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Saturday, 20 February 2016

15 Aang

Tim heard a crash coming from downstairs.
“Who’s making that racket” Dave murmured sleepily as he rolled over. Tim smiled at his boyfriend before leaning over and kissing him softly on the head.
“I’ll go find out, now go back to sleep”. Dave mumbled something as he snugged under the blankets. Tim let out a small laugh as he went to the closet and pulled on shorts and a t-shirt. He quickly left the bedroom and walked out into the main room. Tim grabbed his keys and quietly opened and closed the door to his apartment.

He saw a couple of heads poking out of doorways as there was another bang and muffled swearing. Tim shook his head as he jogged down the stairs onto the third floor. He could see several moving boxes stacked in the corridor. There was another pile on the floor where a domed shell was cleaning up.
“Do you need a hand?” Tim asked the large figure.
“I would love one” came a muffled reply. Tim grabbed a box and placed it upright and held a hand out. A green hand reached out and Tim pulled up, helping the new comer up.

Tim whistled as the figure easily topped his own considerable height.
“Wow you’re a big one! You’re what 7, 7’1?” Tim exclaimed as he craned his neck up.
“6’11 actually” the figure said as he shook his hairless head and smiled.
“I’m Aang. I’m a new arrival, just finished med school a month ago an applied for an internship at the local hospital. I got it and my supervisor recommended this apartment block for staying here. He said it would be good training though I’m not sure what he means”. Aang looked a little confused as Tim laughed for a moment.

“Is your supervisor Dr Gilford?” Tim asked smiling as he took a step back to ease his neck while staring at Aang.
“Yes it is, he’s a bit mean but he is a good teacher. Why do you ask?” As Aang was speaking, he picked up a box and walked into the open door.  
“He’s the doctor on call for the fights” Tim explained as he grabbed a box and followed the larger figure.
“Fights?” Aang called as he set a box down in the bedroom and walked back out. Tim set the box he was carrying down on the floor and looked around. It was almost exactly the same as his own apartment. Just with a lounge, table, chairs, TV cabinet and a bed in the other room. 

“Yeah fights. Umm well there’s kinda an underground fight scene. Mainly wrestling and the majority of the fighters are housed within this complex. I’m on the fourth floor, right above you” Tim pointed up for a moment and smiled. “There’s also training facilities on the floors so that might be why the doc suggested you live here. So he doesn’t have to get called out for every injury that happens here. He’s a bit lazy” Tim grinned as he walked outside and brought in another box and set it down.
“Thanks so I guess you’re a fighter?” Aang asked as he picked up the last box in the hallway and brought it inside.   

“Yeah I am” Tim replied as he stood in the hallway staring at Aang. Tim quickly looked him up and down. “Your pretty buff for a doctor, do you work out?” Aang blushed at the compliment but he answered.

“I do keep myself in shape and I did some fighting earlier in my life. Just to keep myself fit thought I haven’t had an opponent in a while. Many are intimidated by my size” Aang finished speaking as he went to the fridge and pulled out a jug of water. He grabbed two glasses and poured an equal measure into each. He passed a glass to Tim, who nodded in thanks and he took a sip. The cool drink refreshed him as he waited for Aang.

“Well if you ever want a friendly match, let me know. However a bit of advice, stay away from Nick, Axel and James”. Aang’s expression turned to puzzlement for a moment.
“Nick is the big brown wolf, as tall as I am. Axel is a white tiger who is roughly your size. Finally James is a black badger who is tiny. But there not nice to fight or run into”. Tim’s voice and expression became serious as he was speaking at the end.

Aang’s expression hardened for a moment but he replied with confidence.
“I’ll try to stay out of their way, but if they confront me I will defend myself”.
Tim nodded “Honestly that’s the best thing you can do. More likely you’ll be treating their victims than them”. Tim shook his head and he said in a jovial tone “anyway welcome to the neighbourhood. If you ever want to reach me, just wander upstairs. Oh and ill apologise beforehand about any racket you hear coming from my place”. Tim blushed a little as he said this but he grinned as he headed towards the open door.  

