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Friday, 8 January 2016

12 Dave vs ?

Dave stood in the open corridor, staring at the cage where Burk was talking into a phone. He looked angry as he disconnected the phone line. Dave felt a hand on his shoulder and turned his head to see Tim standing beside him.
“I couldn’t find Tony” Tim said quietly as he watched Burk sitting in his chair, thinking hard.
“I wonder what Burk will do for my fight?” Dave asked gazing at the ring. Tim shrugged as Burk stood up and walked into the ring.
“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have an interesting scenario. We are missing an opponent! So I am giving an a member of the audience the chance to fight Dave!” Burk turned and pointed at Dave, the black speedo showing his muscled ass in detail. Tim gently nudged Dave and nodded to the ring. Dave smiled and walked towards the cage. He ran down the stairs to cheers from the crowd as he entered the ring. Tim walked to where Sage had just Sat down and sat between him and Nick.

“I wonder who will step forward and accept”. Sage muttered as he watched Dave walk around the ring.
“It’s not the first time Burk has arranged something like this” Nick announced in a low voice. There was a collar sitting in his lap and his other arm was around Danny’s shoulder. Tim glanced at Nick and nodded as they waited.
“Though it was an interesting fuck” Nick grinned as he licked his lips. “It was against me and my opponent was a virgin. Now that is a beautiful sensation, demolishing a cherry. Sage wanna sit on my lap? I’ll show you a wonderful time”. Nick grinned as he stared at Sage and licked his lips suggestively. Sage stared back and smiled.
“Beat me and I might let you or it might be me demolishing your cherry” he fired back.
Nick laughed as he turned back to the ring “in your dreams”. Nick went silent as Burk raised the microphone to his lips.   

“Dave ‘Destroyer’ Silver, standing at 6 foot, 1 inch and weighing 231 pounds. Who will be his opponent?” Burk announced while scanning the crowd. A couple of people stood up and started walking to the stairs but a strident call echoed throughout the arena.
“I will” a familiar voice said in grating tone as Tim spun around.
“James” Tim hissed as he started to rise when he felt a hand on his shoulder keeping him from rising.
Tim whirled around and saw Nick was the one keeping him in place.  Nick looked at Tim and shook his head slowly and mouthed “don’t”. Tim looked back at James and saw the huge grin on the badger’s face as he watched the drama. James turned towards the ring and started to slowly stalk down the stairs. The line that had formed at the door of the cage parted to let the small, black furred badger, in a white speedo walk into the cage.
“So do you accept Dave, Fighting little old me?” James asked in a low, sultry tone as he ducked under the bottom rope and stood in the ring.

“Dave’s been set up” Tim growled as grudgingly sat down and glared at Nick. “Why did you stop me?” Tim demanded as he continued to glare at Nick.
“Because James would have torn you apart and then go into the ring and fight Dave. While it would be interesting for you to fight James, you don’t stand a chance in your state. The fight you had with Sage exhausted both of you. I’d rather give you a fighting chance” Nick said in a calm tone. Tim sat still for a few moments then sighed as he leaned back in the chair.
“Don’t think he would’ve torn me apart” Tim admitted “but it would not have been pleasant”. Nick snorted then turned back to the ring.

“Well then Dave’s opponent is James ‘Devastator’ Jackman. Standing 4 foot 9 inches and massing 121 pounds this should be an interesting fight!” Burk announced as he quickly left the ring and closed the cage door. The line of prospective opponents quickly went back to their seats. Burk raised the microphone again “before we start the match, ill allow a few minutes for the audience to place bets”. People quickly stood up and walked to the table where staff members were exchanging betting slips for cash.

James lounged against a corner post gazing at Dave, a nasty smile on his face.
“So you ready for a real challenge?” James taunted as he watched Dave stretch, opposite him. “Eliot wasn’t really an opponent for your …skills” James’s tongue licked his mouth suggestively and grinned.
“I am so going to enjoy pounding you little black ass” Dave retorted as he glared at James.
“Tim told me about your ‘encounter’ with him. Wait did you do something to Tony?” Realisation dawned on Dave’s face as he stood still.
“I had absolute nothing to do with Tony” James replied grinning. “Though Axel might have held him up” James laughed as Burk’s voice echoed around the arena.

