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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

13 Reversal

Tim sat next to bed, where Dave lay sleeping. The doctor had done a comprehensive examine, but determined there shouldn't be any permanent injury. He gave Tim a bottle of painkillers and another bottle with a mild sedative. Tim took both bottles as the doctor explained Dave should take them if he needs them. Tim thanked him and waited for Dave to wake up. This is another reason to hate James, he didn't need to do that, but he wanted to. Damn! I need to thank Nick for intervening. Tim snorted at the thought thanking Nick! Gawd that will leave a sore taste in my throat!  Tim shook his head as he leaned back in the chair and began to imagine torturing James. Tim chuckled as he gazed at Dave, I'll protect him, even if it's the last thing I do. Tim’s eyes drooped down and the last thing he saw was Dave’s sleeping face.

Tim awoke with a start when he heard Dave groan. He stood up and gripped Dave’s hand gently. Dave was groaning and twitching for a few moments before he settled back into normal sleep. Tim sighed as squeezed Dave’s hand reassuringly as he sat back down and closed his eyes. Tim woke up again as the sun hit his eyes. He blinked and yawned as he looked at Dave. He was still asleep, his eyes twitching. There was a small sound from the doorway as Tim looked around. Nick was leaning in the doorway, watching Dave’s still form. Tim locked his eyes on Nick and stood up and quietly walked over.

“Thanks” Tim muttered as he stood in front of Nick. Nick grunted as he looked at Dave.
“Don't thank me. I would have done the same thing, well not exactly” Nick turned his head and stared at Tim. Tim raised his eyebrows but stood silent, waiting for the larger wolf to continue.
“James has been suspended for a month, excessive force over what is allowed. Dave was credited for the win and your tag match has been pushed back another week. Dave’s medical care is covered under insurance. Burk is sorry that happened, he talked with Tony but he’s a bit groggy. He's not sure exactly what happened, but he remembers leaving his apartment and arriving here. After that's he's unsure, the security camera was turned off so the rest is guesswork. Tony was found back at the apartments, bound and gagged on the 4th floor ring. Again the cameras were off, but Axel is seen leaving the complex 20 minutes before Dave’s match”. Nick shrugged “It stinks like a cesspit but nothing can be done to Axel”.

Tim was silent as he considered Nick’s words, his eyes looking past Nick.
“Thanks for the information, I thought it was a set up when we couldn't find Tony earlier. So James’s suspension what does it entail exactly?” Tim asked in a soft voice.
Nick snorted but answered “Not allowed to participate in any matches and he has to fight his way back to the top. Not that difficult I know but no one would willingly fight him now. Plus he had to sign additional contracts, restricting what he can do in any match he does in the future”. Nick grinned for a moment then went on “He's only allowed basic sex and no more than 5 crotch shots. He's going to hate it” Nick laughed softly as his teeth gleamed.

Tim smiled as he heard the restrictions but he was thoughtful.
“Why did he sign? If he's going to hate it.” Tim asked as he gazed at Dave.
Nick leered as he looked at Dave then turned back to Tim.
“Because Burk told him that the other fighting gyms in the area wouldn't take him. Nor would they allow him to fight against any of there fighters. So he didn't have any choice if he wanted to compete”. Nick looked at Dave and nodded “he's waking up”.
Tim quickly turned around and strode back to the bed. Dave’s eyelids were flickering, slowly opening. His eyes were unfocused as he groaned and started to lean up.

“Hey hey, relax your safe” Tim spoke in a quiet and relaxing voice. He reached down and squeezed Dave’s hand gently.
“Ughh” Dave blinked as he slowly returned to consciousness and gazed unfocused at Tim.
“Did you get the number plate of that truck that hit me?” Dave murmured in a confused tone. Tim smiled as he leaned down and spoke softly.
“It's alright, and the truck has been dealt with”. Dave growled as he slowly pushed himself upright.
“When I get my hands on that prick I'll!” Dave hissed as he sat upright and rubbed his stomach, touching a nasty bruise.
“Here take one of these” Tim pulled a bottle out of his pocket and quickly pulled a large white pill and put it Dave’s hand. Tim then grabbed a nearby glass of water and passed it Dave.