Tim turned before he left the apartment. “Oh by any chance have you had breakfast yet?”
Aang blinked in surprise but he smiled.
“Actually I haven’t eaten yet and I would love some food”. Tim nodded and left the apartment and waited for the tortoise to lock up. Tim gave the running tour, pointing out people and introducing them to the med student. As they were going up the stairs Nick and Danny came walking down. Danny was still wearing the collar and the speedo, whereas Nick was fully clothed in jeans and cut off shirt

Aang looked shocked at the display and was about to talk, when Tim shook his head and continued walking up. Aang, still looking confused and shocked followed till Tim stopped at a door. Pulled a key out and opened the door. Tim stepped in and Aang followed to see a brown figure, in a cooking apron, with his ass exposed.
“Hey Tim! Thought I’d make brekkie for a chan- Oh!” Dave turned around and noticed that Tim wasn’t alone. There was also a very noticeable protrusion in the apron where his groin would be.     
Tim sighed and shook his head before smiling “Dave this is Aang, he’s directly below us and I do mean directly. Aang this is my partner Dave. Ignore his appearance, his isn’t house trained yet”. Tim grinned as he said the last and Dave pulled the tea towel off his shoulder and flicked it at Tim. Tim laughed as he caught the towel and moved into the small kitchen.

“How bout you get changed?” Tim whispered to Dave as he took over the stove.
Dave nodded as he walked out of the kitchen, passing in front of Aang. He swayed side to side, showing off in front of Aang before he walked into the open door. Aang turned bright red as he quickly averted his eyes for a few moments, standing in the doorway.
“Go sit at the table Aang, breakfast will be ready in a few moments”. Tim called from the kitchen, Aang stepped into the apartment and found the small dining table and he sat down. The chair creaked at his weight, but it was stable enough for the moment. Aang saw the door open and Dave walked out grinning. He was wearing a tank top and a pair of loose shorts as he padded silently to the kitchen. He held finger to his lips, indicating silence as he stealthy creeped into the kitchen.

There was a crash, a shout of surprise and rich laughter as Dave scooted out. He was holding a pair of plates and a mischievous grin as Tim followed out wearing a scowl as he carried a fry pan. Tim pulled out a serving spoon and whacked Dave on the head with it as he passed and set the pan on the table. Dave, still grinning went back into the kitchen and emerged a moment later holding cutlery and glasses. Dave quickly passed out cutlery and plates as Tim went to the fridge and pulled out a jug of orange juice and poured for everyone. Dave quickly served up the omelette onto all three plates before sitting down.

“Aang ignore Dave’s antics, he’s an exhibitionist” Tim said as he sat down and started to eat.
Dave laughed as he replied “and you love me for it” and stuck out his tongue. Tim sighed before he turned to Aang.  
“Let’s have some intelligent conversation” Tim said in a serious tone, but the smile and the light in his eyes showed he was joking. Aang smiled at the pair’s antics but he slowly relaxed as he munched on the omelette. Aang could see that both Tim and Dave cared for each other as they made light conversation.
“So who was it we passed on the stairs? And why was the smaller wolf in a collar and that was it?” Aang queried as there was a break in the conversation. Tim went silent for a moment before he answered.

“That was Nick and Danny” he replied before turning back to his food. Aang could see the happiness that was in Tim’s face dim briefly before Dave spoke.
“Yeah that’s kinda a sore point at the moment. A month ago, Danny fought against Nick and lost. But there’s a proviso in Nick’s contract that if he wins a match, he can take the loser as a slave until his next match. Well his next match is in just over a month and it’s against us”. Dave looked at Tim for a moment then turned back to Aang.
“As for the collar, it’s to demonstrate ownership to everyone that Danny is his. Anyone who messes with Danny gets in major trouble from Nick. But well what happens to Danny isn’t exactly pleasant. We don’t know much but there are some bruises that are new and he sometimes walks uncomfortably”.

