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Monday, 7 December 2015

10 Danny vs Dennis

Danny stood in the corridor, waiting for Burk to announce the end of the first match of the night. Nick stood opposite him, leaning against the cool wall, eyes closed, breathing slowly and evenly. Danny was wearing blue speedos, exactly like the ones he wore on when he fought against Nick. He still has my speedo from that night Danny mused as he looked down, gazing at the ground. Used on me on Thursday as a reminder Danny shuddered as he remembered “that” fun training session. At least James wasn’t there, I still owe him a “session” from when Nick saved me and Dennis.

Danny looked at Nick remembering that day, pinned to the mat with James behind him. About to fuck him sideways with his 8 inches of hell when the door banged open and Nick walked in.
“what do you think you are doing James” Nick asked quietly walking to the ring and staring at Danny’s face. Danny was gritting his teeth in pain since James was using his arms as handholds in a modified surfboard. Nick looked closely and saw blood caked around Danny’s mouth and nose. There was a few places on the mat where there are blood smears, like someone had has face slammed into the mat several times. There’s also some blood on James’s knuckles as well, and James was grinning. Nick saw all of this in a glance and saw the utter despair on Danny’s face.

“What does it look like I’m doing? Im about to fuck your bitch!” James replied as
he started to lunge forwards, his dick about to pierce Danny. Nick grabbed Danny’s head and collar. Leaned back and pulled, hauling Danny out of the ring and out of James’s grip. Danny howled in pain as he fell onto the hard floor, landing on his face and dick. James glared at Nick as his dick was leaking pre-cum as he was kneeling on the mat. Danny was whimpering on the floor at the pain as Nick towered over him.
“Now why did you do that Nick” James angrily asked standing upright and glaring right into Nick’s eyes.
“Because he’s my BITCH!” Nick retorted “only I get to fuck him”. Danny flopped over and Nick glanced down. Danny’s front was covered with bruises and his dick was bright red from abuse. Nick looked back up at James, who was grinning, Nick felt angry but his expression didn’t change. “Judging by the mess in the ring, you’ve had your fun. Ill take Danny home.” Nick gestured to the blood smears while he was speaking and began to lower himself, while keeping his eyes on James.
“I don’t think so, he made a wager: I win, I get to fuck him. If he managed to win, which is as likely as him beating you. He could fuck me, but that didn’t happen”. James laughed at the absurd theory as Nick stopped moving. Danny could see the gears turning in Nick’s head as he let out another moan of pain.
“why did he challenge you?” Nick asked quietly standing upright and staring at James.
“I was punishing that dog” James jerked his head at the bound form of Dennis “and was about to really enjoy myself. When your bitch, asked me not to fuck him. I asked him if he would like to fight for him, and I dangled a nice reward. I told him I would ask you to reduce his period of time with you”. James laughed when he finished speaking.
“but he didn’t know that all I would do is ask, and that’s it” James laughed even harder.
Danny saw Nick tense up in anger as he reached down and carefully picked Danny up and cradled him in his arms.

“well then, I’m taking Danny home” Nick turned around and started to walk to the doors. He passed by Dennis and paused, thinking for a moment, Nick then turned towards Dennis. He walked forwards, with one arm untied Dennis from the bench, while supporting Danny one handed.
“Hey! What are you doing!” Came an outraged yell from the ring as James jumped out of the ring and hit the floor.
“Im taking Dennis with me, you should have had your fun before I came or started punishing my bitch”. Nick replied as he scooped Dennis onto his shoulder, opposite Danny’s head. Nick turned and towered over the outraged badger. “unless you want to fight me for both of them” Nick continued, his voice dangerously low.  James narrowed his eyes but stepped back, out of reach.

“I wont forget this Nick, you cant protect Danny all the time” James warned.
Nick glared at James “if Danny loses his first match, he’s yours for a night.” James’s eyes widened in surprise then narrowed, considering Nick’s offer.
“Deal, I hope he loses, ill be looking forward to it” James then walked to the weight rack. He picked up a barbel, slotted 100 pounds and started pumping out chest presses.
Nick turned to the door and pushed it open and went to his room, he put Dennis on the couch. Told him to stay there and  walked Danny into the bedroom, where he gently placed Danny’s still form on the bed. Danny remembered Nick rubbing something on his body then falling asleep.

