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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Aang’s First time pt 1

 Tim was waking from the carpark into the apartment block when he saw a large figure walking out. It was Aang and he looked kinda down. Wonder whats wrong with him?
“Hey Aang!” Tim strode over and stood next to Aang.
“Hey Tim” Aang replied dejectedly as he walked to his jeep.  “IM not feeling all too good at the moment, just found out that my rent is due. Thought it was being covered by the medic agreement. But it wasn’t so I’m going to talk with Burk about it.”
Tim frowned for a moment “that’s not all is it?”
Aang sighed as he turned to Tim “well even though I work at the hospital I haven’t gotten paid yet. Ive talked to the admin people but its something that will be sorted out soon. But until then I’m essentially broke” Aang sighed as he leant against his jeep.

Tim looked concerned “well I can always lend the money if you need it”. Aang looked up but shook his head “thanks for the offer but I don’t like to borrow from friends. Anyway ill go see if I can work things out. Later mate” Aang opened his door and dropped into the seat. Tim saw the jeep almost touch the road before rising. The engine turned over and Tim stepped back allowing Aang to leave the carpark. Tim shook his head before walking into the apartment complex.

4 hours later

Tim was in the kitchen preparing dinner when there was a knock on the door. Dave isnt meant to be back till tomorrow night so I wonder… Tim took the pot off the heat and opened the door to see Aang standing outside.
“Hey man come on in how did it go?” Tim gestured for Aang to follow him in before walking to the fridge and pulling out a jug of cold water and pouring two glasses. He passed one to Aang before sitting opposite him waiting for the tortoise to gather his thoughts.

“Well I was able to sort out my apartment payments, though I’m not particularly happy about the arrangement”. Aang took a drink before continuing “I’m to participate in a match once a month or pay the rental fee. Im the reserve fighter but I’m also to assist with any injuries or medical concerns”. Tim winced as he heard Aang’s dismal tone but he waited for him to finish. “Burk also gave me this” Aang pulled a bright yellow speedo and passed it to Tim “and told me that was what I would be wearing in the matches”. He sighed for a moment leaning back in the chair, only stopping when he heard a creek. “So that’s what has been determined, I don’t want to fight, but until the hospital gets sorted” Aang shrugged.

Tim thought for a moment before he replied as he was looking at the large speedo. “Well again I’ve got enough funds to cover you if your that worried about being in a match”. Aang sook his head in reply and Tim continued. “You can always decline a match you know, even if you are a reserve. Burk cant make you fight against someone you would rather not, like Axel”. Aang raised his head for a moment and then shook it again.
“Im not worried about the fight, I can hold my own, and I think I could disable an opponent long enough for me to get out. What I’m most worried about, is what happens after the fight. Ya know” Aang blushed as he looked away “the sex”. Tim’s eyes widened for a moment before it hit him.
“Oh… OH! Crap I completely forgot, you’ve never had sex before. Well the sex isn’t part of every match… Just most” Tim trailed off thinking hard. He passed back the speedo and Aang snorted but shoved it in his pocket. “Well if you win, you don’t have to have sex with your opponent, but if you lose” Tim grimaced at the thought.
“Exactly” Aang stated in a dull tone “plus I don’t think anyone would be willing to take me in, if I did lose”. Tim looked up with a quizzical expression when Aang spoke. “Burk told me what happened when you fought Sage. I thought what you did was unusual”.

Tim nodded “I wasn’t going to take his virginity then and there. If I had lost, the kid deserved it taking me. But he didn’t win and I wasn’t going to humiliate him in front of a huge crowd. The very first time for him, would have been very painful, and I would try to be gentle”. Tim shrugged as he sniffed the air and quickly stood up. “Aang any chance are you hungry? Ive got enough pasta for two if you want to join me?” Aang looked up and nodded.
“I would love some thanks. Ahh do you want me to do anything?” Aang stood up as he followed Tim into the kitchen. Tim shook his head as he reached into a cupboard and pulled out two plates. Tim returned the pot to the heat and continued stirring the pasta.