“Last call for bets! The fight will start in one minute!” the crowd surged back to their seats as Dave bounced on the balls of his feet. James just lounged against the corner post, sneering at Dave.
“Better get ready, I hope you like getting fucked!” James taunted as Burk walked to the cage door and locked it. The small click echoed though the arena and the crowd went silent.
“Here it goes” Tim muttered as Burk pressed a button and a DING DING sounded through the arena. Nick grunted and leaned forward, getting a better look of the action.

Dave advanced forwards cautiously, arms raised to engage James. James snorted in disdain and strode forward, just out of Dave’s reach.
“You really want a test of strength kitty? I can oblige though you won’t like it” James raised his hands, grinning. Dave gritted his teeth but he clasped James’s wrists and then took a step forward. James laughed but didn’t move as Dave took another step. They were almost chest to chest, but Dave was making no ground in pushing James.
“I’m a lot stronger than you think kitty and a lot nastier”. James whispered as he stepped forward and ploughed his shoulder into Dave’s midsection. Dave coughed at the sudden impact as James kept pushing forward. Dave’s back hit the corner post and his eyes popped open at the sudden position. Holy Christ! He’s extremely strong I better up my…
“ughh” Dave screamed as he felt fire radiating from his lower abdomen.

Tim winced as he saw James’s knee pressing against Dave’s groin, keeping him pinned in place. Tim could hear James’s laughter over Dave’s howls as he kept grinding his knee in Dave’s bulge.  
“Ouch” Sage whispered as he clutched his groin in sympathy. “At least you didn’t do that” he continued as James pulled his knee back. He then slammed it back into Dave’s groin, eliciting another shriek.
“I don’t think you’ll be having kids now” James whispered as he stepped back, allowing Dave to crumple to the mat, clutching his groin. James raised his arms and the crowd cheered. Dave was rolling on the mat, oblivious that James was behind him. James grinned, as Dave lay on his stomach, James grabbed Dave’s ankles and powered his foot into Dave’s crotch.

Dave bellowed as James kept his foot pressed against Dave’s groin. He smiled evilly as pulled harder on Dave’s legs.  
“All you have to do kitty, is give up, and I’ll leave your balls alone. I wonder how long it would take me to reduce them to paste? Bet it will be a long time, and I’ll bet you’ll surrender long before that. You don’t seem so have much of a tolerance of pain”. James illustrated his point by pushing his foot further into Dave’s groin. Dave moaned in pain as James laughed again and released Dave. Dave rolled to his side ad curled up.
“Really! That’s the best you can do? You do realise that there are” James glanced at the timer “28 minutes for me to keep torturing you. All you have to do to stop the pain in submit. It won’t hurt after that, much” Dave could hear the sadism dripping in James voice.

“I’ll pass on the offer” Dave coughed as he started to crawl towards the ropes.
“Suit yourself” James replied as he strode towards Dave and stomped on his back.
Dave face hit the mat as James withdrew his foot, and smashed down again. James then sat on Dave’s back and grabbed his hair.
“Final chance to surrender before I put you in a world of hurt. And that’s before I take my dick out and fuck you with it”. James whispered this as he held Dave’s head off the map.
“Not going to happen” Dave spoke through clenched teeth.
“We’ll see” James whispered evilly as he slammed Dave’s face into the mat. James pulled Dave’s face of the mat and slammed it back. James did this twice more and the final time he hauled Dave’s head back, there was blood spots on the mat.

Dave looked dazed as James laughed and let go of the head. James stood and flexed for the crowd. Cheers and cat call sounded throughout the arena.
“Jeez, he doesn’t give a moments break” Sage murmured as he witnessed James turn back to Dave.
“It’s why he fights only opponents that are larger than him. He gets to be merciless and it's considered ‘fair’ due to his size”. Tim replied staring at the ring where Dave had managed to get to his feet and was retreating from James. His nose was bloody, but it didn't look broken. Dave closed his mouth then hurled a bloody glop of spit in James direction. Dave aimed true as the wet mass hit James right in the eye.
“Bastard” James yelled as he raised a hand and begun to clean his face. He was oblivious as Dave charged forward, right fist cocked and left hand ready to grab.