“Its time” Nick spoke breaking Danny out of his reverie. Danny looked up to see a black furred figure stepping out of the ring and stalk up the stands to the corridor. It was someone Danny hadn’t seen before. A cat, but with black fur and white spots, as he got closer Danny could see a nasty smile that quickly disappeared.
“Nick” the cat acknowledged Nick’s presence by giving a small nod.
“Jared” Nick replied, Danny noted that he had a pretty big dick, which was also spotted. Jared moved past Nick and headed further down, going to the locker room. Danny looked back at the ring and saw a brown monkey, walking out of the ring with a white figure in his arms. Danny saw the monkey walking this way carrying a white wolf towards the infirmary.   

Nick raised an eyebrow as monkey passed him and looked at the carried figure and snorted. The monkey stopped, glanced at Nick then spoke in a deep voice “Eliot put up a good fight, but Jared was just to much.” Nick thought for a moment then smirked.
“If he’s that much of a opponent, maybe you should fight him Alex.” Nick continued smirking as Alex shook his head and continued walking to the infirmary, carrying Eliot. Nick turned to Danny and pulled a key from his pocket. “com here” Nick order, and Danny walked over, turning his head slightly, allowing easy access to the collar around his neck. A click and Nick removed the collar from around Danny’s neck.
“this goes back on after, don’t want to give Dennis an advantage” Nick puts the collar in his pocket as Danny scratched his neck.
Nick turned back to the ring where Burk had stepped into the cage, microphone raised.

“Starring in his second match tonight, after his defeat at the hands of the champion. Planning to redeem himself against his opponent! Standing at 5 foot 2 inches and 132 pounds is Danny ‘the Fang’ Brendis!” Nick clapped Danny on the back and propelled him into the entrance. Danny emerged into the spotlight to cheers from the crowd. This is what I’m here for Danny thought as he ran down the steps into the cage and leapt into the ring. He did a back flip and the crowd cheered again as Burk continued speaking.
“Well his enthusiasm hasn’t been dampened! Now his opponent standing at 5 foot 9 inches and 130 pounds: Denis ‘Wild’ Howl!”
The crowd fell silent as a loud howl echoed from the arena. All eyes turned to the entrance as a brown wolf stood, head turned up as the howl died. Dennis smiled maliciously as he bolted down the steps and jumped into the ring opposite Danny.

Burk turned towards Danny and spoke quietly “good to see your still in one piece. I was worried when Nick informed me of your ‘meeting’ with James.” Danny nodded in thanks as Burk stepped back onto the centre microphone raised “now tonight we have several matches but what is the exciting point is they are all domination matches tonight!” The crowd fell silent then roared in approval. Danny looked confused as Dennis grinned. Burk turned to leave and saw Danny’s confused expression. Burk turned the mic off and leaned close to Danny. “In addition to the normal 30 minute timer, the cage door only opens when someone has been fucked”. Danny’s eyes widened as the words sunk in and Burk left the ring, shutting the door behind him. The crowd went silent as the lock clicked, echoing throughout the arena.     

Tim frowned as the crowd fell silent after Burks announcement. Dave turned to him, eyebrow raised as he said “domination”?
“generally the match ends and the winner walks out, sometimes the loser gets fucked. Especially if Nick, Axel, James or Jared are fighting. However in a domination match the door only unlocks after someone has been fucked”. Tim spoke woodenly as Dave opened his mouth in shock then surprise as figure sat down next to Tim. Tim turned his head to see Nick sitting next to him, wearing cut off jeans, and a tank top.
“Hello Nick” Tim said looking a the large wolf. Nick’s teeth gleamed as he grinned in reply.
“I suppose this is your doing” Tim indicated the cage when Burk had just closed the door and the timer above the ring started ticking down.

“He’s ready for an equal opponent, the domination is Burk’s idea”. Nick replied, eyes fixed on the ring when Danny and Dennis were circling each other.
Tim raised an eyebrow and glanced at Dave. Dave closed his mouth with a click and turned to the ring where Danny and Dennis had met in the middle of the ring. They had locked up and Dennis was using his height advantage to push Danny around the ring. Danny was holding his own, slowly giving ground until he manoeuvred Dennis so his back was facing a post. Danny dropped low, releasing his hands from Dennis and charged. Dennis grunted in surprise as his back impacted the metal post.
“Not bad” Nick murmured as Danny started punching and kneeing Dennis’s gut. Dennis hunkered down, protecting his gut as Danny stepped back.