Aang walked To the fridge and looked inside and pulled out the parmesan, he also grabbed the jug of water. Aang grabbed the plates and quickly set up the table. Moments later Tim walked out, holding a pot as he placed it on a cork mat on the table. Tim served up the two plates as Aang refilled their glasses. They sat down in comfortable silence, each enjoying the good food. After they had demolished the pasta, Aang helped Tim clear up.
“I was planning on leaving some of that for tomorrow” Tim mused as he soaked the pot.
Aang chuckled as he opened the dishwasher and stacked the plates.

“It was excellent pasta though. I didn’t realise you could cook that well” Aang said easily as he finished loading the washer and closed the door. Tim nodded as he flicked the water off and walked out of the kitchen and Aang followed him.
“Well Dave doesn’t cook, personally I have no idea how he lived before I came along”. Tim smiled at the thought but Aang looked thoughtful.
“Where is Dave?” He asked as he looked at Tim.
“Dave is at a modelling gig out of town, he’s coming back tomorrow. He earns decent cash out of it. In fact” Tim craned his neck up and pointed to the large photo hanging over the couch. “That was from a gig as well, Dave suggested I come with him and see if we can get some duo photos done. But things needed to get done around the place. We’ve finally managed to get all stuff in the one apartment now”. Tim had a pleased look on his face as Aang looked around.

“Yeah that makes sense, also you’ve got that solo fight coming don’t you?” Tim scowled for a moment before shaking his head at Aang’s question.
“Yeah that’s coming up in the next couple of days” Tim replied as he sat back.
 Aang sat silent for a moment before speaking “Tim do you consider me a friend?”
Tim looked surprised at the question “of course I do! Even though we’ve only known each other for a few weeks”.  Aang nodded in thanks but he continued looking at Tim.
“So would you be willing to do something for me?” Tim nodded, indicating for Aang to continue.

Aang breathed in and blurted “would you be willing to be my first time?”
Tim blinked in surprise but he leaned forward “I would be honoured, but have you really thought of this?” Aang looked down for a moment before answering.
“I have thought this through. I’ve been considering it since our first training session. I don’t have many friends here, and I don’t really trust anyone else. I know for a fact I don’t want my first time in front of a huge crowd, with someone random I have idea about. I know we’ve had other training session, but I was kinda hesitant to ask before”.

Tim gazed at Aang and sighed “if you feel pressed to do this because of Burk, you shouldn’t do it”. Aang shook his head “I’ve been meaning to ask for awhile but I’ve been a bit embarrassed”. Tim stood up and walked around and hugged Aang from behind.
“Ill gladly be your first but I need to make a phone call, have to ask Dave. He should be fine with it. Wait here ok” Aang nodded as he held Tim’s arm before letting go.

Tim walked into the bedroom and pulled his phone out. He hit Dave on the speed dial and waited for Dave to answer. After a few rings Dave answered.
“Hey lover miss me?” Tim smiled to himself before he answered.
“Of course I miss you, but I need to ask something”.
“Ok sounds serious”
“Nothing like that, Burk pressured Aang into fighting and he’s worried about the sex part”
“I would be to, if I was a virgin… Oh” Tim could hear the wheels turning in Dave’s brain.
“So what does he want?” Tim braced himself
“He wants me to be his first time now. Im not 100% exactly what he wants but…” Tim trailed off. It was silent on the line, the only thing Tim could hear was Dave’s breathing.
“And your asking for permission to do more than just fucking?”
“Yeah, I think this needs to be done properly. Otherwise he will just hate himself and others”. There was silence on the other end.
“Damn I wish I was there to do this with you. But no go ahead, I want details. And the next time Aang wants this from you, he gets the both of us got it!” Tim could hear the grin in Dave’s tone.
“Ill let him know of your demands, now go get naked and earn some money!” Dave laughed at Tim’s tone.
“Later Love. Make sure he goes gentle with you!”
“I will bye” the phone hung up and Tim walked into the other room.

Aang looked up and saw the warm smile on Tim’s face “so he said yes?” Tim nodded as he walked over.
“Ok but I think we need to do this in your bed, we just replaced ours and I don’t think it will stand up to your mass. Also do you have any lube?”
Aang stood up and craned his neck to look in the bedroom. It had a nice king size bed, but metal frames.
“Yeah I don’t think that would support me. Oh lube, umm no I don’t have any. Also umm would you mind if we use protection? I trust you and Dave but still I prefer to be careful”.
“Of course, I was going to suggest it anyway. Give me a moment and ill get some things wait here”. Tim quickly went into. The bedroom and opened the bottom drawer, he pulled out a clear bottle and several wrappers. He placed them all in a bag, along with some old towels.