Dave took the glass and pill and quickly swallowed them, grimacing.
“I don't remember getting this one” he murmured as he gingerly touched his neck. There was a bruise ringing around his neck.
“Ahh James held you there for a bit when he umm entered you”. Tim looked away for a moment as Dave snorted.
“Well I don't remember much after I tried choking him out. I do remember the fucking but after that it's a bit of a blur. So what happened?” Dave was sitting upright and was moving his head and arms, stretching out.
“Well when the timer finished he fucked you for about 20 minutes. It was brutal, even Nick was wincing at the force James was using. Well after that he finished and then he pinned you to the mat and umm”. Tim paused wincing as he remembered the fight, he shook his head and continued.
“Inserted his fist in your ass. You howled to the moon, and he just laughed. He got to mid arm before Nick stopped him”.

Dave’s eyes bulged open as the heard the story.
“Nick intervened?” He said in shocked tone.
“Yeah he did in fact he's” Tim turned around and looked in the doorway but Nick had vanished.
“Well he was here to deliver some interesting news. James was disqualified and suspended for a month. Our tag match is in 2 weeks, instead of one. The theory is that and James probably arranged Tony’s disappearance. Theres no proof, but it's a good chance he arranged it with Axel. Best guess they kidnapped Tony, causing Burk to open the floor to other opponents. With James jumping to the head of the queue by his reputation. Burk only arranges substitutes for important matches, which is why there wasn't one last night”. Tim finished speaking as Dave blinked and finished drinking the water.

Dave scowled “well at least the bastard is gone for a bit. Anyway I want to get to my apartment, this bed is harder than a rock. Get my gear for me?” Tim nodded as he walked to the wardrobe and pulled out a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He turned back and saw Dave sitting upright, feet dangling over the side. Tim stared at Dave’s bruised body and winced. His normal brown colouring was mattered with dark purple patches. Most notably around Dave’s groin, where James had focused his assault.

Tim passed the clothes over and helped Dave into the shirt. Dave put the shorts on and looked for some foot ware. Tim reached down and pulled thongs out and passed them to Dave.
“Thanks” Dave muttered as he gingerly put his weight on his feet and stood up. He swayed and Tim caught his shoulder and steadied him. Dave shook Tim away and carefully walked out of the room, Tim following behind. They walked past the locker room and into the carpark where Dave’s car was waiting.
“The Doc said you shouldn't drive yet” Tim said as he pulled the car keys out of his pocket. He looked at Dave, who grudgingly nodded and walked to the passenger side.
Tim waited for Dave to sit down, then climbed into the driver side and started the engine.

It took twenty minutes to get back to the apartments and they parked. Dave exited the car and walked slowly into the apartment block. Tim followed carrying their gear in a bag. Dave was slowly trudging up the stairs, passing some of the other inhabitants. He spotted Trevor, Alexander and Eliot. Trevor nodded to him but continued to the gym, headphones in his ears. Eliot scowled as Dave, still a bit irritated to losing to Dave but he extended a hand and shook Dave’s hand. Alexander was leaving the ring on the 4th floor when he walked near Dave. His eyes widened as he saw the visible bruises on Dave’s face and arms.

“Jeez James really gave you a beating. I've been on that side from James and you took way more punishment than I did. I've never had the fist either, but I bet it wasn't pleasant”. Dave snorted but nodded.
“You got that right anyway, I plan on finding that fucker and giving him what he richly deserves. Though I'll recover first, and I wont be nice” Dave growled as he passed Alexander and continued to his apartment. Alexander looked at Tim with a sceptical expression and shrugged. Tim followed Dave and opened the door to his apartment. It was right next to the ring room and generally considered the worst. Dave stalked in and went to his bedroom. Tim heard the shower flick on and the sound of running water. He wandered around the apartment, noticing the large picture of Dave on the wall. Well that's interesting Tim thought. He hadn't been in Dave’s apartment before, usually they met at the gym or his apartment.

He sat down on the sofa, opposite the picture and gazed at it. Damn he’s a sexy beast Tim thought as he stared at Dave’s physique. After the matches I didn't really look, he's my tag partner, and I don't want to get in a relationship after… Tim quickly shook his head, banishing his thoughts. He leaned back and closed his eyes, relaxing and he slipped into a light nap. He woke a short time when he felt something poking him. He opened his eyes to see Dave standing in front of him grinning. He had a towel around his waist, the bruises popping into view as he sat next to Tim. Tim yawned as he moved his tail out of the way, letting Dave settle down.