CRUNCH! Dave’s fist slammed into James’s face while his other hand reached done and seized James balls and clamped tight.
“You’re not the only one who can go for the nuts” Dave yelled as he clenched his hand around James’s bulge. James’s howl echoed throughout the arena, which then stopped suddenly with a gurgle. Dave used his right hand and grabbed James’s throat. He then lifted James off the mat, using James throat and ball for hand holds. Dave held the black badger for a few moments before slamming him to the mat, hand gripping throat and balls.
“I enjoyed that” Dave panted as he released James’s throat but kept his crushing grip on James’s balls. James was squirming and sucking in air as he glared daggers at Dave.
If looks could kill, Dave would be dead Tim thought as Dave stood upright and stomped on James midsection.  
There was an oomph as James expelled the air in his gut and Dave stepped back.
“You will pay for that kitty. No one touches my balls and gets away with it!” James yelled as he leapt up from his prone position. James twisted mid-flight and planted his feet in Dave’s chest. There was another oomph as Dave hit the floor, James lying on top of him. James grinned as he secured Dave’s wrists and leaned over Dave’s face.
“I am going to enjoy fucking your ass. It will be the most painful experience you will ever have.” James whispered this as he stared into Dave’s eyes. James then opened his mouth and nipped the tip of Dave’s nose.
“Mmmm tasty” he muttered as he pressed his knee into Dave’s groin. Dave groaned as James removed his knee and then slammed it back into Dave’s groin.

Dave’s screams echoed throughout the arena, causing Tim to wince. Sage also grimaced as James laughed and rolled off Dave’s writhing body.
“Remind me not to fight him” Sage murmured as he watched James seize Dave’s leg and began hauling him to a corner post. James grinned evilly as he released Dave and rolled out of the ring. He reached into the ring and grasped Dave’s leg and pulled him closer to the post. James then grabbed Dave’s other leg and pulled sharply. Dave was lying on his back, his hands clutching his groin I'm am going to castrate that bastard when I get…! James yanked, pulling Dave’s groin into the metal post. Dave howled as blinding pain lanced from his balls to his brain and then back. His hands were also crushed, as they vainly failed to protect his manhood from James brutal assault.

“Hahah you would make a dog proud, with a howl like that. However I think I should try to turn you into a soprano!” James laughed as he held Dave’s legs and placed his feet on the post and used Dave to keep him upright. Dave’s howls echoed throughout the arena as he continued writhing but James just laughed louder. Dave couldn't resist as his hands were trapped against the post and his body. Tim closed his eyes as Dave’s pitched screams echoed around the arena. He felt an elbow nudge him and opened his eyes. Nick had nudged him and nodded in the direction of the timer. The time read 19:46 and ticked down.
“If it's any consolation, he's held out longer than any other opponent of James” Nick murmured. “Anyone else would have already surrendered, not that it would do any good. All it does mean that the fucking will be longer than normal”. Nick’s face twisted with disgust as James did a final tug then released Dave’s legs. There was a collecting intake of breath and then the crowd went wild.

Dave tried to curl up but his legs weren't responding to the signals from his brain.
“Well I'll say one thing. You have a high tolerance for pain. That's good, means I can have more fun with you” James licked his lips and adjusted his speedo.
“Big James is getting all excited about that” James laughed as he slid back into the ring. He stood over Dave’s head grinning at Dave’s pain ridden expression.
“Hmm what should I do with you now… I won't fuck you yet, anticipation makes it so much sweeter. I'll just torture you a bit longer” James laughed as he jumped onto the corner post above Dave. He perched there watching Dave slowly roll onto his stomach and begin to crawl away.

James stood up and the crowd went silent, watching with anticipation at what the vicious fighter would do to his prey next. James bent at the knees then quickly sprung into the air, aimed at Dave’s back. Dave must have heard something as he rolled to the side. Narrowly dodging the furry missile that impacted the mat with a bang. James yelped in pain as he hit the mat, face down. Dave inched away to the opposite corner post. He reached up and started to pull himself upright, his teeth gritted in pain. Dave turned around and saw James face down on the mat. Dave was breathing heavily as stumbled towards the still James. Dave fell on top of the badger and lay there panting for a moment.