Tim walked out with the bag “ok Aang lets use your place” Aang nodded but led the way out of the apartment. Tim locked the door behind him and followed Aang downstairs. They entered his apartment and Tim set the bag down.
“So Aang what exactly do you want to do? You’re the one in charge, ill do what you want and if you don’t want anything ill stop”. Aang looked nervous as he moved past Tim and partway to the bedroom.
“Well I was hoping to enter you and then you enter me. Nothing more than that really” Aang blushed again as Tim nodded.
“Well then we will need to have a shower, get clean down there. Then ill start slow with you ok? Ill do most of the work and you just lie down and enjoy alright?” Aang nodded as he walked into the bathroom. Tim followed with and whistled in appreciation.

“Your bathroom is big, bigger than mine, and that’s a nice shower. Ok get washed up, and ill join you shortly” Tim left the bathroom leaving Aang alone. Tim heard the shower turn on and water hitting the tiles. He quickly walked into Aang’s bedroom to see a large single bed. Hmm should be big enough, Tim walked over and grabbed the pillows and placed them on the floor neatly. He pulled the bottle out and set it on the bedside table and pulled out his wrappers. He placed them next to the lube. Tim quickly stripped and placed his clothes in the bag. The towels he placed at the foot of the bed.

He finally pulled out 2 wash cloths and walked into the bathroom. Steam was everywhere and had fogged the mirror.
“Aang im coming into the shower” Tim announced as he opened the door and stepped carefully in. The shower was big but it was a little cramped as he butted against Aang’s shell.
“Aang catch” Tim tossed one of the wash clothes over Aang’s shoulder. Aang caught it and looked puzzled.
“Use it for your butt, that way you know that cloth is for only that area and you don’t use it anywhere else. I don’t need much of a clean so ill hop back out. Ill be waiting for you when your done.”  Tim wet his own cloth before he stepped out of the shower. He quickly cleaned his butt with the cloth before rinsing it out. He went back to the bedroom and dried himself with one of the towels he brought.

Aang exited the bathroom a few minutes later, towel around his waist as he stepped out of the bathroom. Tim was standing just outside the bedroom, naked. Aang blushed when he noticed Tim was naked and started to reach for the towel. Tim stepped forward and grabbed Aang’s wrist with one hand. With the other he gently gripped Aang’s chin and brought it to met his lips. Tim gently kissed Aang’s lips and Aang responded hesitantly. Tim pulled back and smiled at the larger figure. “I should have brought a step ladder, it would make kissing you easier. Though I now know how Dave feels when he’s trying to kiss me”. Tim grinned as he gently led Aang into the bedroom.

Tim pushed Aang onto the bed and climbed on top. “Again let me know if you want to stop. Im hoping you will enjoy this” Tim gazed earnestly into Aang’s eyes. Aang nodded in response as Tim grinned. Tim leaned over kissed Aang on the lips again. This time however Aang felt Tim’s tongue invade his mouth and play around inside. Aang responded his own tongue meeting Tim’s. They spent several minutes like this, exploring each other’s mouths. Tim could feel Aang getting aroused and broke off the kiss.
“Ok where’s your condoms? I know mine wont fit you”. Aang breathed in, slightly panting
“Bottom drawer” Tim nodded before he slid down Aang’s torso. He grabbed the towel around Aang’s waist and tugged it open. Like a whale breaching the surface, Aang’s penis rose to full vertical height. Tim’s eyes boggled for a moment before he gently gripped Aang’s massive organ. Tim ran his finger around the sensitive head and Aang moaned in pleasure at the light touch. Tim grinned before he leaned over and kissed the tip of the penis. Aang squirmed in pleasure as Tim moved his mouth down and engulfed the head. Tim bobbed up and down, his tongue wrapping around the head.