Danny changed tactics and aimed higher, leading with a kick which Dennis just avoided by dropping to the mat. Dennis continued to roll, dropping out of the ring to avoid a heavy stomp from Danny. The crowd booed as Dennis quickly stood upright and circled around the ring. Warily watching Danny who moved to the centre of the ring and gestured to get in.
“he seems to be more confidant, and more vicious” Dave noted quietly.
“You spend 2 weeks training with Nick and see if you develop survival skills” Tim replied.
Nick chuckled as he heard the exchange but kept his eyes glued to the ring.

Dennis slid under the bottom rope into the ring where Danny was patiently waiting.
“you’ve gotten good” Dennis said as he circled Danny. Danny mirrored the motion.
“thanks, I’ve learned a lot staying with Nick. Painful as it is” Danny confidently replied keeping his guard up. “I didn’t ask this but what did you do after Nick rescued us from James?”
“Well I helped care for you for a few days. You were really out of it. Personally I’m amazed you were still conscious after the beating James gave you. Nick had me keeping an eye on you and then reminded me that I shouldn’t be on the 5th floor”. While Dennis was speaking Danny noted that there was a slight indentation in the fur around Dennis’s neck. I wonder who collared him? Nick? But he’s been with me all day.  

Dennis feinted a punch but delivered a low kick to Danny’s right leg which landed with a solid thwack. Danny winced but dodged back as Dennis continued pressing with combination punches and kicks. Danny waited as Dennis launched a roundhouse kick, aimed right as his head. Danny caught Dennis’s foot mid air and then tripped Dennis. Causing both of them to hit the mat. Danny landed on top of Dennis, and used his weight to pin Dennis beneath him. It was an awkward position for Dennis, since Danny had majority of his weight resting on the trapped leg. Danny raised a fist and brought it crashing down on Dennis’s face. Dennis quickly protected his face as Danny’s fist impacted his forearms. Danny continued pummelling, occasionally changing his target from Dennis’s face to his abs. Danny also slammed a knee into Dennis’s side when he could.

He’s turtled up good, well I’m going to try something else Danny though as he twisted and grabbed one of Dennis’s arms. Danny then swivelled, turning 90 degrees locking Dennis’s arm in a arm bar. He then cranked the pressure and Dennis gritted his teeth as his arm was being pulled out of his socket. Danny kept the pressure up as Dennis tried to resist.
“Give up Dennis! I don’t want to hurt you too much, but I will!” Dennis shook his head in response as he rolled up and he got on his knees. Danny was suddenly on the bottom gripping Dennis’s arm with his legs near Dennis’s head. Dennis wrapped his arm around Danny’s legs and lifted. Danny rose of the mat, still gripping Dennis’s arm, then he came crashing back down.

A bang echoed around the arena as Danny hit the mat. The air left his lungs as he grip slightly loosened on Dennis’s arm.  
“Yeah I’m kinda sorry about that, but I don’t to lose either. I don’t want James fucking me, again” Dennis lifted Danny and slammed him back to the mat. With the last blow Danny released Dennis’s arm and flopped back. Dazed from the repeated slams he saw Dennis standing above him smiling. Danny shook his head and blinked his eyes. He saw Dennis raise his foot and bring it down on Danny’s chest. Danny rolled to the side, narrowly missing Dennis’s stomp. He continued rolling, until he dropped on the floor, outside the ring.

Danny stood up quickly and watched Dennis closely as he circled the ring. Danny flicked his eyes up at the timer; it displayed 19:54 and ticked down. Danny looked at Dennis, who grinned and stepped back. Danny warily slid into the ring and jumped up, fists raised to block the kick that came swinging in. Danny blocked it and dodged the follow up punch, sliding to the left. Danny thew a quick punch, feinted left, then plowed a kick straight into Dennis’s unprotected head. Dennis moved with the blow, absorbing some of the force, but he fell back. Danny pressed his advantage, quickly following with a punch to Dennis’s gut. The air whooshed out of Dennis as he crumpled around Danny’s fist.

“nice punch” Dave muttered as he saw Danny pull Dennis upright. Then Danny brought Dennis’s face to down, as Danny’s knee come up. Dave winced as there was a thud that echoed around the arena. Dennis’s face had impacted Danny’s knee.
“that was vicious” Tim noted as Dennis crumpled to the mat.
“ive taught him well” Nick grinned as he leaned froward, staring to get a better view.
Danny rolled Dennis over and sat on his back. Danny grabbed Dennis’s chin and pulled back, applying a nasty camel clutch. Dennis groaned in pain as Danny pulled, exerting pressure on his back.