“Heh you think you got me beat kitty?” James muttered as he began to push himself up. Dave grabbed a clump of James hair and slammed his head into the mat. He did it again and again. Dave pulled James head up, and on the fourth time and wrapped his other arm around James neck.
“That’s for almost breaking my nose before” Dave said quietly as he secured the chokehold. James managed to quickly grip Dave’s arm and was fighting to stay conscious.
Dave spread his legs, keeping his balance as James begin to buck and thrash, attempting to throw Dave off. Dave struggled to remain on top as James began to thrash harder and harder until he slowed and then stopped completely. Dave kept James in the hold for a few more moments until he release his arm, letting the badger hit the mat. Dave rolled off James and lay panting on the mat.

“He got him” Sage spoke in an amazed tone as Dave sucked in lungful soft air.
Tim shook his head and Nick laughed softly.
“A simple sleeper hold won't keep him out for long. Maybe a minute max, then Dave is done” Nick announced as he leaned back in his chair.
“You sure about that?” Tim replied glancing at Nick.
“I've put that badger in a sleeper for over 5 minutes, and he woke up a minute later. Ready to continue fighting, took me another 10 minutes to subdue and take his ass”. Nick smiled as he looked away from the ring.
He shook his head and grinned “There you go”. Tim turned back to the ring where James had begun to stir. Dave’s eyes opened in surprise as James rolled away from the centre and bumped into the corner post. James slowly stood up and glared at Dave.
“Ok you’re good, but I fucked up and I’m no longer being nice. Prepare to be fucked, but only in” James glanced at the timer “12 minutes”. James grinned then charged at Dave and caught him around the waist. Dave struggled as James lifted him up, then suplexed face first into the mat.     
BANG! The impact echoed around the arena as James jumped up and stood over Dave’s stunned form. James laughed as he stood over Dave's arm. James grabbed the wrist in one hand, then dropped his knees on the exposed bicep. Dave howled as 121 pounds of angry badger crushed his arm. James smiled and stood up, standing on the sore muscle. James flexed his feet and leapt of Dave’s bicep, causing Dave to yowl. James aimed and then landed, knees first onto Dave’s chest and abs. Dave coughed as he felt all the air expelled from his lungs.

“Aww the poor kitty can't howl. Don't worry you won't be needing any of that at all”. James grinned as he dropped his ass on Dave’s mouth, smothering him and began to thrown punches into the exposed stomach.  
Can't breathe since this little shit is on my mouth and nose. Fuck it stinks! Dave thought furiously as he tried to toss the smaller fighter off him but didn't succeed. James then raised his hands, locked them in a claw motion. James moved forward slightly, allowing Dave to get some air through his nose. “Can't have you passing out on me, well not yet anyway” James smiled. He then grabbed both of Dave’s muscular pecs and dug his finger deep into the muscle. Dave couldn't scream as James had blocked his mouth but he did writhe, trying to dislodge the smaller fighter. He only succeeded in making James dig his finger in more and begin to twist.

James laughed evilly as he began to destroy the sculpted muscles of Dave.
“You know the best thing about facing you Dave? I can do literally anything I want short of permanently crippling you. So I can’t break your bones or rip your balls off but wrecking your muscles? That is perfectly enough for me to do. It will take you weeks to rebuild the strength you once had and then poor Tim has to fight Nick all alone”. James laughed again as he released his grip on Dave’s pecs and leaned forward. Dave felt the fingers then dig into his abs and begin to tear them apart. He groaned into James ass, barley getting any oxygen he felt intense pain from his chest and abs as James continued his torture. James leaned forward, totally absorbed into wrecking Dave’s abs that he didn’t fully realise he was in trouble.  

