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Sunday, 13 December 2015

11 Tim vs Sage

Tim waited in the corridor, watching the ring where Alex had just entered and helped Dennis out the cage. Alex supported part of Dennis’s weight and helped him up the stairs. Took a few minutes but Dennis was able to go past the infirmary and head into the locker-room. Tim felt a tap on his shoulder and looked around to see Sage’s smiling face.
“Ready for this?” he asked looking at the cage, where Burk was walking. He was talking to the camera operators and the bookies. Getting the wagers ready for next fight. He heard a patter behind him and saw Danny walk out of the locker-room, wearing shorts and a tank top. He quickly walked past Tim and Sage, heading to the stands.

“Wonder what that was about” Sage murmured as he watched Danny step to the left and sit next to Dave and Nick.
“He’s not allowed to talk to me or Dave” Tim replied as he turned to and looked at Sage. The cat was only a few inches shorter but stared back unflinching, wearing a dark blue speedo which displayed a large bulge.
“So you realise that to leave the cage, one of us is getting fucked?” Tim asked staring into Sage’s face.
Sage grinned “the only one getting a dick up their ass is you” he fired back.
“We’ll see about that” Tim replied with a smile as he heard the door clang open.

Burk walked into the cage and stepped into the ring.
“Tonight we have a fighter who hasn’t graced our ring in 6 months, and new blood!” The crowd cheered as Burk paused then he continued “Standing at 6 foot, 5 inches weighing in at 242 pounds is Tim ‘the Breaker’ Gold!” Eye of the Tiger piped through the arena as Tim jogged down the stairs and entered the cage. He entered the ring and raised his arms and clapped to the beat, and the crowd did likewise. He did a few poses and then waited in the opposite corner as the music faded.

Burk smiled as he looked at Tim, “it’s nice to have you in here again. Sorry about making it a sex match, but the boss insisted”. Tim nodded in reply as Burk raised the microphone to his lips. “His opponent, while new to the warehouse is no rookie. He’s competed in several matches but this is his first sex match!” the crowd cheered and Burk smiled as he continued “oh I forget to mention, he’s a virgin!” seeing anything virgin prepared to fight for their entertainment the crowd roared. Burk grinned as he raised the microphone again “standing at 6 foot, 1 inch and weighing in at 220 pounds, Sage ‘Strike’ Andrews!”

Sage sprinted down the stairs to applause from the crowd and leapt into the ring. He stood still for a moment then did a front flip and landed perfectly on his feet. The crowd roared at the display of athleticism and the speed in which the kid did it.
“Well he is certainly excited” Burk said as he left the ring and exited the cage. He closed the door and locked it.

DING the bell rang and sage immediately charged forward. Tim’s eyes opened in surprise at the aggression. He dodged back to avoid a roundhouse kick that Sage threw with the momentum of the charge. Sage followed the kick with a punch that impacted Tim’s guarded face and then he continued with a side kick that connected. It pushed Tim around the ring as he kept his face guarded. Tim circled and took a step back.
He’s defiantly quick, and that roundhouse would’ve taken my head off, if I hadn’t avoided it. Better be prepared for anything like that!

While Tim was moving around the ring, Sage charged again and grabbed Tim around the waist. He lifted Tim up and then brought him to the mat with a takedown. Sage quickly got on top and began raining punches on Tim’s face and upper body. Tim defended the best he could but a few punches slipped through to hit. Sage changed tactics and began to also throw side punches forcing Tim to defend more areas. I cant let him dictate the fight Tim thought as an elbow impacted his raised arm, defending his face. When Sage fired the last punch, Tim blocked it and launched his hips. Jostling Sage and knocking him off balance. It allowed Tim to push Sage off him and quickly roll to the other side of the ring. Tim jumped up as Sage also landed on his feet.

