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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Boris vs Mac

Burk winced as the irate bull bellowed at him, his ears ringing. Burk waited for the echo to fade before he spoke calmly and levelly to the huge fighter.
“If you want to challenge the champion, who is currently Nick. You need to win a minimum of 3 warehouse matches. Then you can issue the challenge and he will choose to accept.” Burk waited, holding his breath as he watched Boris think.
“Fine, who do I fight?” He growled as he sat down on the small chair. There was a creak but the chair held the bulls monstrous mass.

Burk let out a relieved sigh as he quickly opened up the planner.
“Let me see… theres a match opening next month against Tony?” Boris shook his head, the horns, scything through the air.
“I want to fight Nick by the end of the month” Boris demanded, his deep voice rumbling.
Burk quickly sped through the pages muttering to himself “I can rearrange this to here, they wont mind as Dave is still recovering. Give me a minute” Burk grabbed his phone and typed a quick message. Boris waited with barely controlled patience as his fingers drummed on the table. Burk’s phone sounded and he looked at it before smiling.

“I can do this Saturday night, against Mac?” Boris looked up, eyes staring into Burk’s.
“Who’s that one?” He asked Burk. The manager opened up a drawer and pulled out a file. He opened it a pulled out a A4 colour photo of a white wolf, with black hair.
“His stats are on the back” Burk said as he passed the photo to the fighter. Boris examined the photo before flipping it over.
“6’7 and 280 pounds, same build as Nick, good. Whats the 11x2 V mean?” He looked at Burk, puzzled.
“His size and preference” Burk replied as he turned to hims computer and was typing.

Boris blinked for a moment before realising “oh…OH! So he goes both ways?”
Burk nodded “most of the fighters are that, only a few are strict in that.”
Boris’s eyes narrowed “let me guess, Nick is one of those?” Burk nodded again as the printer whirred to life, spitting out several pages.
“Ok here is a proposed contract for the next few matches for you. Proposed is 3 matches, with more if required. Expanded for safety concerns, including more sexual activity. Additional rules, read it all and sign at each page”. Burk leaned back as Boris pulled a glasses case out of his pocket, placed the spectacles on neatly and stated to read. Boris snorted a few times but he read the contract twice before taking a pen and scrawling his signature on each page.

“No issues?” Boris asked curious, he knew exactly what was in the contract, including the stipulation of sex matches.
“If your worried that I wont perform, you don’t need to worry. I want to do to Nick exactly what he did to me. If I have to practice on a few people, all the better” His fist clenched around the pen before handing the sheet of papers back. Burk shuddered slightly at the fury in the bull’s eyes before it diminished slowly to a ember.
“Well the match is scheduled for this Saturday at 7. Its not the main event, that’s a grudge match, but your just before it.” Boris nodded as he stood up and took his glasses off and stowed them away.
“Bye then” Boris turned and left the room and Burk sighed as the door closed with a snap.

Saturday night

Boris growled as he entered the change room. He looked around before spotting a locker with his name on it. He stomped over, opening it and changing the locker combination. There was also a small bag inside. Boris opened it up, grimacing as he spotted a green XL speedo. There was a small note “your last one was mangled, so figured you would need a new one”.

“Why speedos” he murmured as he opened his bag and took off his shirt.
“Because it’s a gay wrestling match, and they show off the assets the best” a deep voice said from behind him. Boris turned around slowly, surprised he didn’t hear anyone enter the room. A large cat stood in the doorway, black stripes and orange fur with shoulder length hair. He wore jeans and a neat shirt, which was tight enough to show that he had a muscular build. Boris snorted “and who are you?”

The tiger smiled and held out a hand “Adam Gold”. Boris’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the hand before gripping it tight.
“Boris Masters” Boris flexed his forearm, attempting to crush Adam’s hand. Adam didn’t blink as he returned the crushing grip, matching Boris’s force. Boris smirked as he released his hand.
“Strong grip there” he said and Adam nodded. “Anyway what are you doing in here? Hoping to catch a glimpse of something, pervert?” Boris growled as his chest was exposed. Adam cooly looked up and down Boris’s body and he smiled.

“Well you are very good to look at. But no I’m not here to gawk. Looking for my brother actually, he must be in the arena already.” Adam turned to leave when Boris spoke.
“Your brother, something Gold? Wasn’t there a big fight with a Gold fighting a Wild something tonight?”
Adam nodded “the main event, thought I would catch him first and wish him luck. Hopefully he wont need it” Adam muttered the last as he turned to leave. Boris scowled for a moment before he turned back to his locker.
“Good luck to you as well” he turned to see Adam smiling at him before the tiger left the room.
“I wont need it” Boris vowed as he yanked his pants off .


