked “yet you still did. That’s impressive” he stepped forward and grabbed Fang’s wrist firmly. “Leave the blind fold on, we can have some fun”.
Dave chuckled as Andrew led Fang out of the room “Lucky Nick isn’t here yet, otherwise he might be getting a new fur rug!” Aang looked up at Nick’s name and smiled.
“Don’t you find it odd he isn’t’ here? And Andrew seems to be perfectly fine without his boyfriend lurking around.” Dave shrugged as Tim scratched his own chin.
“It does seem unusual. Normally Nick would be here. Trying to get into everyone’s pants, and keeping them away from Andrew’s. Maybe being with Andrew has mellowed him a bit?”

All the friends in the room looked at each other and in stereo “Nah”.
Sakata laughed “a mellow Nick, I’m sure everyone would love to see that”.
“I’m sure our asses will appreciate it too” Boris rumbled. Tim and Dave winced as they remembered they last time they had a night with Nick.
“Amen to that” Dave said as he raised his glass in Boris’s direction.
The bull grinned “though I have been enjoying my boyfriend’s bat, so to speak”. Aang blushed bright crimson and slapped Boris’s thigh.
Boris chuckled “and he loves mine” he said with a leer. Aang turned an even brighter red as he punched Boris’s thigh. Boris let out a loud groan, in obvious pain.  

Nick smiled as he finished rearranging Sage and Spencer on top each other. He had placed them in a 69, with Spencer on top. Arms extended and handcuffed to the opposite leg of their partner. They weren’t going to be getting free anytime soon, especially with a vibrating dildo shoved in each ass hard. He sighed, pleased with how the last 30 minutes had been spent. He had dragged both the boys into a larger room and fought them both. Suffice to say that they still hadn’t learned to fight as a team and he had ploughed them hard.    

His pocket buzzed and he took out his phone. He grinned as he saw the message from Andrew. “Wolf in basement”. That was the person he was really looking forward to having some fun with.
Nick stalked quietly down the stairs and surveyed the landing. He grinned as the coast was clear, he twisted his head as he listened to the laughter from the other room.
That will change soon he thought with a quiet snigger. He padded into the kitchen and froze. Sakata had just walked in and was quietly humming as he filled a glass with water. Nick smirked behind the mask, Andrew can have this one he thought. Nick carefully prowled closer to Sakata, arms raised.

Suddenly Sakata turned around, the filled glass in his hand and his eyes went wide in shock and fear. Nick leapt forward, one hand clamping tight against the teen’s mouth the other catching his wrist with the glass.
“That’s a big sword you’ve got there, let me show you mine!” Nick hissed in Sakata’s ear as he quickly placed the glass in the sink as he lifted the squirming Ronin up. Nick grunted as Sakata kicked backwards, his heel hitting his shin. Nick grinned as he hauled his captive towards the closed door. He pushed it open and carried Sakata down the stairs to the basement. Nick and Andrew had spent a day soundproofing the basement and laying down some mats. He wanted some fun on his birthday…

Nick grinned as he closed the door and threw Sakata down to the padded floor. Andrew turned from where he had Fang pinned against the wall.
“I told wolfie here, he would have a fun time if he came down and didn’t call out”. Andrew said with a smirk as he pushed his hand harder against Fang’s groin. Fang let out a husky moan or pain and pleasure, as shivered slightly against the wall.
Nick grinned behind his mask “oh he will have fun time indeed. Ill play with him, you can have that one”. Nick pointed to Sakata’s form on the mat. He was shaking his head as he looked around.
Andrew smirked as he moved and sat down on Sakata and spun to face Nick and Fang.
“He’s a comfy seat that’s for sure”.
Nick stepped into the middle of the mat and gestured for Fang to fight, a wide grin behind his mask.

There was a panicked knock on the manor door. Tim and Dave craned their necks as Aang turned and strode towards the entrance. He opened it and he looked a little surprised.
“Umm were not doing trick or treat here? Though that is an interesting costume you have.”
“I’m not for candy! But to give a warning! You need to evacuate the house! You’re all in terrible danger!” Tim pushed himself up as he recognised the voice.
“Greg? What are you…?” Aang was pushed slightly to the side, revealing a human with an orange bandanna over his face and wearing a Leather bandolier.

“It’s Masked Twink when I’m on duty” the figure hissed at Tim. He looked up at Aang “can I come in then?” Aang let out a small sigh but he stepped back, letting Masked Twink inside.
“So what is this important warning” Dave said with a yawn. Both he and Tim were feeling a little sleepy as they enjoyed the good company of Boris and Aang.
Greg shook his head “Don’t you guys know this place is haunted? Every Halloween party that is hosted here all the party goers disappear!”