Dave inhaled a lungful of air and slowly began to lean up, the only thing keeping him pinned was James’s weight on his chest. Dave raised his arms and placed them under James ass and pushed the badger off him. James rolled forwards with a surprised grunt as Dave crawled backwards. His back touching a corner post as he slowly stood upright, glaring with undisguised hatred at James.
“I am going to kill you” Dave panted as he stared daggers at James’s grinning face.
“You can certainly try but your ass is mine in 6 minutes, and you won’t enjoy it one bit”. James licked his lips and paced in front of Dave, flexing his fingers. Dave used the ropes to remain steady as he caught he breath. James stopped pacing then leapt at Dave, his legs extended while Dave tried to dodge. Thud! James’s feet collided with Dave’s battered midsection, causing the larger fighter to fall forward onto his hands above the smirking badger. James grinned as he kicked upwards, sending his foot in Dave’s groin. Dave yelped as he fell forward, crunching his face into the mat and hearing a small snap. James nimbly rolled out of the way and stood above Dave’s prone form. Dave was sore all over, his nose was broken. His chest was throbbing with red marks dotted across where James had dug his fingers into the muscle. His right arm felt like stretched rubber and his abs were defiantly not rock hard as they were at the start of the match. He coughed again as a weight landed on his back and his head was yanked up as James had a hand under Dave’s chin and one in his hair.

“Sorry about the nose, but not really. That’s the only thing that won’t get me in trouble if I break it”. James grinned as he began to twist Dave’s head, and pull backwards in a camel clutch. Dave gritted his teeth as a low moan exited his teeth as James expertly applied pressure to his back and neck.
“Hehe don’t worry ill only torture for a few more minutes” James whispered into Dave’s ear as he pulled back. Dave grunted again as he was pulled almost to 90 degrees, then he was slammed forward into the mat.  
Dave felt a burning fire as something wrapped around his throat and pulled tight. He was able to breath but it was difficult as James leaned back again and Dave felt something on his ass.

Wait… that’s his dick! Dave started to struggle as he felt James’s cock resting on his ass, freed from its spandex prison. James pulled tighter and Dave realized that it was James’s white speedo that he was using as a set of reins. Dave then felt nails scrape along his skin as his speedo was being slowly tugged down his ass, granting access to the hole. Suddenly the crowd started counting down “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,3,2,1, FUCK TIME!” When the crowd roared the final 2 words, Dave felt James dick penetrate his ass. Dave howled to the moon as James went balls deep in one huge thrust, his balls slapping against Dave’s ass. Shoving all 8 inches of his black cock deep into Dave, James laughed as he pulled out quickly. Not giving Dave the chance to get used to his size as he thrust in again.

FUCK!!! It Hurts! Dave’s thoughts were revolving the brand new, blinding hot pain his ass was feeling as James slammed in and out. James wasn’t slowing down as he used the speedo around Dave throat as a hand hold as he mercilessly increased the pace. The rhythmic slapping of James balls against Dave’s ass echoed around the arena. Tim winced as he watched Dave get ploughed as Burk walked forwards and unlocked the door. “The door is open, the first to leave is the winner”. Burk finished his announcement and then sat back down, gazing at the ring.
“He could have done some prep” Sage whispered as he grimaced as Dave’s shrieks of pain reached their ears. Nick snorted as he was watching the fucking, his own hand resting on his groin.
“James has never prepped anyone for his fucking. Even a virgin would get no help. He does this to every fighter he’s gone against. At least I do a bit of prep” Danny looks at Nick for a moment then grudgingly nods.

Another shriek echoes around the arena as Tim stands up to get a better view. James had just thrust in and his other hands was grabbing something underneath Dave.
“Did he just… Ok that’s just wrong” Sage mutters as Dave shrieked again. James had seized both of Dave’s balls and as much of his dick as he could and was crushing them. Dave was trying to throw James off him, or resist and all it did was make James squeeze harder and fuck faster. James increased his speed, if that was possible then froze for a moment as he shuddered and smiled. He pulled out with a soft plop as a glob of cum leaked from Dave’s ass and hit the mat. James smiled as he released Dave’s balls and the speedo, allowing Dave to slump onto the mat. James stood straight and raised his fists to the crowd as they cheered “JAMES, JAMES, JAMES!”