“When did they move you to the 4th floor?” Tim asked as he gazed around the apartment.
“Last week, went to my apartment on 1 and the super told me they moved all my gear to level 4. Free upgrade apparently” Dave shrugged as he sat down gingerly. He winced as he sat and Tim almost got up.
“You want to lay on your stomach?” Tim asked as he began to stand. Dave shook his head and breathed out.
“Just waiting for those meds to take effect” he hissed as he sunk into the plumb sofa.
“Burk must have arranged it” Tim mused as he sat back down.
“Probably, honestly I don't care, they put my stuff where it belonged so I was happy”. 

“What do you think of me there?” Dave asked indicating the picture as he relaxed on the sofa. Tim sat silent for a moment then replied.
“It’s a very nice piece, very detailed.” Tim glanced at Dave, who grinned.
“I did some modelling when I first got here. That was my first photoshoot, but it didn't really take off. Eventually I found that the photography was selling my images to porn studios and I was kinda blacklisted. I had done some martial arts before this, so I went to the local gym on my time off and I got involved in the warehouse.” Dave was quiet as he remembered. He smiled sadly, then turned back to Tim.
“And you? What's your story?”

Tim turned back to the painting.
“I'm in my final year of studies of clinical psychology. We are currently on break, and I'm using the warehouse to pay for my education. It's why I particularly annoyed with Nick taking Danny. The physical effects he will heal from, same as you. But the mental ones will be much harder to fix. My parents died in a car crash when I was young, and I was raised by the foster system. I bounced around from home to home till I got my education. I was bullied badly in the system, mainly cause of unusual last name and glasses. Kids can be cruel” Tim went silent as memories, long forgotten played again.
“Especially if they know you’re different” he spoke quietly, his eyes distant as the dredged memories returned. He shook his head, banishing them again.

Dave raised an eyebrow but didn't push as they sat in silence. A couple of minutes later Dave spoke “well it might take me a day or two, to recover. We have 2 weeks before the tag match which we defiantly need to win to get to Nick. So how about tomorrow we meet at the gym and starting training again? I'll do light stuff so I don't injure myself but we've, been given extra time so let's not waste it”. Tim nodded in agreement as he started to stand.
“Where do you think your going?” Dave asked with a grin. Tim raised an eyebrow but sat back down.

“Well I was planning to organise some food and get some clothes. I've been in this gear since last night and it kinda stinks”. Tim replied, smiling. Dave sniffed then recoiled laughing.
“Yeah you’re right you do kinda stink. Did you get that reward from Sage?” Dave grinned and licked his lips. “Well have fun with him, popping cherries is an experience. Especially if you do it right, not like Nick did to Danny”. Dave shuddered as he remembered Danny’s wails and the pain on his face. Tim nodded as he stood up, he pulled the pill bottles out of his pocket and placed them on the table.

“Take them if you need to” Dave nodded as Tim walked past the sofa and left the apartment. The door closed with a click and Dave sighed, he hurt all over, especially sitting down. When I get a hold of that bastard, I will do what he did to me! Dave winced as he reached over and grabbed a pill. He quickly swallowed it and started to drift off to sleep.

Tim waited outside for a moment, listening intently and heard Dave sigh then fall into regular sleep. Good he's asleep, he’ll be like that for a while. Tim nodded to himself and quietly set off to his apartment. He was a couple of doors up and he paused as there was a note stuck to the door. He looked around the landing but spotted no one nearby. He pulled the paper off the door, and opened it. Inside was short message:
“If you want to avenge your partner, meet outside the 4th floor gym at midnight. Wear fighting gear” the note had no initial but Tim knew who it was from.
“James” Tim hissed between clenched teeth. He opened the door and went inside, the note crumpled as it hit the floor.

Dave woke up a few hours later, still sore, but he pain was largely gone. There was only a throbbing from his ass as the meds Left his system. He looked at the clock, which displayed 12:30 am. Jeez I've been asleep for over 12 hours, what the hell is in those pills. Why didn't Tim wake me? Eh probably let me sleep Dave’s train of thought changed when he stomach rumbled. That’s what probably woke me up, let's see what I got in the fridge. Dave got up and walked slowly to the small kitchen. The fridge didn't hold much, apart from bread, some meats and an old salad. He sniffed the salad and recoiled ok that's off. He dropped the salad in the bin and grabbed the bread and the meats. At least the meat is still good he mused as a very basic sandwich assembled itself.