“Pretty good” Tim admitted as he warily circled around the ring. Sage mirrored his movement, but he didn’t bother putting his guard up.
“Well I am undefeated in the dome, don’t think you will end that streak”. Sage retorts as he stops arms outstretched in a classic test of strength.
Tim snorts as he warily steps forward, arms raised “you’re lucky you’re not fighting against Nick”.
“Who’s that?” Sage replies as he grasps Tim’s hands and then push. Tim easily matches the smaller cats force as he holds his position.
“You would already be on the mat screaming as he fucks you” Tim replied as he takes a step forward, pushing the spotted cat towards a corner turnbuckle.

“I’ve heard of his undefeated win streak, he hasn’t faced me!” Sage yelled as he pushed Tim back to the middle of the ring. Tim shook his head as he took a step back and fell backwards to the mat. Planting his foot in Sage’s gut, Tim used the momentum to toss the startled cat into the other corner post. Sage hit the post with a thud, his back towards the standing Tim as he charged forwards. Sage had partially turned when Tim caught him around the waist and suplexed him back to the mat. Another thud sounded throughout the arena as Tim stood up over Sage. Sage was blinking at the sudden reversal, finding himself on his back gazing at the roof.    

Sage looked a bit stunned as Tim towered over him.
“It’s a bit different in here than at the dome” Tim told the stunned cat. Sage blinked as his eyes focused on the tiger above him.
“Really, well I think I still owe you a reward from when Dave fought Eliot”. Tim blinked as he remembered the bet they had made.
“Yeah you do, I had forgotten” Tim admitted as he watched the younger cat.
Sage grinned “well then how bout I amend that with a new one. I win, your mine for a month, you in I’m yours for a month. Training, sex, slave, and well anything else.”
“Your mine me for a week, why would I jeopardise that?”
“Because I upgrading it to a month” Sage replied as he moved slightly.
“Fine” Tim replied. Sage grinned then moved his legs with blinding speed. Sage’s legs entwined behind Tim’s and Tim fell to the mat.

Sage leapt on top, reaching for an arm and he caught Tim’s left arm. He quickly spun around and wrapped his legs around the arm and began to pull back. Tim grunted in pain as he was suddenly in a nasty arm bar. Ok time to stop playing Tim thought as Sage applied pressure, causing him to grunt with pain. Tim used his other arm and started to pry Sage’s legs away from his body. He yowled in pain as Sage pushed his legs further into Tim’s side.
“You’re not getting out of this, 3 times I’ve applied this against an opponent and no one has been able to break out of it. They tapped out after I did this” Sage twisted and then his legs snapped together like a vice. Tim yowled louder as his upper arm was crushed between the muscular legs of Sage.

“Better give up, I can maintain this lock for hours”. Tim moaned but he kept wiggling his arm, trying to free himself. All right kid, this is a good move but you never being on the receiving edge of one of Nick’s arm locks. Tim grunted as he rolled up and forward. He managed to get his legs under him. Tim started to walk up, his arm still trapped in Sage’s grasp. Sage was staring at Tim, his jaw open in amazement as he was slowly standing upright. Tim stood upright, and started to lift. Sage’s eyes opened again as Tim one handed, began to slowly haul Sage off the mat. Tim grunted as he got Sage waist high then propelled them both down to impact the mat. The impact loosened Sage’s grip but he still hung on. Tim hauled Sage up again, higher this time and then slammed him to the mat.

Sage released Tim’s arm, as he squirmed in pain. Tim stood back as he windmilled his left arm, massaging the muscle.
“Not bad, against a normal opponent I can defiantly see someone tapping. But against the fighters here, who have ‘experienced’ Nick’s loving care”. Sage could cut the sarcasm with a knife as he stared at Tim.
“Yeah that was a nice massage, but here the fighters a different calibre”. Tim shook his head as he grabbed Sage’s legs, took a step back and started to pull. He took another step swing Sage off the ground.
“I hope you don’t get motion sick” Tim said as he began to spin faster.
“Last time this happened in here, Eliot threw up. He then spent the next week cleaning and bleaching the ring. Burk was not happy” as Tim released Sage’s legs. Hurling the cat into a corner post.