The arena was mostly full, only a few empty seats as the last fighter was removed from the cage and carried to the infirmary. Burk stood in the centre microphone to his lips.
“Tonight we have a returning fighter! After losing to the champion, the bull is back and set to take the king down! But first he must win 3 fights to prove himself worthy! Standing at 7 feet and 3 inches, and weighing 310 pounds of grade A beef. Boris “da Hammer” Masters!”
Boris scowled as he heard his introduction and then the music played and he ran down the steps and he entered the cage. The crowd cheered, and jeered as he stood in the centre of the ring. His head turned, eyes sweeping the stands, until he found who he was looking at.
Boris glared menacing at the large brown wolf, who had completely dominated him last month. Nick grinned as he stared back and puckered his lips, blowing a kiss. Boris snorted as he glared back. I am going to get my revenge bitch! Just wait, it'll be me that takes you down.  Boris noticed a hand waving near Nick and he broke eye contact. The hand belonged to Adam, who was sitting down from Nick. Adam raised his right arm and flexed it, while his left was pointing at Boris. Boris remembered what the tiger had said earlier “they show off”.

Boris turned back to the entrance and flexed both his mighty arms, his biceps peaking and the crowd cheered. He turned, doing a side pose to that side of the arena and they cheered harder. He turned to the other side and flexed his mammoth chest, his pecs swelling and popping out, hard as a rock. He finally turned back to Nick’s side. His flexed his right arm, Nick smirked as he returned the gesture, but he also kissed his bicep. Boris grunted but he mirrored Nick, leaving a slobbery kiss on his hard muscle. The crowd went nuts at the display of dominance.

“Well looks like our largest fighter is making a good impression, but can he win? Standing at 6 feet and 7 inches, weighing 280 pounds, the master of Rock and Metal. Mac!” AC/DC’s Thunderstruck blared from the speakers as a white wolf barrelled down the stairs. Boris growled as the wolf ran into the cage, leaping over the top rope and landing as he air guitar’d the closing notes of the hit song.
Mac raised his arms and yelled “The Power of Metal!!!” The crowd cheered as he pranced around the ring, flexing his muscles to each side. When he faced Nick, Mac grabbed his crotch and thrust it out. Nick laughed and Boris guffawed as Mac turned around, hand still holding his crotch.

“You think something is funny, steer?” Mac sneered as he, thrust his crotch towards Boris.
“Just you” Boris replied as he stepped forward, powering a kick into Mac’s groin. Mac yelped in sudden pain as he fell forward, the bell sounded and the door clanged shut.
“If you don’t want to be hit, then don’t show a target” Boris growled as he stomped on Mac’s back, his foot falling with a bang. Mac yelped as Boris’s big boot made a second stomp. Boris reached down ad gripped Mac’s long hair and hauled the smaller wolf up. Boris swept his arm forward, delivering a stinging chop to Mac’s chest. Mac yelped at the pain as he stumbled back.

Boris followed, cocking his fist and sending it at Mac’s head in a brutal punch. Mac dodged to the side, as he retaliated with a punch to Boris’s chest. Boris grunted as he took a step back before his eyes narrowed. Mac glared back, arms raised ready to block or dodge the next strike. Boris grinned, his teeth gleaming as he raised his arms, inviting the smaller wolf for a test of strength. Mac accepted, interlocking fingers with the bigger fighter, he pushed hard. Boris leaned forward, planting his feet as he kept the wolf down.

“I thought you would be tougher” Boris said with a smirk as he took a step forward. Mac gritted his teeth, pushing back with all his strength as Boris took another step forward. His chest bumping against the white wolf’s. Boris grinned as he pushed down, forcing Mac to his knees.
“Pathetic” Boris said as his knee came crunching into Mac’s face. Mac yelped and wet limp in Boris’s grip as his eyes were glazed over. Boris shook his head as he let the wolf go limp. He turned around and flexed his massive biceps for the crowd.   

The crowd was cheering for Boris as he had neatly controlled Mac for the first portion of the fight. He grinned as he saw Nick watching from the stands. The wolf had a huge grin as he was looking behind Boris. Boris felt a white hot, stabbing pain in his groin and he bellowed in pain. Mac had risen to his feet and had taken the opportunity to slam his forearm between the bull’s large legs while he was distracted. Boris fell forward, landing on his knees as he brayed to the amusement of the crowd. Mac was grinning as he flexed his fingers as he got up.
“Be careful steer, you need to keep your jewels safe” Mac laughed as he kicked Boris’s ass. Boris was still groaning as he fell forward, he blinked through the pain, as he felt Mac grip his ankle.

Boris yelled as Mac twisted the Bull’s ankle savagery, torquing the joint. Boris planted his hands onto the mat, and pushed himself up. At the same moment, his trapped leg kicked out hard.
“Fuck!” Mac yelled as Boris’s leg snapped out of his grip and the bull rolled forward, coming up in a crouch as he glared fury at the wolf.
Boris glared at mac as he got to his feet “no more nice guy” he growled.
Mac smirked in response and charged forwards. Boris growled as he lunged forwards.