Aang’s eyes widened in horror as Dave finished speaking. He remembered seeing some slight discolouration, and the slight limp, but he didn’t realise what the relationship was between the two.
“Can’t anybody stop it?” He asked incredulously.
Dave shrugged “it’s in all the contracts, if we are beaten by the champion, if he wants someone he can take them. There are rules however, but they mainly punish Nick if he gets out of hand. Even Burk would step in and stop it if got out of hand”. Tim nodded with Dave’s last statement as he stood up and gathered the plates.

“Anyway that’s a bit of a sore topic. So your learning to be a doctor? When did you start?” Dave changed topics easily, allowing them to move away from Nick and Danny. Tim quickly cleaned up before returning to the table.
“Tim, Aang told me he’s done some fighting, do you think…” Dave looked at Tim and Aang could see a conversation taking place in their faces As he glanced between the two.
Tim nodded as he sat down and looked at Aang.
“I know we’ve only met this morning but would you be willing to give us a hand?” Tim stared at Aang as he talking.

“Depends on what exactly you want?” Aang replied, slightly puzzled as he looked back at Tim.
“We would like you to be a training partner” Dave answered as he leaned back.
Aang’s eyes widened in surprise “you sure? I’m probably not very good, I haven’t done any proper fighting before. I’ve also basically taught myself and only had a few formal lessons. Surely there’s someone else?” Aang replied with staring at Dave in surprise.        
“Not anyone we really trust, to be honest. As you know Nick is quite big and he’s extremely mean. But we can’t use Axel, because he’s worse than Nick” Aang’s mouth dropped open and Dave grimaced but continued. “We asked Boris, but he hasn’t said yes or no. And ‘I’m not sure if he would be a good training partner. Think on it. It’s a strange request I know”.

Dave finished speaking and looked at Aang. Aang sat silent, thinking hard for a few moments. “I’d be honoured to help you two with training, thought as I said. I’m not sure exactly what I can do to assist”. Both Tim and Dave smiled at their new friend.
“I’m sure you’ll do fine. Besides we’ve got over a month to get ready for the final showdown. We’ve got one match before then which is in a week?” Dave looked at Tim, who nodded and then continued.
“So if you want to arrange a time we’re fine with that”. Dave looked happy as he leaned back and put his arm around Tim’s shoulder.

“Give me a few days to properly unpack and get settled then I’ll gladly meet you. Tim mentioned that’s there’s a practice room on my level and one here?” Dave nodded in confirmation.
“We’ll probably do it up here, this floor has a full sized ring, where the others have practice mats or equipment”. Aang nodded in agreement as he stood.
“Thank you for giving me breakfast and for the assistance earlier”. Tim nodded and smiled as Dave got up and walked Aang to the door.
Aang exited the apartment smiling as he turned and walked downstairs. He went to his own apartment and set on the task of turning it into a home.  
Aang spent the next couple of days, going to the hospital. Getting his apartment sorted, meeting the other residents and generally being nice. One morning, after he finished stretching there was a knock on the door. Wondering who it could be, he went to the peep hole and saw Tim standing outside. Aang opened the door “hello Tim! How are you? Come in” Aang moved to the side allowing the blond tiger to enter the apartment. Tim walked in and whistled in awe as the entire apartment was fully unpacked. There was a large chair in front of the TV. The table chairs looked like they were reinforced and the kitchen looked like a gourmet chefs!

“Ok I’m impressed!” Tim exclaimed as he wandered around. Aang grinned as he gestured for Tim to sit on the lounge. Aang sat opposite him in the big chair.
“Let me guess, the chairs and bed are reinforced?” Tim asked as he twisted his head to look around.
“Correct, I weigh a lot, 500 pounds” Aang confirmed as he leaned back. His chair let out a small creak but it stayed up. Tim’s eyes went wide as saucers.
“Holy cow! I can barely lift that amount and I wouldn’t want to do it regularly!” Tim shook his head as he stared at Aang. “Training with you is defiantly going to be interesting” Aang smiled as he watched Tim’s expression.
“Speaking of training are you available now?” Tim queried.