Dave took a bite and swallowed. Well it's edible but that's it he mused as he poured a glass of water and took a gulp. His ears perked up as he heard a slam and a crash coming from the next room. Jeez it’s past midnight! Who would be fighting at this hour? He walked to the door and banged.
“Keep it down! People are trying to sleep!” Dave yelled through the wall. He heard a muffled grow, which sounded familiar and then a laugh. The laugh sent a chill down his spine as he recognised it.
“James!” Dave growled, his fists clenched as he pulled on the shorts in the bag that Tim had brought. He grabbed his keys and strode out of the apartment and marched to the ring door.

The door had “private match: do not disturb” taped to it. Dave grabbed the knob and twisted, but it failed to open. He growled as he heard another moan, higher this time and he recognised it again. FUCK! That’s Tim! What is he doing in there! Dave stepped back and kicked the door. Hard. It resolutely stayed shut as he raised his foot again and kicked. There was a crack as the lock shattered and the door flew open. Dave bolted inside as saw Tim pinned to the mat with James’s black ass pumping in and out. Tim was howling with pain as James forcefully fucked him. Not giving a break as he fully exited then plunged back in. Tim’s arms were tied behind his back with rope as James was gripping Tim’s hair. When James entered, he slammed Tim’s head into the mat and then pulled him back up to repeat again.

Jesus! Tim is still aware, even with James slamming his head! I've got to stop this! Dave lunged into the ring and grabbed James around the head and threw the badger out of Tim. There was a startled yelp as James was thrown across the ring and landed. James shook his head “don't you know how to read motherfu…” James shouted as he stood upright and stared at Dave.
“Well well, are you back for more kitty?” James spoke as he licked his lips and grinned.

Tim groaned as he rolled over and stared at the ceiling.
Owww, Tim couldn’t think of much else as he laid on his back. He saw Dave standing above him, glaring with undisguised hatred at the black badger. If I can just free my hands Tim thought desperately as he began to concentrate on moving his fingers. Trying to use his claws to cut the ropes, he was able to concentrate on it now as his head wasn't being slammed.
Dave quickly glanced at Tim, noticing he was conscious, bleeding from his nose and scratches across his chest. James acted in that split second, charging across the ring towards Dave, arms extended.

The air left Dave’s lungs as the black missile hit and tossed him to the mat. James quickly scrambled on top of Dave and started punching the exposed face.
“You” punch “know” punch “that” punch “if” punch “I” punch “knew” punch “you” punch “wanted” punch “a” punch “rematch” punch “I” punch “would’ve” punch “left” punch “a” punch “note” punch “as” punch “well”! James panted as he threw the final fist. Dave bellowed as he felt his nose crunch and make a sickening sound.
“Huh well you defiantly won't be modelling now, they don't like broken noses” James smirked as he stood up right, his fist’s bloody. He raised his foot and slammed it on Dave’s gut. Dave’s coughed and gurgled as James stomped again.

James was oblivious to the silent figure that stepped behind him and wrapped a pair of strong, muscular arms around his neck. Tim secured the chokehold and lifted the badger clear off the mat. James’s feet kicking Tim’s thighs, vainly trying to cause some pain before he stopped struggling. Tim grunted then tossed the badger into the corner and left him there. He stepped towards Dave and knelt, inspecting the damage.
“Is he out?” Dave asked, the air whistling as he breathed in and out.
“For the moment, though it won't last. Come on up you get” Tim grabbed Dave’s arm and hauled him up. “Let me look at that nose” Tim continued as he gently touched Dave.
Dave hissed at the gentle touch but allowed Tim to probe the wound.
“Well it's defiantly broken, but I can pop it back in place if you want?” Dave nodded, keeping his eyes glued on the black figure.