Boris snorted as he relaxed in the chair “old wives tails” he said waving a huge hand.
Greg sound around and looked at him “then explain why there’s only 4 of you here when there should be a dozen!”
Aang shook his head. “There over in various rooms boinking each other”. Everyone except the costumed crusader all laughed at this.
“Well I’m guessing they have a ton of stamina then, but hasn’t this party been going on for like 3 hours???” Greg growled through gritted teeth. The mirth did die down as they realised it had been a while since they had seen anyone.

“Actually where’s Sakata?” Dave said as stood up, concern on his face. “He was getting a drink, but it’s been at least 30 minutes”.
Greg rolled his eyes “that’s what I’ve come to warn you about! Back in the 1920’s this house used to have a full family. Except one Halloween night when the father found his only son in bed with another guy, doing some kinky shit. He went on a rampage and killed both his son and the lover. Next Halloween, the father disappeared and the house has been abandoned. Ever since then, people who enter this place on Halloween never emerge. They say the son stalks the house with his lover, wearing a mask made of his father’s skin”.

Tim shivered and Goosebumps appeared on his skin.
“Creepy” Boris grumbled as he stood up and stretched. “Well I suppose we had best check the house and find the others. Besides it’s almost midnight and we should be heading home soon.” Boris looked at Aang and smirked “I’ve got a surprise for my love”. Aang blushed again and grinned.
“I’ll search this floor and the basement. You guys try the other floors. If you run into any ghosts, run”.
Tim and Dave chuckled as they walked up the stairs. Boris and Greg following.
Boris looked down at Aang. Aang made a shooing gesture “I’ll be fine, no ghost can take me down” he winked. Boris snorted and shook his head as he walked further up the stairs.

Nick was panting as he gripped Fang’s tail and his head. The werewolf had indeed been a hard opponent. But he was now Nick’s bitch and the alpha wolf pounded Fang’s ass hard. Nick moaned in pleasure behind the mask as he sped up, his thighs hitting Fang’s skin with each thrust as he got closer to his climax.
“Ahhhhhhhh” Nick groaned as he filled Fang with his seed. He pulled out and slapped the werewolf’s ass hard. “Not a bad fight, plus a nice tight ass, I might come back for seconds later”. Fang groaned weekly in response. Nick hadn’t held back and the bitch was in a daze.

Nick smirked as he stood up and stretched. He shook his head and looked in Andrew’s direction.
“I see your enjoying your toy” Nick chuckled as he pushed his hard cock back into his pants and zipped it closed. Andrew smirked as he pulled Sakata’s head up and down his own hard cock.
“I’ll be wanting a little challenge, might take on Boris” Andrew grinned as he pulled Sakata down hard as his legs locked tight around the teens neck. Nick chuckled as Andrew knocked Sakata out after a few moments as he carefully stood up and grinned.
Nick grinned as Andrew pulled his pants back up “Oh I should let you know, Aang is here”. Nick’s grin went wider. “Looks like I’ll be having the real challenge soon enough” Nick purred softly as he walked up the stairs.

Tim and Dave kept going up the stairs as Boris and Greg got off on the second floor.
“What’s the bet Sage and Spencer have been brawling like usual?” Dave joked with a grin.
Tim snorted “no bet, I know they’ve been fighting, they always do”. Dave chuckled as they stood on the landing.
“You go left, I go right, call if you find anyone or a ghost” Dave joked with a grim. Tim smiled back as he turned left and walked down the hallway. He checked each room, turning the knob or pushing the door open. Most were locked, though a few did creek open. Tim checked them quickly and as he closed the door on the final room he heard a shout.
“Found them!” Tim turned, recognising Dave’s voice as he jogged back down the hallway.

Dave stood in the middle of the door, his jaw open in surprise. “I don’t think we’re alone in the house” he murmured as Tim came alongside. Tim looked inside and swallowed.
“Greg, were going to need you… did you bring lock picks?” Tim called down the stairs as he stepped into the room. Spencer and Sage were handcuffed together, with large dildos in their asses.
“Yeah I don’t think a ghost did that” Dave mused as he stepped in. He walked forwards and gently pulled Spencer’s head up and off Sage’s cock. Dave gave a low whistle and grimaced.
“That’s some serious blue balls, looks like they’ve been drained dry. Also Spencer is completely out of it”. Dave carefully turned the blond heirs head so he was resting on Sage’s thigh.

“Sage isn’t much better, looks like he got it worse. Having Spencer’s weight pinning him down”.  Tim agreed as he lifted Spencer’s hips enough to twist the cheetah’s head so it wasn’t pinned.
“These are jumbo XXX 9000’s” Dave said as he examined the dildo in Spencer’s ass.
Tim looked at his boyfriend levelly.