“Actually I have the next 3 days off. I’ve got a flexible shift schedule, plus Dr Gilford told me I’m going to be assisting him at the fights though he doesn’t watch.” Aang explained as he pulled out his phone and checked his schedule.
“Yeah the rules are a bit different at the warehouse. The matches don’t stop till there is a winner. Even if there is a medical reason, the doors only open after the time has expired. Though I wish they opened earlier” Tim shook his head, banishing the thought as he looked at Aang.
“So ready to test your skills?” Tim asked with a grin.

“Yes I am. Forgive me if I rusty” Aang shared a grin with the tiger as he got up and strode towards the bedroom door. “Do I need to wear anything special?” Tim heard Aang call out.
“Nope just something that lets you move easily, and that you don’t mind getting damaged”. Tim replied as he stood up, ready to head out. Aang came out a minute later wearing a loose shirt and running shorts. He had a towel and a water bottle and closed the door. Tim noticed that his bed was huge! Easily king sized for him, but probably a queen for Aang.

“Shall we head out” Aang asked as he looked at Tim. Tim nodded and led the way out of the apartment. He waited for Aang to lock up and Tim lead the way upstairs and into the practice room. Aang noticed that the lock on the door was new but he went inside. He looked around in awe at the full sized ring. There was also a sauna of to the side with a small change room.
“Welcome to the practice ring. It’s where all the Warehouse fighters train”. Aang was still looking around as Tim walked to the bench and quickly shucked off his shirt and shorts. Aang’s eyes went wide when he saw Tim just standing there in a green speedo. Tim took his glasses off and put his contacts in. He turned to see Aang blushing with embarrassment.
“What’s wrong?” Aang gulped for a moment before shaking his head and breathing in.
“Just expecting us to stay in clothes” He murmured, his face still flushed as he walked over.
“Of you if you want to wear your clothes you can, I just need to stay in minimal clothing. The warehouse caters to the homosexual community”. Tim stated as he slid into the ring and started stretching. Aang looked at the neatly folded shirt and pants before he sighed and slowly stripped. He took his shirt off and his shorts followed as he stepped over the top rope. The mat groaned for a moment as Aang stood before sitting on the mat. Tim moved away a bit, allowing the larger fighter a bit more room.  Aang smiled as he started stretching. They spent a few minutes properly stretching before Aang spoke.

“Is Dave joining us? “Tim looked up but he shook his head.
“He’s seeing the doctor to get the all clear for the next match. He got injured in his last bout so he’s just making sure everything is fine before he over exerts himself. Besides I learned today that I’m fighting someone else before I fight against Nick”. Tim scowled for a moment but he snorted. “So I need any extra help before that particular match”. Aang heard the hatred in Tim’s voice and looked concerned. Tim shook his head and stood up. He breathed in and Aang watched the tension leave his body as Tim relaxed.

“Ok now I’m feeling better ok shall we get started?” Tim turned around and got a look at Aang. He didn’t realise that Aang had stripped and was wearing blue briefs. They held an extremely large penis tight against his body. Tim’s eyes went wide at the enormity of the organ. Holy moly that thing is fucking HUGE! It looks even bigger than Boris’s. Tim shook his head as Aang rose up and towered over him.
“So how do you want to do this?” Aang asked as he flexed his neck. Tim thought for a moment before he replied.
“Thinking a simple best of three. Submission only, no cheap shots plus I want to see if I can lift you”. Aang nodded as he lowered himself slightly and spread his arms, ready to catch or grab Tim.

They circled each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Tim narrowed his eyes as he lunged in and seized Aang around the waist. He grunted as he slowly lifted Aang up and slammed him to the mat. “Jeez you’re heavy” Tim panted as he lay on top of Aang. Pinning the larger fighter to the mat. Tim twisted his legs under Aang and attempted to apply a grapevine, but he couldn’t get a tight enough grip. Aang used his arms to push Tim off him as he rolled upright.
“You’re pretty strong. Not many people can lift me at all” Aang complimented as he raised his arms. Inviting Tim to a test of strength, Tim grinned as he rolled upright and jumped to his feet.