There was a bang throughout the arena as the two combatants met in the centre. Boris grunted as his raw bulk pushed Mac closer to the ropes. Mac was growling as he struggled mightily, slowing the inexorable advance, but not stopping. Mac planted his feet and pushed mightily at the bull’s shoulders as his back bumped against the ropes. Boris grunted as he suddenly turned around, whipping Mac across the ring. Mac lurched as his chest hit the other set of ropes and he bounced back. Boris raised his arm and delivered a punishing clothesline to the wolf’s back.

Mac yelled as he slammed face first into the mat,
Boris took 2 steps back and leapt into the air. There was a Bang and a howl of pain and the crowd cheered. Boris had landed, all 300 pounds of his weight directly on Mac's lower back. Boris grinned evilly as dug his elbow into the wolf's back. 
"That should leave a big bruise bitch" Boris growled as he stood up and admired his handwork. Mac was clutching his lower back and howling with pain. The bull looked around the arena. The crowd was enjoying the show with their cheers and catcalls.

Boris planted his foot on Mac’s back, crushing the wolf’s fingers, eliciting another howl. Boris’s eyes roamed the crowd until the locked onto Nick’s. The wolf grinned and stuck his tongue out at Boris. Boris growled and looked down at the squirming Mac, beneath his boot.
“Im going to make an example of you” Boris said menacingly as he looked back at Nick.
Boris stepped off Mac and walked to his head. Boris scowled for a moment before raising his foot and bring it crashing down on Mac’s head. The crowd was silent at the brutal stomp. They then cheered louder as Mac thrashed like a fish, but his head was still pained to the mat, under Boris’s foot. Mac was moaning loudly as Boris pushed up and rested his entire 300 pounds on Mac’s head.

Boris was still for a moment, letting the wolf howl in pain as his gaze was locked onto Nick’s smirking face. Boris then jumped off Mac. Mac’s howl intensified as Boris used him as a spring board. Boris landed on the mat with a thump as he turned to look back at the prostrate wolf. Mac was moaning as he clutched his head and back. The twin spots where Boris has used his immense bulk to his advantage. Boris smiled at that as he walked to Mac’s legs. Time for me to have some fun the bull thought as he raised his foot and stomped on Mac’s back, targeting the same spot as earlier.

Mac yelped in pain, arching his back and head up. Boris instantly seized his chance, wrapping his fingers around Mac’s chin and jumping on the wolf’s back. He locked one the camel clutch quickly and hauled Mac’s upper body back. Mac howled in pain as he was torqued up, his arms tried futilely to stop Boris.
“This is what it feels like to lose to me” Boris growled in Mac’s ear as his muscles bulged. Mac yelled in pain “enough man! The power of metal is not with me tonight!”
Boris growled as he leaned back, “you call that a surrender? Im not in an accepting mood. Besides isnt it a sex fight, so the doors only open when I fuck your ass?”

Boris yanked back again and Mac howled in reply “YES! Just stop hurting me man!” Boris growled and shook his head, his horns gleaming in the bright light.
“Don’t think so, im going to keep turning you inside out till I think your finished!”
Boris pulled back even more and the crowd stared as Mac was almost parallel to the mat and shrieking with pain. Boris held Mac like this for a minute, listening to the sobs coming from the wolf. Until he finally relented, letting Mac fall to the mat with a pained groan. Boris got up and planted his foot on Mac’s shoulders and flexed both his arms, proudly to the audience.

“BORIS!!! BORIS!!! BORIS!!!” The crowd chanted as Boris stomped Mac with each cry of his name. Mac groaned as Boris stomped down, inflicting more pain to his back. Mac stretched out his hands and attempted to crawl away, but Boris wasn’t done yet.
“Where do you think your going bitch?” Boris said as his hand clamped on Mac’s neck, he lifted his foot. Boris’s arm flexed as he lifted the mewling wolf upright, Mac facing the audience. Boris smirked as he paraded Mac around the ring, one hand holding Mac up, the other flexing his arm hard. His bicep was huge with power as he strode around the ring. He stopped as he faced the side of the arena, containing Nick.

Boris growled as he twisted, locking his other arm on Mac’s quad as he pressed the wolf high into the air. Mac was hanging 9 feet in the air, struggling weekly as Boris roared in triumph. Boris stepped back and threw Mac hard down, his arms powering the smaller wolf to hit the canvas hard. BANG! The sound of Mac hitting the mat, eclipsed the bellow of pain emerging from his mouth. The crowd went nuts at the display of dominance and raw power that Boris had displayed. Though they had often seen such displays in the past, none had seen the huge bull perform it. Boris planted his foot on Mac’s chest and flexed his biceps for the crowd.