“What? I read. Besides Burk was thinking about doing a different type of match and wanted some research done. Something about more income through different stakes. No I didn’t use it. Didn’t need to, I’ve got the best toy in the world”. Dave winked and Tim blushed lightly for a moment.
“The batteries must run out” Tim said as he pulled the dildo out from Spencer’s ass.
“There designed to run on high power for 2 hours” Dave said “and I mean high power, Like Nick level”. Tim shivered as he looked at the size of the toy as Dave carefully pulled the other one from Sage’s ass.

“Well, it’s certainly big enough for Nick’s” Tim deadpanned as Greg stepped into the room.
“We found Callum and Danny. Tied up in bed sheets very securely. Danny was almost through the gag when we got there. They said something attacked them while they were distracted”. Boris rumbled from outside. Tim glanced through the doorway and could see two figures just behind the huge bull. Greg shook his head as he stepped in and removed a small pouch from his jacket.
“Gimme a few minutes to get these off and we’ll have Aang take a look at these two”.
The Masked Twink opened the pouch and deftly removed a small key. He grinned as he quickly inserted it into the handcuffs and they popped free.

“I don’t want to know why you carry a set of handcuff keys on your person” Dave stated with a slight smirk. Greg grinned back as he pocketed the cuffs.
“Very good quality, so i’m sure I can figure out who bought these. Anyway lets get these two love birds down to the doctor”.Tim nodded as he picked up Spencer carefully, carrying him in his arms. Dave reached down and lifted Sage with a small grunt.
“For a skinny bastard, he’s heavy” Dave growled as he steadied himself and walked out of the room.
Tim grinned as he carried Spencer, Greg smiled behind his mask as he followed the two cats. Tim and Dave carefully taking the unconscious lovers downstairs to the resident doctor.

Danny let out a shriek of fear as he gazed down at the landing, from the top of the stairs.
“That’s the thing!!!!!” he was pointing down at a huge figure.
It was huge, almost the same size as Boris. The figure had the head and mane of a wild boar with huge black tusks jutting from the lower jaw. It had a leather straps running across its chest, meeting in a silver ring.

Hanging from several small hooks, attached to the straps, was several objects. Tim squinted and he let out a gasp of recognition. One of the objects was the mask from Sage’s costume. Spencer’s glasses were hanging from another strap. A sleeve of Callum’s shirt was tied around the centre ring and Danny’s helmet was hanging from it. Strapped to the figures thigh was Sakata’s sword and it looked like Fang’s torn jeans was the rope keeping it there.

Finally wrapped around one meaty bicep was what looked like Aang’s caveman sash. The figure looked up and they saw his huge, meaty dick fully erect parallel to the floor. Tim, Dave, Greg were stunned silent for a moment. Callum and were shivering in fright and Boris… there was a loud bellow and Boris leapt from the middle of the stairs. Directly at the huge, imposing pig thing.
“Dave let’s get these guys out of here” Tim said as the figure caught Boris and threw him into the party room. There was a loud crash and a roar of pain. The figure turned and stalked into the party room.

“Greg! Go search for Aang, Fang, Andrew and Sakata, we’ll get these guys to the cars and come back in”. Greg nodded as he ran down the stairs and disappeared into the kitchen.
“Found Aang, it’ll take me a few minutes to get him free. He’s tied up like a turkey for thanksgiving”. Tim looked at Callum “Give him a hand”. Callum froze for a moment then nodded as he went into the kitchen.

Danny had reached the door and grabbed the knob, “It’s locked! I can’t open it!” Danny was wide eyed as Dave ran down the stairs. He dropped Sage on the floor, before his shoulder hit the door hard. There was a crack, but the door held. Dave growled as he stepped back and yelled in anger and kicked the door near the knob. There was a cracking sound and then the door opened. Dave picked Sage up over his shoulder and bolted out of the manor. Danny was right on his heels as they sprinted for the cars. Tim bolted as he heard more bangs and crashes. He glanced quickly in that direction to see Boris being thrown into the wall.

We are not paying for this! Tim thought as he ran to his car. Danny had jumped into his little sedan and Dave had laid Sage in the back seat. He quickly wrapped the cheetah in the seatbelts. Tim put Spencer in the passenger side and buckled him in.
“Get them to the doctor on duty” Tim yelled as he slammed the door shut. Dave closed his door and Danny got the car started. He almost hit Tim as he roared out of the parking area and disappeared on the road.

Tim and Dave turned and ran back in to see Greg and Callum with Aang’s arms draped over each of their shoulders. “Get him out of here” Dave ordered “we’ll look for the others.”
“The door to the basement was open so check down there” Greg said as he pulled out a small remote and clicked it. A car flashed as the trio went in that direction and another engine roared.
Tim and Dave ran back into the manor house. There was another crash from the dining room and a loud groan of pain.