James then knelt down and quickly yanked Dave’s speedos off his legs. James then reached over and grabbed Dave’s wrists and bound them together.
“This can’t be good” Sage murmured as he watched James spit into his left hand. He grabbed the white speedo around Dave’s neck and pulled. Dave arched his back as he was pulled slightly upright.
“You should feel honoured” James whispered as he pulled Dave closer. “I only do this to special fighters”.
“Do what?” Dave grunted trying to free his wrists as he was easily controlled.
James smirked as Dave felt something at the entrance to his hole.
It’s not his dick, it’s too different… wait what is that sensation? It feels like a nail… OHMYGOD! Dave bellowed in pain as something a lot more substantial entered his ass.

“Is he… Wow now that just plain wrong” Sage spoke a low tone as James’s hand forcefully entered Dave’s ass. Nick winced as he watched James plant his foot on Dave’s back, keeping the larger fighter in control.
“He only does that to opponents that really piss him off” Nick announced as he stood upright and started walking towards the aisle. Dave started bucking like a bronco, trying vainly to escape from his tormentor. James laughed as he tugged on the reins, stopping Dave from escaping as he used his foot to pin Dave to the mat.
“Let’s see how far I can get, the last person I did this too, got to mid-arm. I’m betting I can go almost to the elbow in you!” James cackled as he twisted his hand pushing it further into Dave’s arse. It was just past the wrist as Dave continued to buck and thrash. James grunted as he rose up, putting more weight on Dave’s back.

Nick approached the door, nodded to Burk before speaking in clear, deep voice.
“James enough, I need him in one piece, alive and fighting fit for my fight with him”.
James paused as he twisted his head glaring at Nick.
“What is it worth to you?” he replied with an evil smile as he pushed slightly further in. Dave moaned in pain as he felt nails scraping the inside of his ass. Nick narrowed his eyes as he stepped to the door and pulled it open and stepped inside.
“How about I don’t break your arm” he replied with a smirk as he jumped over the top rope and landed with a bang in the ring.
James narrowed his eyes as he pulled out forcefully from Dave. Dave howled to the moon and passed out form the pain as he felt his ass part like the red sea.

“I’ll pass, besides I did what I wanted to do, and I’ve got a more vocal victim waiting for me”. James licked his lips and grinned at Nick as he exited the ring. James raised his fists and strutted out of the cage as Nick watched him with disinterest. Nick glanced over his shoulder and looked at Dave’s unconscious form.

“The winner tonight is James ‘Devastator’ Jackman!” Burk’s voice echoed around the arena as the crowd cheered its appreciation. James smirked as he ascended the stairs and paused next to the sets with Tim and Sage. He grinned at them, stroked his rock hard dick and laughed. Tim was seething with hatred as Sage put a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m ready if you ever want a rematch Tim” James cackled as he turned and continued walking towards the locker-room.
“Tim!” Sage hissed in his ear as he gestured to the ring. Nick was standing in the ring staring at both of the cats. He gestured for them to come. Tim got out of his seat and jogged down the stairs into the cage. Burk had pulled the stretcher he keeps under the ring and had slid it next to Dave. Nick waited for Tim and Sage to enter the ring. He then jumped out of the ring and waited for them.

“He’s barely breathing” Sage said as he knelt next to Dave’s head and held it steady.
“Let’s get him unto the stretcher and take him to the doctor” Tim ordered as he gently rolled Dave onto his side. Burk had also entered the ring as he carefully positioned the stretcher. Tim slowly placed Dave onto the stretcher and pushed it to the edge of the ring. Burk stood near the ropes and lifted the bottom one enough to push the stretcher with Dave under it. Nick reached out and grabbed the handles and slowly dragged it out of the ring. Before it could fall Tim had slid under the rope and grabbed the other set of handles. Nick looked at Tim and there was barely perceptible nod between the two fighters. Sage had gotten out of the ring and grabbed a side. Nick gestured for him to grab the handles he was holding and exited the cage. Tim and Sage carefully carried Dave out of the cage and towards the locker-room. Nick stood next to cage entrance and looked at Burk.

“James is getting out if hand, he has Dennis as his ‘other’ toy for tonight”. Nick growled as Burk shrugged and raised his hands helplessly.   
“There’s only so much I can do. I can make all the rules for what happens here and try to limit what occurs at the apartments. But…” Burk shrugged again “I’ll see what I can do”.
Nick nodded as he walked up the stairs and tapped Danny on the shoulder.


More to be coming in a few weeks.

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