Tim raised his eyes and noticed Aang had his eyes closed in pleasure. He smiled as he continued to suck the large organ. Wonder if this will push him over? Tim pulled himself off Aang for a moment before changing the angle of the penis. He looked up and saw Aang staring at him with awe. “Wait till you see this, just don’t move” Aang nodded as Tim opened his mouth wide. Tim kept a hand pushing Aang’s hips on the mattress, the other keeping a grip on the penis. Tim carefully swallowed the head and was able to go two thirds of the way down the shaft before he stopped. He could feel Aang moaning and moving as he came up for air. “Huh damn I’m out of practice” Tim panted softly before he looked at Aang.

There was a stream of saliva dripping from Tim’s mouth to the head on the dick. Aang looked amazed “I didn’t think that is possible”. Tim grinned as he slowly stroked Aang cock.
“Just takes practice, plus I haven’t actually sucked a dick your size before. Dave and I do it regularly but your bigger than us” Tim finished speaking as he engulfed the large penis again.  Tim continued to suck and lick Aang for several minutes, his hands reaching out to touch and fondle. When Tim came up this time, he saw Aang leaning over almost touching him. “I want to do that to you” Aang grabbed Tim’s shoulders and pulled him up for a passionate kiss. Tim moved to the side allowing Aang to stand up as they switched places.

Tim sat on the bed, Aang knelt on the floor, his head easily reaching Tim’s waist. He tentatively reached out and help Tim’s penis. “oh your uncircumcised” Aang murmured in surprise. Tim grinned “you should see the things Dave can do with the foreskin. He’s jealous he doesn’t have one” Aang nodded, understanding.  After looking up and getting a nod of encouragement, Aang opened his mouth and gave a tentative lick of the penis head. Tim sighed in pleasure at the gentle touch. Aang, emboldened by the appreciative sound, opened his mouth. He moved his head slowly, engulfing Tim’s penis in his mouth. Tim moaned in pleasure as he watched his dick disappear in Aang’s mouth. Tim felt Aang gag for a moment then he pulled back out. “Its ok, just do what your comfortable with”. Aang nodded as he blinked, opened and closed his mouth.

“its different” he said as he moved back slightly. Aang blinked as he looked up at Tim. Tim smiled as he held Aang’s head and pulled him up gently. “you’ll get better at it with time, however that’s not we are here for. Ready to continue?” Aang nodded and Tim shifted to the side, allowing Aang to sit on the bed. Tim stood up and opened up the bottom drawer and pulled out a set of wrappers. He placed them next to the bed and ripped one open. Aang positioned himself comfortably on the bed as Tim knelt next to him.
“I see your still ready” Tim murmured, Aang smiled as Tim turned to him.
“Do me a favour, resist the urge to thrust up till I tell you. It will take me a bit to get used to you”. Aang nodded in understanding as he looked at his penis then at Tim’s.
“Ill let you dictate the pace, because mine is defiantly bigger” Aang grinned. Tim smiled as he gave Aang’s dick a few, soft strokes. Tim peeled the condom and slipped it on Aang’s large dick. “Pass the lube, ill be needing it” Aang passed the clear bottle over watched as Tim drizzled some over Aang’s cock. Tim rubbed the liquid all over, making sure it was fully lubricated, before putting some on his fingers. His hand disappeared behind his back and there was a soft moan. Aang watched as Tim continued stroking his large dick, while his other hand was doing small movements. After a minute Tim rose up and moved himself to sitting on Aang’s waist.
“No thrusting please, it will take a bit for me to get used to you. Then you can go to town” Tim grinned as he rose up. Aang felt his penis get handled and he watched as Tim deftly manoeuvred himself over the humongous cock. Tim held Aang’s penis in one hand as he slowly lowered himself onto it. Tim grunted as he felt Aang’s head resting at his entrance here I go.   

Aang saw a flash of pain, then Tim relaxed and Aang entered Tim. It was a warm sensation, yet also very tight. Tim grimaced as he lowered himself before moving up slightly. He pulled himself off Aang for a moment and grabbed the bottle of lube. He did another drizzle over Aang’s dick before lowering himself again. He moaned as he impaled himself on Aang, going nearly all the way down. Tim’s eyes Were closed as he moved slowly up and down on Aang’s cock. He went almost the top before moving down until he had taken all of Aang into him. Tim sat on Aang’s waist, all 12 inches of dick inside him. It was an uncomfortable sensation, though not as bad as when James and Axel ambushed him.