Tim glanced at Dave and he shook his head. “Boris can handle himself, let’s get Fang and Sakata”.
Tim nodded “and find Andrew, if we can.” Dave shook his head.
“Andrew can handle himself, after all he’s kicked all our asses. He can probably deal with that thing. Or if he’s smart, he would’ve cleared out of here as soon as he heard the crash.”
Tim grunted in agreement as the got into the kitchen. They spotted the door immediately and slowed to a stop. Dave pushed the door open and spied down.

“I can see Fang, he’s in human form, and Sakata is next to him. You get Fang and ill grab Sakata.” Dave quickly strode down the stairs with Tim following. Dave grabbed Sakata and hauled him onto his Shoulder. Tim gave a soft grunt as he lifted Fang in a fireman’s lift and started up the stairs. Dave pushed the door open and started for the entrance, jogging with his lighter load. The crashes and bangs had stopped, replaced with the sound of flesh hitting flesh and loud moans.
“Looks like Boris is out of it” Tim said as he power walked out of the manor. Dave already had Sakata buckled into the back seat of his car. Tim placed Fang on the other side and got buckled him in.

“I’ll wait for you to get Boris. He can go in the boot” Dave panted as he got in the driver’s side and got the ignition started. Tim panted for a moment, getting his breath back from the run.
“If needed ill drive through and run that bastard over” Dave growled, his teeth bared.
Tim nodded as he ran back to the manor. He peered inside, ears perked up. There was no sound. It was silent as a tomb. Hope it won’t be my tomb Tim thought as he carefully sneaked into the dining room. The room was a mess, food was everywhere. The tables were smashed and Tim could see why. Boris was lying in the ruins of the table, unconscious and nude. Tim winced as he walked up and carefully pulled Boris up. He grunted as he slowly walked out of the room. This is the last time we have a Halloween party! Tim swore to himself as he steadily walked out of the manor. It took a few minutes for him to get to the car. The boot was open and Tim gratefully lifted the heavy bull into the back. Tim panted as he leaned against the door.

“Dave let’s get out of here” there was no answer, Tim could hear the purr of the engine. “Dave? Let’s go!” Tim yelled as he slammed the boot door. He walked to the front and the driver’s side door was empty. Tim shivered as he looked around quickly. His eyes narrowed as he saw a deeper shadow next to one of the other cars. He walked over, already dreading what he would find. Dave was lying on the bonnet, his pants gone and unconscious. Tim looked around carefully, even squatting to check under the car. But he couldn’t tell the difference between shadows and that pig headed figure.

Tim gritted his teeth as he sprinted over and grabbed Dave. He winced as his legs let out a twinge of protest but he pushed through. “I don’t need to go to the gym tomorrow”. Tim panted as he hauled Dave back to the passenger side of the car. He lifted him up and into the car and buckled him in. Tim shook his head as he closed the door and went to the driver’s side. Tim got in and put the car in drive. He then turned the wheel and hit the gas. Suddenly in front of him the huge pig headed figure appeared. One hand holding Boris’s axe and the other Aang’s club. The figure raised them and Tim slammed his foot harder on the pedal.

 Tim aimed deliberately at the pig thing. He yelled as the car hit the figure. There was a gasp and it stayed on the bonnet before is slipped under the car. He didn’t look back as he sped onto the main road and made a beeline for the hospital.

Nick moaned in pain as he slowly got to his feet. He honestly didn’t expect Tim to run him over, but thankfully the car wasn’t going that fast. Nick reached up and carefully removed the pig mask.
“Well 8 out of 10 is pretty good, probably should’ve taken the car keys but I had to stop Dave calling out. I think Tim’s been bottoming since Dave was so tight”. Nick chuckled quietly as he walked back to the manor. He sat down on a chair and smirked. “Good thing I upped the payments and the insurance. Using Boris as a club was hilarious, and tying up Aang, I’ll get him next time. Best birthday present in years” Nick laughed for a moment as he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Ahh love, did you have fun tonight?” Nick turned his head looking up. There was a figure with a pig head standing there. He was holding Andrew’s ninja jacket. Nick went wide eyed in shock.
“You picked the wrong house to have your party in” the figure said with a throaty growl.
“Happy Birthday!” the figure punched Nick in the jaw hard. Nick rocked backwards, his eyes blinking as the focused to see another punch directly hit his temple.
Nick fell backwards, unconscious from the two punches.

The figure pulled off the mask revealing Andrew’s face. He grinned as he rubbed his jaw. “Can’t let you have all the fun” Andrew teased. He hoisted his boyfriend up and carried him to the master bedroom. He wanted to give the love of his life a very special gift.

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  1. This was awesome! Perhaps Nick should try for 10 out of 10 this year?