“Yeah, we all need to be strong. Sadly it’s a bit Darwinium in here” Tim said ruefully “the strongest and meanest rule”. Tim interlocked his fingers with Aang and they each grunted as they pushed against each other. Aang took a step forward, using his mass and height advantage to muscle Tim back a few steps. Tim gritted his teeth as felt himself being slowly pushed back across the mat. He dug his feet into the mat and pushed back, stopping the tortoise’s advance. Tim panted as he doubled his effort, forcing the larger fighter back. Not as far as Aang pushed him, but enough to show he wasn’t a pushover.

Aang nodded as he felt the tiger’s power, both in resisting his advance and pushing him partway back. Aang stepped forward, pushing his larger chest right next to Tim’s. He leaned down and pushed, using his greater mass to force Tim onto his knees and then onto the mat. Tim grunted as he felt his knee buckle as Aang forced him to the mat and on one knee.
Ok time to show that skill trumps power Tim thought. He fell backwards, pulling Aang to the ground face down, as he released his grip. Tim rolled to the side and leapt on the turtles back. He grabbed Aang’s chin and started pulling up, as Tim sat on his shell. Using his weight to keep Aang down, Tim pulled Aang’s chin up sharply in a camel clutch.

Aang gritted his teeth as his head was rubbing painfully against the tough shell. It was painful but not enough to stop him from pushing his body up with his arms. Tim’s feet were dangling off the mat as he rose a foot up on Aang’s back. Tim quickly wrapped his legs around Aang’s waist as he released Aang’s chin. Tim snaked his arm around Aang’s neck and secured the sleeper as Aang dropped to the mat. Aang quickly grabbed the arms around his neck and tried to break the grip. He slowly managed to pull the arm slightly away, enough to get a few more breaths before Tim pulled it back. Aang’s chest his the mat as he started to tap against the arm around his neck.

Tim felt the taps and instantly released the hold. He slid down on the mat and panted as Aang caught his breath back.
“You ok there?” Tim asked as he stood up and stretched slowly.
Aang nodded as he leaned up, blinking as he gazed around the ring.
“Yeah I’ll be fine, very tight hold you got there” Aang replied as he rubbed his neck.
“Sorry bout that, I normally don’t use sleepers. But on bigger opponents, it’s one of the only ways to take them down”. Tim smiled ruefully as he stuck out his hand In front of Aang.
Aang shook his head as he grasped Tim’s hand and rose to his towering height.

“Well I don’t think you’ll get me this time” Aang said as he loomed over Tim. Tim grinned, but slid under the bottom rope, heading to the water cooler. Tim laughed as he took a quick gulp before turning back to the ring. Aang was waiting, twisted his head side to side, stretching his neck. Aang grinned at Tim and motioned for him to get back in here. Tim smiled as he slid under the bottom rope and stood opposite the larger fighter. Tim nodded at Aang to indicate he was ready. Aang lunged forwards and grabbed Tim in a tight hug as he lifted the smaller fighter a foot above the mat. Tim yelped in surprise at the speed of Aang’s attack. Aang has Tim’s arms trapped tightly to his sides as he clenched tight, muscles bulging as he started to crush the tiger.

Tim groaned as he felt Aang’s power “jeez you are frigging strong, fuck!” Tim exclaimed as Aang increased the pressure. Tim kicked his legs, trying vainly to inflict some pain, or to break the tortoise’s grip. But Aang was to strong and Tim couldn’t get out of it.
“Come on submit already!” Aang demanded as he crushed Tim against his muscular chest. Tim squirmed in pain, holding out for as long as he could as Aang steadily crushed him. Tim felt his vertebra cracking under the pressure.
“I give!” Tim yelled as he felt his waist getting smaller and smaller. Aang quickly decreased the pressure as he put Tim back onto his feet and let go. Tim stumbled away massaging his lower back as he walked around the ring.