Another thud echoed around the arena as Sage hit the post. Tim did a few more turns, slowing to a complete spot. Sage was lying against the post his eyes spinning.
“You look a little green there” Tim joked as he stepped forward, he grabbed one of Sage’s arms and pulled him upright. Sage shook his head as he was pulled up and lifted onto Tim’s shoulders in a classic torture rack. Tim had wrapped an arm around Sage’s neck and knees. He slowly began to pull down and Sage moaned as he was being bent.
“Now this on the other hand, is a lot harder to get out of. You are totally in my control” Tim whispered as he increased the pressure. Tim started to walk around the ring, lightly bouncing Sage causing him to breathe in sharply at the pain. Tim looked at the timer and it displayed 18:25 and ticked down.

“Can you see the timer there? Well if you can’t we have just under 18 minutes until the door unlocks. So let’s see if you can do any better” Tim squatted down then pressed Sage overhead. The crowd cheered as kept Sage suspended above the mat then dropped him. Sage impacted the mat with a bang as he groaned. Tim shook his head and then walked over to the opposite post and sat on top. It took 2 minutes until Sage stood up and he saw Tim sitting on the post. He shook his head and smiled.
“Ok I’ll admit I underestimated you. Didn’t think you were that good, nor anyone that fights in here. So I’ve got to try harder it seems” Sage yelled as he ran at Tim. Tim raised a foot, but Sage stopped before he could run into it. He grabbed the proffered appendage and yanked Tim off the post. Tim hit the mat with a surprised yelp as Sage pulled him back to the centre of the ring.

Sage kept a grip on Tim’s foot as he kicked him over and secured a single boston crab. Sage leaned back and cranked on the pressure as Tim yelped in pain.
“That good enough for ya!” Sage taunted as he increased the pressure, his head almost touching Tim’s.
“Go the left a little” Tim muttered into the mat as he felt fire racing through his nerves.
Sage adjusted his grip which caused Tim to moan.
“That’s the spot, I had trouble stretching out ahhh!” Tim groaned as Sage twisted Tim’s trapped knee, causing him more pain and shutting him up. Sage grinned as he kept the pressure up for a few more moments, then he released Tim’s leg.

“So, what do you think of my crab? Don’t get much chance to use it in my normal fights but I think I did reasonably well”. Sage grinned as he stared at Tim’s still body. Oww he shows a lot of promise Tim blinked as he felt himself rise off the mat wait what is he? OWWW! Tim stopped thinking as he was hoisted into the air onto Sage’s muscular shoulders in a classic backbreaker.
“Consider this revenge for putting me in this earlier” Sage informed Tim as he had an arm around Tim’s neck and the other around his legs. Sage stood still as he began to compress, forcing Tim to bend in the middle.
“Plus I’m willing to do this” Sage mutters as he slipped the hand around Tim’s legs, under the green speedo. Tim felt Sage brush against his dick and his eyes widened as he felt a vice like grip around his balls.

Tim howled in pain and he began to thrash wildly as Sage held him tight. One hand crushing Tim’s nuts and the other partially choking him.
“Stop struggling, you need to realise that the more you struggle. The more I’m going to squeeze!” Sage yelled as he bent his back and pulled down harder. Tim howled again, as he continued struggling, thrashing like a fish caught on a hook. Sage gritted his teeth, as he released Tim’s balls to get a better grip on his legs. Tim felt the vice release and he smashed his closed fist in Sages’ face. It was a lucky shot but it caught the leopard right in the nose. Sage grunted in pain as he instinctively loosened his arm around Tim to protect his face. Tim rolled backwards and hit the mat, his hands clutching his groin and massaging them.
“That was cheap” Sage said as turned to face Tim, his nose bleeding from the hit.
“Well you deserved it” Tim replied hoarsely as he slowly stood upright, his face set in a grimace. “And now I won’t be as nice” Tim continued as he glared at the other cat.

