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Sunday, 7 February 2016

14 Relationships

Tim’s eyes opened as the light of the sun hit his eyelids, causing him to wake. He started to move, preparing to get up when an arm, draped over him tightened, holding him close. Tim smiled as he turned his head to gaze on Dave’s sleeping face. Peaceful in sleep, not a care in the world. He's cute when he's asleep Tim thought as he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of Dave’s nose. Dave stirred but his arm relaxed enough for Tim to carefully get up and stand next to the bed. I'll let me sleep for a bit, maybe he’ll wake with breakfast. Tim grinned at the thought as he slowly padded out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. He spent a few minutes evaluating what was edible before shaking his head.

He really needs to go shopping Tim thought with a small smile. He quickly looked for some shorts or pants, before finding a bathrobe. He quickly put it on, tying the sash closed. Tim looked for the key to his apartment, found it and located the key that Dave showed him last night. He opened the door and quietly closed it and walked to his apartment. On the way he passed the ring room. I wonder if he’s still there?. Tim poked his head in the doorway and noticed that James was still in the ring, bound with rope. He wasn't moving but Tim was unsure if that was a because of the bindings or is he was unconscious. Tim thought for a moment as he looked around the ring room, before he stepped inside and stood just outside the ring.

Tim could only see James behind from this angle, but there was a very large dildo inside his ass. It was duct taped to his fur, keeping it in place and it was vibrating. Tim could hear the occasional muffled groan as the dildo massaged James’s prostate. There was a metal device encasing where his dick should have been. Tim winced, that can't be pleasant he thought as he slowly walked around the ring. James was bound in the middle of the ring, spread eagled, ropes binding his wrists and hands to the far corner posts. His legs and ankles were tied to the other posts, keeping James from moving or trying to escape.

As Tim walked to the front he saw what was keeping the badger from speaking. It was another dildo, smaller than the one buried in his ass, gagging his mouth. It had a strap that circled behind his head and kept it in place. James was indeed awake, his eyes glaring red hot at the humiliation and pain he was being subjected to. His eyes closed for a moment and he moaned into the gag, his body giving into the pleasure.

As Tim looked around, he noticed that there was several video cameras pointed at James. Wonder who set those up Tim mused as he looked around, trying to find his combat shorts. There they are… Tim reached down and pulled one half of the shorts he was wearing last night. Well part of them at least Tim shook his head as he looked at James.

“How does it feel? To be on the other end?” There was muffled sounds and what could be swearing but Tim couldn’t tell. “Did you learn your lesson James?” Tim asked as he walked to the edge of the ring staring into the Badger’s red eyes. There was more muffled sounds, angrier this time, intermixed with the occasional moan. “By your tone it doesn't sound like it. But this should make you appreciate what you have done to others. Maybe you'll learn that you shouldn't be such a bastard to others.” Tim scowled as the captive opened his eyes, glaring at the gold tiger.

Tim turned and started heading towards the open door. As he left he heard a moan of pain before he closed the door with a snap. Shaking his head he quickly strode to his apartment and walked in. He chucked the ruined shorts into the bin and walked to the fridge. He quickly pulled some eggs, bacon, vegetables, cheese and placed them in a bag. He grabbed spices, cream and shut the fridge door. Tim then dived into his pot drawer and grabbed a large fry pan. He grabbed the full bag and pan then walked to his front door and walked outside.  

As he closed the door he almost collided with Elliot who was jogging towards the ring with Dennis.
“Watch it” Tim growled they almost sent him flying.
“Whoops soz” Eliot apologised as he continued jogging to the ring. Tim raised an eyebrow as he went inside. He glanced at Denis who smiled sheepishly.
“So who had the idea to leave James trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey?” Tim asked casually as he looked at Dennis. Dennis gulped but met Tim’s stare.
“It was umm kinda everybody’s” he muttered. Tim continued staring at the wolf and he shifted nervously.
“Well all his previous victims weighed in on it and I had his key so…” Dennis’s trailed off as loud shriek emerged from the open ring door.
“Well you do realise that Axel should be back soon, and he will rescue James. And if anyone is in there It won't be pretty?” Tim stated in a calm voice as he started walking towards Dave’s new apartment. Dennis stared at Tim’s retreating back before he ran into the gym rom. Tim shook his head, a slight smile on his lips as he opened the door to Dave’s place.