Tim quickly yanked the nose back into place, Dave yelled at the sharp pain. The pain retreated until only a dull throb remained.
“What were you doing with him?” Dave shouted at Tim.
“I overestimated myself” Tim replied as he inspected Dave’s nose before stepping back to stare at James. “Thought I could take him and remind him not to pick on people. I was wrong” Tim muttered as he touched his own nose, gingerly. He hissed in pain but continued to probe. “No permanent damage” he muttered as he glanced at Dave.
“So what should we do with him?” Tim posed as Dave stepped forward.
“Do what he's done to others” Dave replied as touched his nose. “Pick him up and but him in a full nelson. I have an idea” Dave grinned as he ducked under the bottom rope.

Tim raised an eyebrow but did as Dave suggested. He hoisted the unconscious badger and locked in a tight full nelson. He's not going anywhere Tim thought as Dave climbed back into the ring. He was holding several pieces of rope, like the ones that secured Tim.
“Is he awake yet?” Tim shook his head in the negative as Dave stalked forwards.
“I wonder if this will” Dave cocked his fist and sailed it into James unprotected groin.
James spluttered awake as Dave withdrew his hand.
“Ahh he's awake now. Hello James!” Dave chuckled as he rammed his knee into James groin. James howled in pain as Dave pulled his knee back and secured a tight grip on James’s balls, one testicle in each hand. He began to squeeze as James started trying to break free. He used his legs to kick Dave, but Dave just increased the pressure.

“Ow ow ow!” James bellowed, he struggled vainly before Dave released his grip and punched him in the gut. Dave’s fist retreated before burying itself back in there.
“When I get free you fuckers are so dead!” James yelled as Tim kept him secure and Dave stared whistling a jaunty tune as he punched James. Alternating between, gut, chest and balls.
“Think he's had enough?” Dave asked Tim as he stepped back to admire his handiwork.
“Well he's defiantly in pain, but there's something missing” Tim replied with a grin. Dave’s eyes widened in surprise then he glanced down. Tim’s dick was fully extended and perched just below James tortured balls. Dave grinned evilly as he pulled his own shorts down, revealing his own rock hard dick.

James eyes opened wide as saucers as he looked at both Dave’s and Tim’s dicks.
“Wait! What do you two think you’re doing! Let me go AWWWWW!” James’s bellow echoed around the room as Dave pushed Tim’s huge dick into James tight ass. 10 and a half inches got forced into James almost virgin arse. The howl echoed around the room as Tim struggled to keep the badger under control. Dave just punched James in the balls which stopped him moving for a moment. Enough for Dave to line up his own cock at James ass and lunge in. The scream was deafening.

James had only ever been fucked once by Nick. It was a huge cock, but Tim and Dave’s dicks, with their combined 20 inches put shame to Nick’s cock. Dave grinned as he held James’s thrashing legs, he pulled back then slammed in with all the subtly of a freight train. James howled again as it forced Tim deeper into him and Tim had the bigger dick.
“How does it feel bitch!?! To get fucked so hard, you won't be sitting straight for a week!” Dave yelled at James as he continued to pull out then slam back in. Tim was pushing James down, keeping all of his 10.5 inches buried to the hilt in the Badger’s ass as Dave pumped away. They stayed like this for 10 minutes, James had stopped screaming, his throat raw. The only noise that came out of him were small pained moans. Tim and Dave had been staring into each other's eyes since they started the punishment. Dave closed his eyes and stopped moving. He spasmed, jerking as he shot his load into James’s ass.

Tim grinned at Dave “you enjoyed that?”
“Of course, though I notice you haven't finished” Dave replied with a smirk.
“Well I've been a bit busy, he's a handful” Tim replied with a matching smirk.
“Then let me handle him” as Dave was speaking he pulled out of James. There was a plop as the cum exited James’s sore ass and hit the mat. Dave winked at Tim and took a step back. Motioning him to fall forward. Tim smiled as he fell forward and smushed James onto the mat. The only problem is that James’s own dick was hard. It hit the mat first and then was crushed by the 360 pounds of weight. James bellowed again as he felt indescribable pain lancing from his dick to his brain and back.