Aang grinned as he jumped over the top rope and wandered to the cooler. He took a few gulps before turning back to the ring.
“Ok I underestimated you there” Tim admitted as he looked as Aang, “didn’t think you were that fast”. Aang grinned as he easily stepped back into the ring.
“Yeah I’m pretty quick when I need to be. People underestimate my speed since I’m so big, and well” Aang smiled. “Tortoises aren’t exactly fast” Tim laughed as he watched Aang step in.
“So you ready?” Tim asked staring at Aang. Aang nodded as he watched Tim closely, waiting for any movement.      

Tim chuckled as he easily stalked around the ring, keeping out of Aang’s reach. Tim ducked in and Aang took a small step back. Aang glared at the grinning tiger before shaking his head and setting his feet solidly on the mat. They were about to lunge at each other when the door creaked open and someone came in. Tim held his hand up indicating to stop when Nick walked in, Danny following at his heels. Nick grinned at both of them for a moment as he licked his lips. Danny was still wearing speedos and Nick was wearing his red ones.
“Don’t stop on our account” Nick drawled as he leaned against the wall. Danny stood silently next to Nick, eyes downcast.

Tim narrowed his eyes as he stared at Nick.
“Nick. What are you doing down here?” Tim demanded as he leaned against the corner turnbuckle, glaring at the large wolf. Nick grinned as he looked at Tim, he then turned his attention to Aang.
“Well now you’re a big one, hmm you might be fun”. Nick’s eyes travelled down to Aang’s groin and they widened slightly then narrowed. “Hmm now that looks extremely fun. Danny!” Nick barked as he took a step forward “do you want to go on a ride on that?” Danny looked up, he saw Aang’s groin and his mouth opened in shock at the enormity of the view.

“Nick what are you doing here?” Tim demanded again, harsher this time while crossing his arms. Nick turned his attention back to Tim as he grinned.
“When I heard who your next opponent is, I thought I would offer my services as a training partner. But it looks like that part has been filled. So now I’m interested: is the new guy any good?” As Nick spoke he effortlessly jumped onto the mat, and stood staring at Aang’s chest. Aang stared back, slightly tilting his head to lock gazes with Nick.  Nick raised his arm and was about to touch Aang’s chest when Aang’s hand intercepted Nick’s. They stood locked in place, each testing the others mutual strength. Tim could see the muscles in Aang’s forearms tightening as he attempted to crush Nick’s hand. The only reaction was as smirk of Nick’s face and a slight tightening around his eyes.

Nick grinned as he pulled his arm back “hehe I think you will be lots of fun. Come Danny we’re not needed. Besides you need to finish your session with James”. Nick jumped to the floor as he spoke and started walking towards the door. Danny grinned when he heard James’s name before following Nick and shut the door behind them. Tim sighed as he leant against the top rope. Aang turned to look and saw the tiger was tired.
“Didn’t think you were that tired?”
Tim looked and gave a small smile. “Yeah sorry about that, I wasn’t expecting Nick to be here honestly. He’s technically not allowed but as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, people don’t mind. Anyway I think I need to relax in the sauna, wanna come?” Tim looked at Aang, who nodded and they both exited the ring, heading towards the closed door. Tim pushed the door open and there was a small bathroom, with communal shower before another closed door. There as steam leaving from the bottom of the other door. Tim opened a small cupboard where there was several white towel and passed one to Aang after keeping one for himself. He then turned towards the shower, turned it on and quickly stripped his speedo as he washed himself clean of the sweat that built up.

Aang blushed at the casual nudity but he turned his back and went to the other shower before also stripping and washing himself. A few moments later, Tim emerged from his shower wrapping the towel around his waist as he looked at Aang’s muscular butt. Ok that is a wonderful ass Tim shook his head as he saw Aang turn around and catch him staring. Tim blushed for a moment before his eyes wandered down and saw Aang’s penis. Holy Mother of God! That is huge! Even when soft! Tim blinked as he involuntary took a step forward before stopping. He shook his head and looked Aang square in the eye.
“Ok wow that is big. Can I touch it?” Tim asked in awe, Aang squirmed uncomfortable but he didn’t stop when Tim reached out. Tim slowly extended his hand and carefully held the massive organ. He carefully moved his hand and marvelled at the girth, Tim looked up and noticed that Aang was blushing furiously, but he was enjoying the attention. Tim let go of the penis as he passed Aang the towel and walked into the sauna.