Boris smirked as he decided to indulge the crowd as he leant done and kissed the tip of his mountainous muscles. Mac was still conscious, if only just as he watched Boris posing above him. His arm rise up weekly, slowly heading closer to Boris’s groin, hoping to get a cheap shot in and reverse the situation. Boris felt the wolf’s intention and his hand snapped down and caught the wolf’s wrist.
“You thinking of trying something bitch” Boris growled as he clamped his fingers tight. Mac yelped in renewed pain as Boris’s grip was unbreakable. Boris grinned as he stepped off Mac and hauled the wolf upright. Mac wobbled as he got to his feet when Boris’s muscular arms wrapped around his chest.

“Time for you to break” Boris said as his arms tightened, locking the wolf in a powerful bear hug. Mac yelled in pain and fair as he felt his waist start to crumble. His arms were free and he struck Boris, hoping to cause a bit of pain and break free. Boris laughed as Mac’s weak punches did nothing except make Boris tighten his grip. His arms were pythons as he relentlessly crushed the life out of Mac. Mac was bellowing in pain as he heard something creak in his body and he yelped again.
“Is the bitch barking? Is something wrong boy? Is someone trapped down a well?” Boris laughed as he gave another squeeze and then released his grip. Allowing Mac to fall to the ground, moaning and barely conscious.

“Your absolutely pathetic you know that? You follow Nick like a long lost puppy. You act all tough and metal but you really just a weak little bitch”. Boris loomed over Mac’s face, his eyes glaring at Mac’s barely open ones.
“This is real power” Boris’s hand reached down and hauled the wolf up again. This time he had to hold him upright, but it wasn’t for long. Boris pushed Mac’s head between his legs, then, hauled his legs up. The crowd held its breath, recognising the hold for what it was.
A piledriver.

Boris smirked as he tightened his knees around mac’s head and dropped to the mat.
Thump. The dull sound echoed throughout the arena as Mac spasmed from the brutal Tombstone piledriver. Even Nick whistled softly at the move, not expecting it from Boris. Boris released Mac’s limp body and it slid to the mat. The wolf was out cold, the beating that Boris had delivered, finished with a devastating blow.
Boris raised his arms to the sky and the crowd cheered!
“BORIS!!! BORIS!!! BORIS!!!” Boris flexed his arms for a final pose before heading to the ropes.

He stopped as, he remembered something and he smiled evilly.
“I completely forgot something to do, maybe I shouldn't have knocked you out as this would’ve been more fun. For me at least” Boris said as he dropped his speedo to the mat. The audience went quiet as the witnessed the growth of a monster. Boris’s penis was big even when soft, his bull balls swinging slowly, between his titanic quads. Boris’s eyes narrowed for a moment as he reached down and started to stroke himself. The crowd let out a sigh of anticipation, knowing what was coming.

After a few moments, Boris’s huge cock grew to its entire 13 inches and he kicked Mac over.
“Lets see if you’ll wake up bitch” Boris said as he lifted Mac upright by his speedo. There was a ripping sound and Mac’s speedo broke, exposing his ass to the crowd. Boris grinned as he caught Mac and lifted him upright.
“What was it you said? The power of metal? Hmm lets see if you like experiencing it for a change?” Boris lifted Mac’s left arm high as his hips pushed up, plunging his dick deep into Mac’s ass. Mac’s eyes fluttered open and he let out a shriek of pain as he awoke to the sudden pain.

“Shut it bitch” Boris growled as he held Mac securely and his hips started to thrust up and down. His cock slamming Mac’s ass hard and forcefully. Mac yelped in pain with each thrust but Boris wasn’t looking at Mac. He was glaring at Nick as he power fucked Mac hard. Nick grinned and blew a kiss in Boris’s direction. Boris growled and slammed harder into Mac at the kiss. Mac yelled again at the forceful entry and tried to struggle. Boris tightened his grip as his hips moved faster, getting closer to climaxing. Boris yelled as he exploded his load into Mac’s ass. Mac was moaning as Boris dropped the wolf to the mat, his cock smeared with his seed.

The crowd cheered again at the dominance as Boris grabbed his speedo and jumped out of the ring.
“The winner! Boris “da Hammer” Masters!!!” The cage door opened as Boris stepped out, his music playing and the crowd cheering ecstatically. Those closest, reaching out to touch the victorious fighter, especially his cock. Boris stood in the entrance, staring up at Nick.
Nick returned the stare with a leer as he licked his lips and smirked.
“You put on a good show, maybe you like this?” Nick mouthed.
Boris snorted, his nostrils flaring as the fans got their fill. One or two managed to tough his cock as it swing to the side, still hard and huge.

Boris looked around, noticing the attention he was receiving and he smiled.
Maybe the wolf was right.    

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