“Nice, this is a fighting arena, There no room for ‘nice’!” Sage retorts as he cupped his nose. Tim dashed forwards, lighting fast, powering a kick straight into Sage’s unprotected groin. Sage’s eyes went wide as saucers as he rose onto his toes. His mouth opened wide in an “O” as his brain registered white hot searing pain. A high pitched yowl echoed throughout the arena as Sage sunk to his knees, Tim’s foot still buried between his legs.
“When I’m nice, I don’t resort to cheap shots. Unless there used against me” Tim continued as he pulled his foot back. He looked at the timer as it ticked to 9:23 and then looked back at the kneeling leopard. Sage had collapsed on his side and was protecting his groin.
“I was going to take your ass in private, but after you did that, well all bets are off.” Tim told the writhing cat as he stood to the side.

Sage continued to writhe as Tim caught both his legs and spread them apart. He brought his foot up and let it rest lightly on Sage’s cupped hands. Tim began to slowly increase the pressure, crushing Sage’s hands into his own nuts. Sage redoubled his moans as he felt his balls begin to flatten. He tried to free his legs but Tim was to strong. Sage managed to look up and saw rage in Tim eyes. He blinked as he realised he made a big mistake in provoking the gold tiger.
“But it’s a no holds barred fight” Sage croaked as Tim removed his foot from between Sage’s legs. Tim’s eyes narrowed and he raised his foot and left it hovering between Sages knees.

“There’s a line that I have that I don’t cross. I don’t maim, disfigure, injure, torment or otherwise cause undue pain to any of my opponents. Unless they do that to me first, or there James or Axel” Tim mutters the last few words as he looks up into the crowd. He shakes his head as he stares at the captive leopard, leg still raised.
“I didn’t expect you to do that. My bad. So here is my final offer: surrender and the rest of the time you’re in here will hurt, but it won’t be debilitating pain. Or we’ll see how much pain you can take. I won’t enjoy it but there is a lesson to impart. You have until 6 minutes.”
Tim delivered his ultimatum in a calm, quiet voice that sent chills down Sage’s spine.    

Sage quickly glanced up at the timer and saw it reach 6:43. Well that’s bad, and I’m in a very compromising position but then again so is he. And I’m not standing on one leg… Tim felt a twitch in his hands, the only warning that Sage was about to try something. He stomped down, his foot descending like a thunderbolt that squashed Sage’s balls like a pancake. The warehouse was filled with another high pitched yowl. Tim raised his foot and then brought it down again, and again. After 3 stomps Sage was reduced to tiny whimpers as his nerves were on fire.
Tim snorted as he raised his foot and took it off Sage’s whimpering body. He released Sage’s legs, allowing the younger fighter to curl up in a ball. Tim walked around Sage till he was at the leopard’s head. He knelt and pinned the cat’s shoulders to the mat.
“Now listen up because this is the last offer ill make: I can take your cherry here, in the ring, with the whole world watching, and it will hurt. Or I can do it in private, but if I take it in private I’m going to want more. Your choice” Tim stared into Sage’s eyes, waiting for the leopard to respond.
“Private” Sage croaked between small moans.
Tim smiled “that’s what I thought, but you’re not going to enjoy this next bit, don’t resist”. Sage blinked as Tim released his shoulder and pushed him into a sitting position. Tim quickly snaked his arms around Sage’s neck and applied a sleeper hold. Sage realised to late what he meant as he felt darkness envelope him.

Tim counted is his head to 30 then released the unconscious leopard and let him slump onto the mat. Tim quickly stripped his own speedo and pulled Sage’s to mid-thigh. Tim knelt between Sage’s legs and seized the dick. He spat in his own hands and began to roughly stroke the dick, getting it hard. It rose to a respectable 9 inches and stood quivering at attention.  He then looked at the timer as it reached 1:24 and stood over the erect penis. Tim sighed as he lowered himself and winced as Sage’s penis entered his tight ass. He winced as he slowly descended, until he sat on Sage’s unconscious body. His ass full of sage’s respectable dick.