Dave was sitting at the table, waiting for Tim.
“Thought you had left” Dave looked at Tim crossly. “Now I know we were both tired last night by I think our exercise last night wasn’t that bad?” Dave grinned as he stood up and walked towards the smiling tiger. “But I see that you just went out for supplies” Dave   
smiled as he took the pan from Tim’s hand. “You know I do have cooking supplies, though” Dave grinned as he noticed the food. “I don’t have anything to eat”.

Tim laughed as he nudged Dave out of the way and walked to the kitchen bench. Dave walked around and sat at the table, head resting on his hands as he watched Tim bustle around. Tim placed the bags down and started pulling out ingredients. “Do me a favour Dave, put some clothes on, your distracting me.” Tim smiled as he oiled the pan and started preparing the ingredients. Dave pouted as he sat on the kitchen table staring at Tim.

“You want me to put on some clothes! Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying the view” Dave teased as he stood up displaying his naked body. Tim laughed as he cracked the eggs in the pan and glanced at Dave.
“If you keep waving that thing at me, I’ll jump you and then breakfast will be ruined” Tim said grinning.
“Not a horrible idea” Dave replied as he walked behind Tim and wrapped his arms around the taller fighter. Tim felt Dave’s dick pressing against the robe. Dave placed his head on Tim’s shoulder and gently kissed his neck. Tim felt Dave hug him and kiss his sensitive neck. Tim squirmed for a moment before he turned his head and kissed Dave’s forehead
“Now let me finish and after we can have some fun” Tim murmured into Dave’s hair.
 Dave kissed Tim’s neck again but pulled away. He released Tim’s waist and quickly got out plates, glasses, cutlery and started to clean up.

A couple of minutes later Tim served up a pair of huge omelettes and Dave had changed into a bathrobe. They sat quietly eating, in comfortable silence until both plates had been cleared.
“That was delicious” Dave announced as he leaned back in the chair. He licked his lips and grinned at Tim who grinned back.
“I’m happy you enjoyed it” Tim replied as he stood up.
“Nah uh, I’m cleaning you sit down and relax” Dave order as he stood up and pushed Tim onto the couch. Tim laughed as he fell onto the couch and watched as Dave efficiently cleared breakfast away. After a few minutes Dave sat down next to Tim and put his arm around the tiger.
“So what exactly was going through your head when you met James last night?” Dave asked as he gazed at Tim’s face. Tim sighed as he shook his head and stared at the wall.

“Honestly, rage over what he did to you. I wanted to rip that piece of shit limb from limb. So when I found the note…” Tim went silent as Dave grabbed his chin and pulled it to to face him.
“Well that was stupid! Noble but stupid and I love you for it”.  Dave pulled Tim’s head done and gave a soft kiss. Tim’s eye’s widened in surprise than he responded to Dave’s touch.
A few moments later they came bike the kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes.
“Thanks” Tim said as he leaned back, smiling.
“Hmph, don’t do that again. The fighting James bit, unless we can do it together”. Dave grinned as he sat back on the couch. “That was fun, fucking his tight ass, especially together”.
Tim grinned as he nodded “you’ll be surprised but he was still there.” Dave raised an eyebrow as Tim continued. “Dennis and the others had a busy night, when I went in this morning. He was trussed up like a Christmas turkey, with the extra-large stuffing at both ends.” Dave howled with laughter, slapping his thigh to contain his mirth. Tim joined in and they spent a few minutes laughing.

“So” Dave choked out, still laughing. “He was stuffed at both ends and I’m guessing pissed as hell!” Dave chuckled again as Tim stopped giggling to reply.
“Well I couldn’t tell much, as he couldn’t speak, but he didn’t look happy”. Tim chuckled as he leaned his head against Dave’s. The mirth subsided as they relaxed in silence and fell into sleep.