Aang quickly wrapped the towel around his waist before following Tim into the sauna. Tim had taken a seat as was leaning against the wall, eyes closed relaxing. Aang sat down next to the tiger, the seat groaned under his mass as he leaned back and relaxed. Aang must have dozed off he awoke when he Tim stir and yawn.
“Thanks for that, I needed to relax. Anyway I think we should head off”. Tim began to stand up when Aang spoke.
“umm I’m not sure how to ask this but are you gay?” Aang asked uncomfortably staring at the floor. Tim paused before he sat back down.
“I don’t mind at all. Yes I am homosexual, as is Dave who is my partner. The majority of the fighters here are also gay. As is anyone you see fighting at the warehouse”. Tim smiled as he gazed at Aang. “Are you gay?”           

Aang squirmed a little, thinking before he hesitantly replied “yes but I haven’t done anything at all”. Tim nodded, expecting the answer.
“Well pretty much everyone here will respect whatever you do, or what boundary’s you set. There are only 2 people who won’t, that’s James and Axel. But I don’t think they will trouble you”. Tim grinned for a moment before continuing. “They like to gang up on the weaker fighters, but you’re a bit out of there league. Anyway would you like to do anything now?” Tim asked as he looked into Aang’s eyes. Aang looked back nervously before replying.
“Aren’t you committed to Dave?” Aang asked. Tim smiled as he shook his head slightly.

“We both know and accept that we will have sex with other partners. Mainly because of our jobs, and who we face in the ring. As long as we spend the night in each other’s arms and wake up next to each other. Were fine with whatever happens in the ring”. Aang nodded when Tim finished speaking.
“So he won’t mind if we do anything?” Aang asked
“Oh he’ll mind, and he will want lots of details” Tim grinned for a moment. “He might be a bit jealous that I got to you first, but I’ll make it up to him. So do you want to do anything?”

Aang looked at Tim before nodding. “Yes I want to start slow though”. Tim nodded as he slowly removed his towel and moving closer to Aang.
“If you want to touch it go ahead” Tim encouraged. Aang hesitantly reached over and touched Tim’s penis. He felt it slowly getting larger until it reached its full size. Aang started to slowly stroke the cock when he felt the towel around his waist disappear. Aang noticed that Tim’s orange arm had pulled the towel away and was resting on Aang’s muscular leg. Tim’s hand then gently cupped Aang’s larger penis and started to gently stroke as well. Matching Aang’s movement, when Aang started to stroke faster Tim matched him.

They both started to moan in pleasure as they started to climax. Aang shot first, the orgasm causing his body to shudder as a massive spurt ejected from his penis and landed on the ceiling above. Tim followed suit a moment later, though he didn’t hit the ceiling. His spurt landed on the opposite wall. Aang panted as he felt the pleasurable sensation leave his body as he relaxed against the wall.
“Did you enjoy that?” Tim asked as he removed his hand from Aang’s penis. Aang nodded as he caught his breath and he removed his hand from Tim.
“That was intense” Aang panted as he looked at his cum covered hand.
“Your welcome, come on lets clean up and head out. It’s time for the next people for the ring”.

Aang grabbed his towel and walked out and joined Tim in the shower where they quickly washed the seaman away and dried off. Tim passed Aang his underwear as he put his speedo back on. Tim grabbed Aang’s towel and put it in the small basket next to the door and he walked out. When Aang entered the main room, he noticed two wolves, one brown, and the other white exchanging blows in the ring.
“That’s Dennis and Eliot” Tim pointed first to the brown wolf then to the white one. “There pretty nice, anyway let’s leave them be”. Tim grabbed his clothes as Aang put his shorts on and they left the gym.



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