“Sorry to do this but it was the only way. Besides taking your cherry should be done in a more intimate setting.” Tim waited a few moments, giving him time to get used to large dick buried to the hilt in his ass.
“Been ages since ive been fucked, if you were conscious you would be loving this”. Tim muttered through clenched teeth as he slowly rose up and then back down. Pity Burk has ruled that domination matches need to end with a minimum of 10 penetrations. Otherwise this would have ended already. Tim groaned as he completed the motion a third time and blinked. Bet the crowd is terribly impressed, they were expecting a virgin to be howling in pain. And they’ve got me fucking myself Tim smiled at the thought as he looked at the crowd. Some were grumbling but they weren’t rioting, though some were looking at the betting slips at disgust.

Wonder how much money Burk is making of this match Tim chuckled as he counted 10 penetrations as he fully stood up. His ass hurt, but not as bad as when Axel and James had their fun. Tim reached down and scooped his speedos and slipped back into them. He noticed that Sage was staring to regain consciousness, his eyelids were starting to blink. Tim smiled as he went to the cage door and pushed it open.
“The Winner is Tim ‘Breaker’ Gold!” Burk sounded happy as ever as he walked forward and raised Tim’s fist into the air. The crowd clapped but not enthusiastically as Burk turned towards the ring.

“You went easy in there” Burk questioned glancing at Sage as he started to sit upright, shaking his head.
“I did as much as I needed to. No point in completely tiring the kid out. Besides how much money did you make on my winning but getting fucked?” Burk glanced at Tim, then snorted as he took a slip of paper and handed it to him. Tim looked at he paper and whistled in appreciation at the size of the figure.
“well I know I’m paying the rent this month, and I don’t think Sage will mind losing with that amount of betting.” Burk grinned as the door opened and Sage stepped out, scowling.
“Well theres a 5 minutes until Dave and Tony fight. Can you see if Tony is in the locker room? I haven’t seen him all night and he’s usually not late.” Tim nodded as he turned to look at Sage and extended a hand.
“No hard feelings?” The crowd went silent as they waiting for Sage to respond. Sage looked at the hand, than at Tim’s face.
“Next time I will pound you ass” Sage replied as he clasped Tim’s hand.
“I might even you let be conscious for it” Tim replied smiling as the crowd cheered.

Tim and Sage walked up the stairs to the corridor were Dave was waiting.
“good fight” he said as Tim stood next to him, “wasn’t expecting you to ride him”.
“No one was except for Burk. And he made a killing on it” Tim held up the slip and Dave’s eyes widened.
“Jesus you wernt kidding!” Sage snorted as he looked at the number.
“And how much do we get to keep?” Tim smiled as he looked at Sage.
“Enough. Any way lets get changed and see if we can find Tony”. Dave looked up at this and spoke.
“I didn’t see him in the changing room. I did see Dennis though and he didn’t look happy.”
“I wonder where he is?” Tim murmured as he walked towards the locker room.

Tim opened the door to the lockers and walked in. He immediately saw Dennis sitting on the bench, naked except for a black studded collar around his neck. Dennis looked up at the cats then back down at the floor.
“Dennis have you seen Tony?” Tim asked quietly. Dennis didn’t respond as Sage walked past, reaching for his bag. He quickly stripped his speedo’s and changed into shorts and a tank top. Tim looked at Dennis then walked to his bag and changed into Jeans and shirt.
“hmm Tony isnt in here. Lets get back to the ring.” Sage nodded as he put his back in a locker and they left the room together.

Dennis looked up, staring in the far corner as a Black figure stepped forward.
“They wont be seeing Tony tonight” James said as he laughed.

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