Danny sat silently as the kitchen table as he quietly finished his breakfast. Danny could hear Nick talking softly into his phone. He heard footsteps as Nick exited his room and sat down.
“We’ve got an errand to run after breakfast. Wear your fighting gear” Nick quickly finished eating his own meal as Danny cleared up. Danny went into the bedroom and grabbed his speedo and a sweat towel. He walked outside to see Nick standing in the hallway, waiting for him. Danny joined the larger wolf and the door closed with a snap. Nick led the way to the stairs and went down. Danny followed in the wolf’s shadow as Nick walked towards a door with a busted lock.  

Nick pushed the door open and walked inside. Danny followed but stopped when saw who was in the ring, his mouth open in surprise. Tony had a foot pushing James’s face into the mat and his other leg was kicking James’s side. Danny looked around as he saw Dennis and Eliot walking around the ring, holding cameras. He stood in amazement as he watched Tony continue kicking James before he heard a growl.
“Out”. Dennis and Eliot stopped and turned towards Nick and Danny, their grins faded. Tony paused, foot still on James’s head as he glanced at the door.
“Come to join in on the fun?” Tony called as he stomped on James back as he turned towards Nick and Danny. Danny kept his face locked on the tiger’s torso, as he was completely naked and hard.
“It is a nice tight ass, well it was” Tony grinned as he stroked his dick, staring at Nick. “But it’s really loose now, could’ve been all the fucking everyone did to him earlier or maybe the 14 inch dildo we left in there.”  

Danny managed to look around as he saw a pinkish object buried in James ass. He gulped as he saw that it vibrating quickly and doing small motions. Nick took a step forwards and growled “Out, last chance”. Dennis and Eliot looked at each other, then at James before returning to Nick. They quickly grabbed some stuff on the floor and walked quickly to the door. Nick stepped aside to let Eliot pass but held his hand up to stop Dennis.
“Key” emerged from Nick’s mouth as he stared at the younger wolf. Dennis chewed his lips, looked back at James before staring at Nick. He reached into his pocket and pulled a small key out and placed it into Nick’s hand. Nick closed his fist and jerked his head towards the door and Dennis quickly exited.

Nick looked into the ring where Tony was unhurriedly grabbing some shorts. Tony kicked James again before jumping over the top rope and exiting the room. Danny heard the door close and silence pervaded the room, except for a slight hum.
“Get in there and turn that dildo off” Nick ordered as he walked around the ring, towards James’s head. Danny slid under the bottom rope and walked to the badger. He stopped and quickly turned off the large dildo and looked back to Nick. Nick was standing before the badger, gazing at his trapped form.
“Well James, you’re in a pickle” Nick said cheerfully as he examined the fighter’s body. Up close, Danny could see bruises and cuts all over James’s body. There was a muffled sound, but Danny couldn’t make out what was said.

“Burk was not happy when he reviewed the security footage this morning. You fought an unsanctioned match, which is a big no no. so this is your first and last warning fight another unsanctioned match and you’ll be thrown out”. Nick didn’t look happy as he was talking to the irate badger. “Now Burk also told me that keeping you in line was my job. So here are my terms, and no you don’t get a choice. First you stick to the 5th floor, unless you’re using the stairs. No talking to anyone except me or Burk that includes Axel. I’ve already talked with him and he knows not to cross me”. Danny could see Nick’s face becoming more stern and harder as he informed James of the new conditions.

“You’ll also be cleaning all the rooms on the 5th floor, including the gym. Finally” Nick grinned for a moment, his eyes darting to Danny before returning to James.
“You’re going to be Danny’s training partner. No that does not mean you get to abuse him, but you will be an equal. If you don’t, what happened to you over the last couple of hours will be a joke compared what I’ll do to you”. Nicks voice went dead cold and flat as he finished speaking. Nick looked at Danny “take out the gag” he ordered as he looked back at James. Danny carefully walked to James side and undid the knot holding another dildo. He carefully pulled it from James’s mouth and dodged a massive spit ball that James launched.  

“And if I refuse” James croaked as he glared at Nick. Nick raised an eyebrow and grinned.
“You refuse and I’ll leave you here, letting everyone know your fresh meat. Nobody would come to free you. You’ll be at every body’s mercy plus there’s already bets going around, here and online before you get destroyed. I put $1000 on 2 days before you accept my deal”. Nick grinned again as he stepped back.  
“So what will it be?”

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