“You ok” Aang asked as Tim had just sat there for a minute, eyes closed, breathing deeply.
“Just getting used to your size. Haven’t had anything your size for a while. Ok I’m ready” Tim opened his eyes and smiled at Aang. “Small thrusts to start then you can ramp up” Aang nodded as he gently gripped Tim’s thighs. He carefully pushed his hips up, and Tim rose up. Tim nodded as he felt Aang slide down and he clenched, keeping himself tight and Aang moaned in pleasure at the sensation. They continued doing this for a couple of minutes. Before long Aang was completely lifting Tim up and down his cock. They were both moaning in ecstasy, Aang’s dick was hitting all the right places and Tim was keeping his ass tight to heighten the sensation for Aang.
“You ready to take charge?” Tim panted as he came down, Aang nodded.
“Ok I need the bed” Tim pulled himself off Aang and Aang eagerly jumped off the bed.

Tim laid on the bed as he grabbed his legs back, exposing his hole. Aang stood at the end of the bed as he pulled Tim slightly back. Aang’s huge penis rested on Tim’s and from this angle it looked absolutely huge. Aang gently stroked both of their penises, gazing into Tim’s eyes.
“You ready?” He asked as continued moving his hand. Tim nodded “put a bit more lube on first then go for it”. Aang complied, rubbing a generous amount onto his cock. Tim bit his lip and let Aang take control. Tim felt Aang’s head at his hole and he relaxed for a moment. Aang pushed himself inside, it was easier than the first time. Aang waited a moment after going all the way in. He started to slowly pull out then push himself back in. Tim let out a small moan as he felt his prostate being hit.

“You can go harder now” Tim moaned as he felt Aang pierce into him. Aang responded with increasing the pace till he was constantly pulling in and out. The bed was shaking from the force of Aang’s thrusts, Tim was moaning in pleasure as Aang thrust hard. He felt himself nearing the edge, “harder!” Tim yelled, Aang smiled as he pulled fully out then slammed into Tim. It was on the fourth thrust that Tim climaxed. He felt the pressure building up as Aang hit his spot with his dick. “Im gonna…” Tim panted, too late as he exploded, Over his torso. One spurt went over his head and another landed on his face. He was writhing and moaning at the pleasure. Aang kept thrusting in, increasing his pace as slammed on one last time and shuddered. Aang’s eyes rolled back into his head as he panted, he looked down and saw Tim panting as well.

“Well that was fun” Tim panted as he moved to the side, leaving room for Aang to join him. Aang pulled himself out of Tim with a plop and he pulled the condom off. He carefully tied the end and dropped it in the nearby bin. Aang laid next to Tim as they both got their breath back. “Tim propped himself up as he watched the larger figure.
“Did you enjoy that?” Aang nodded, too tired to speak and Tim smiled.
“Let me know when your ready to continue. I really enjoyed that”    Tim said earnestly as he watched Aang.
“Really?” Aang replied as his caught his breath back.
Tim nodded “You should never be ashamed, and while you were a bit nervous you did great. Just remember to be gentle at the start, let them get used to your size. Always pay attention to your partner, because you could hurt someone. Especially if there tight, or smaller than you”. Aang nodded as he listened, he turned his head allowing to lock gazes with Tim.

“Ill keep that in mind. I also enjoyed myself but Im not sure if I want to be penetrated”. Anag closed his eyes for a moment as Tim leaned in.
“If you don’t want to do it now, or ever you don’t have to. It is a different experience, one that does take a bit of getting used to. You do realise that ill be finding it hard to walk for a while?” Tim grinned as his legs felt numb from the pounding that Aang had given him.
Aang blushed “sorry about that, I didn’t mean…” Tim shook his head as he continued grinning at Aang.
“It’s a good thing, means we both had a good time. Anyway lets just lie here and relax”. Aang nodded as he slowed his breathing and shut his eyes. “Good plan” he murmured as he started to doze off. Tim smiled as he carefully got up and turned off the lights.    

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