“hes gotten quite good” Nick said, pride in his voice as he watched Danny dominating Dennis. “maybe you 2 should spend a month with me” Nick grinned as he turned towards Tim and Dave.
“ill pass” Dave replied as he turned back to the ring. Nick glanced at Tim, who shook his head and Nick pouted.
“you guys are no fun. Well that will change in a few weeks” Nick chuckled as he turned back to the ring. Danny had released Dennis and was circling his prone form.

“Come on! Is that the best you can do?” Danny yelled at the prone figure of Dennis. Dennis had managed to get to his knees, blinking and shaking his head.
“Not bad, wasn’t expecting the knee to be honest. Training with Nick has defiantly made you better”. Dennis stood slowly and spat near a corner post. He glanced up at the timer as it ticked to 13:04 and continued down. “But as I said earlier im not letting you win!” Dennis roared as he charged at Danny. Dennis caught Danny around the waist and kept moving until Danny impacted the corner post. Dennis quickly stepped back and powered a punch into Danny’s jaw, snapping his head to the right. Danny blinked his eye as he raised his arms but Dennis grabbed them and wrapped them in the middle and top ropes.

“Hey! What are you-” Danny’s voice stopped as Dennis turned to the side and powered a side kick into Danny’s gut.
“Sorry about this but I really have to win” Dennis spoke quietly as Danny coughed and started to suck in air. Danny saw the fist coming and braced himself as Dennis struck him again.
“you punch like a girl” Danny choked out as Dennis pulled back. Dennis’s eyes turned red and then powered a kick into Danny’’s groin. Danny howled as pain roared throughout his body, he didn’t feel the punch impacting his gut.

Nick narrowed his eyes as he watched Dennis wail on the trapped Danny for 5 minutes.
He’s taking the punishment without compliant, good. Dave winced when Danny howled as Dennis knelt in front on Danny and stuck his hand into the speedo. Tim could see Dennis’s squeezing Danny’s nuts with one hand and pinning a leg with the other.
“He can take it” Nick murmured to himself as Danny howled again.
“You sure of that, Nick?” Tim asked turning to face the large wolf.
Nick turned and met Tim gaze unflinchingly “yes I am sure, he’s stronger than you think. In a couple of years he might pose a challenge to me”. Nick kept staring at Tim until a shout of pain attracted both of their attention.

Dennis had decided to release Danny from the ropes and was prancing around the ring. Showing off to the crowd. Dennis failed to notice that Danny had quietly stood up and creeped behind him. The crowd was silent as Danny pulled back his arm and sent it thundering between Dennis’s legs. Dennis howled to the moon as he crumpled and landed face first on the mat. Danny stood over Dennis as he writhed, hands rubbing his groin, face a mask of pain.
“Benefit of being with Nick, you get used to pain. What you did to me then was what he considers foreplay” Danny announced to Dennis. Danny grabbed both of Dennis’s legs and spread them. Raised his foot and stomped, crushing Dennis’s hands and balls to the mat. Dennis howled again, as Danny kept his foot grinding his nuts to paste.
“Maybe you’ll be singing soprano after this” Danny mocked as he put all his weight on the foot on Dennis’s groin.

“I give I give!” Dennis yelled as he felt something creak. Danny gave another push and then stepped off, raising his arms in victory. Nick nodded to himself as Tim stood and clapped. Dave joined him as the crowd cheered. Danny turned to look at the crowed and saw Nick sitting. Nick raised his arm, fist clenched, thumb extended and turned it down. Danny nodded as he looked at the timer, 5:49 and ticking down.
“Well good news is that theres only 5 minutes left for me to have fun with you before we can leave”. Dennis groaned as Danny flipped him over to lying on his stomach. Danny quickly stripped Dennis of his speedo and tossed it to the side. Danny then slowly and seductively stripped his own speedo and put it to the side. He spat into his hand, give his dick a few strokes, as it went to its full size. Danny knelt, and lifted Dennis’s waist so he was kneeling, doggy style. Danny stuck a finger into Dennis’s puckered hole and started to enlarge the opening.
“Don’t worry, im not like Nick, ill give you a little bit of prep”. Danny muttered as he poked another finger in, Dennis moaned in pain as his face was pressed against the mat.