“Didn't think he had voice left in him” Dave remarked as he perched in front of James’s face. Tim smiled as he released the full nelson, but kept his weight pinning James’s torso to the mat.
“Would you mind keeping him in place while I finish?” Tim asked as he placed his arms on James’s shoulders. Dave grinned but knelt next to Tim and placed his hands on James’s shoulders. Tim moved his hands away and levered himself upright as Dave quickly sat on James’s back.
“Before you fuck him, mind moving him a little back. I want to grind his face into my cum” Dave grinned evilly as Tim nodded. He grabbed James’s ankles and pulled the Badger back to where they had been standing.
“Dave one thing” Tim said as Dave resumed his position on top James.
“Huh?” Was the sound that emerged from Dave’s mouth before Tim gripped his head and pulled him close for a kiss. Their mouths clashed together, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth before they came up for air.
“I've been waiting for that for 3 weeks” Dave said with a smile.
“So have I” Tim admitted as he gripped James’s ankles again. “Now excuse me but I've got to finish”. Tim pulled slightly out then rammed in again. James made small groans of pain, he feeble resisted as Dave trapped his head and ground it into the mat.
“Is that a good taste? That's 100% pure cat milk, extracted fresh from your ass. I hope your enjoying it” Dave continued verbally taunting James as Tim continued slamming his dick in James ass. After 15 minutes Tim slowed then stopped as he emptied his own cum into the badger’s ass. Tim tapped Dave and leaned in for another passionate kiss.  James was comatose, the only sounds was the occasional moan.

“Hmm, it seems I'm ready for round 2” Dave voiced as he indicated his dick, rock hard again.
“Well I'll control his head this time” Tim promised as he pulled out of James’s destroyed ass. He walked around and grabbed the badger’s arms.
“Flip him” Tim ordered Dave. Dave walked around as Tim opened his legs wide. Understanding clicked and Dave grinned. Dave rolled James onto his back and instantly Tim’s legs snapped around James neck in a figure 4 head lock.
“Nasty” Dave murmured, sharing a grin with Tim. Tim nodded as Dave pushed James’s legs into the air and aimed at the abused hole. Dave shoved himself in one huge thrust, James didn't react as Dave used his hole like a cheap whore. Tim kept the headlock tight, but not tight enough to knock James out.

After 10 minutes Dave spasmed again and emptied his balls into James.
“It's so slippery in there” he complained he pulled out for the final time. “Makes it so easy to go all in” Dave grinned as James started to stir. “I think you’re ready for the final round” Dave remarked to Tim. Tim nodded and released the headlock. James lied unmoving as Tim and Dave stood above him, admiring their handiwork.
“How do you want to end?” Dave asked as he stared at James.
“Keep him upright” Tim replied as he walked to James’s legs and passed them to Dave. Dave pulled, keeping James’s head and shoulders on the mat as he ass rose like a drawbridge. Dave sat down, locking his knees around James’s head as he gripped the badger’s legs tight. Tim pointed his dick down and plunged it deep into James’s ass.  Tim used his entire body to pull himself out and then propel his dick into James. The force of the penetration made the ring shudder as James moaned. After 15 minutes Tim pulled out a final time and aimed his dick at James’s face. It erupted like a volcano, spraying cum all over James’s face and chest.

Tim panted as he stepped away and Dave followed him. James’s legs hit the mat with a slap. The badger lay unmoving and coated with cum.
“Do you think he enjoyed that?” Dave asked with a smile.
“Well you never know, he didn't complain. Maybe he’ll learn what's its like being the bitch, and take the lesson to heart.” Tim replied as he looked around for his shorts. “Now where did he put my shorts?” Dave smiled as he leaned in and kissed Tim.
“I've got a pair next door, come on”. Dave led the way to the door and Tim stopped. He was looking at the door and amused expression on his face.
“You broke down the door?” He said with a smile.
“Well it was locked” Dave shrugged as he walked into the corridor. As he emerged there were several faces peering from behind doors. All looking in their direction.

“Well this is awkward” Tim muttered as he swept the corridor with his eyes.
“Maybe” Dave grinned as he steppe forward. “If anyone wants a go at the piece of shit back in there. Go for it!” He nudged Tim towards his apartment and Dennis walked forwards and looked inside. Dennis looked back at Tim and Dave and grinned. He motioned for people to join him and there was a race to see who got in after.
“Hehe think there will be a queue?” Dave asked as he opened his door.
“James has pretty much abused every one in the building. They won't be finished in there till next week”. Tim replied with a smile. Dave walked into his apartment and Tim followed. He closed the door with a click. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh filled the floor again.



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