Danny pulled his fingers out then raised himself, getting his dick to the entrance. He pushed the head in, as Dennis let out another moan. Danny continued pushing in, slowly until he was balls deep. He paused for a moment then pulled out, there was a soft plop as he withdrew. Danny lined up again and slammed balls deep in one shove. Dennis howled as Danny began to fuck his ass.
“I’ll admit, you’ve got a nice, tight ass. Nick told me you were a guest of James for a month. I thought you arse would be nice a loose after that”. Dennis groaned as Danny hit his prostate and kept pounding away. Dennis moaned as Danny grabbed his hair and pulled him upright.
Dennis used his arms to support his new position as Danny fucked him faster.

“Well he is enjoying himself” Dave muttered as he watched Danny grab one of Dennis’s arms and pulled.
“He’s only being receiving for the last 2 weeks and as far I could tell, he was a virgin before he became mine”. Nick replied “he is putting on a good show isn’t he” Nick grinned as he rubbed his own crotch as Dave shuddered. He couldn’t admit to himself that it was fun to watch Danny winning. Tim shook his head as he stood up and headed for the corridor.
“Where you going?” Nick asked turning to watch.
“Getting changed for my match with Sage” Tim replied, continuing to walk up the steps and into the corridor.
“Bah he’s just embarrassed, doesn’t like watching any fun” Nick grinned as he turned back to the ring. Burk had just announced that the door was unlocked as Danny increased his speed.

Obviously starting to climax, he pushed himself into Dennis one final time, shuddered and groaned in pleasure as he emptied his balls into Dennis. Danny pulled out and small amount of white cum, hit the mat from Dennis’s ass. Danny put his foot on Dennis and forced him to lie down. Danny kicked Dennis over onto his back where one of Dennis’s hands was gripping his dick. Danny tutered as he placed his foot just resting on Dennis balls.
“I didn’t give you permission to cum” Danny leaned forward and Dennis hissed but quickly withdrew his hand. “Now I’m going to leave the ring, your going to stay there until some one collects you. Have fun with James” Danny quickly stomped down causing Dennis to scream. Danny grabbed his speedo and proceeded out of the ring and walked to the door.

“And the winner is Danny ‘the Fang’ Brendis!” The crowd cheered as Danny posed, arms raised in victory. He then walked up the stairs and passed by Nick and Dave. Nick nodded and jerked his head in the direction of the looker-room, then pointed to the seat next to him. Danny nodded and quickly walked to the locker-room. He opened the door and saw Tim changing out of his pants and putting a speedo on. Danny swallowed but continued to where he put his bag earlier. He pulled his clothes out, got them ready and walked to the shower.

“Good fight” Tim called to Danny’s back. Danny stopped and faced Tim. He nodded then continued walking to the shower. Well that was a fun match, difficult but fun. Danny thought as he turned the water on and stood under the hot spray. He heard the door open and then close.
“it’s a pity I don’t get to have your ass” a soft voice said from behind Danny. Danny whirled around and saw a white gleam as James emerged from the shadows, naked. Danny narrowed his eyes and prepared himself if James came forward.
James laughed as he saw Danny tense up “do you think you can take me here? You’re welcome to try but be warned, I’m no where near as nice as Nick”. Danny turned his back to James, feigning unconcern. He heard another soft laugh and soft patter as James moved somewhere in the room. After a few moments the door banged open and Alex walked in supporting Dennis.

Alex walked Dennis in, looked around then left the room. Dennis groaned as he sat down and looked at Danny.
“You got me good” Danny nodded as he turned the water off and quickly dried himself with a towel. Danny went to his clothes and quickly out them on.
“You won’t answer?” Dennis asked as he started to rub his groin, massaging the pain away.
“He’s not allowed to” a voice whispered in Dennis’s ear. Dennis jumped as James loomed out of the shadows, grinning.
“He knows that if he talks to you, ill tell Nick, and he will punish Danny. Talking In the ring in one thing, but outside he prefers to be silent”. James laughed as he saw Dennis pale.
“Ill take you later, I have to prepare” James turned around and disappeared back into shadows, his black fur hiding him.

Danny opened the door and left Dennis alone.                        

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  1. What a awesome fight both boys gave it their all and Danny finally won ^^