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Friday, 27 November 2015

3 First Night

Danny was lying on the tiles, the shower still running as he lay sobbing. I can’t believe this is happening. Why did I agree to this? That’s right the huge pay check that will get me out of debt. But I didn’t agree to be a sex toy for a pervert wolf for 3 weeks! Danny slowly stood up, wincing at the pain that throbbed through his body. He finished in the shower, exited and quickly dried. He put a bath robe on and proceeded into the main room and saw that his tormentor was sitting at table. Staring at his computer as he tapped the keys. Nick didn’t acknowledge Danny, which was perfectly fine with him. Danny looked at the time and saw it was close to 7. He heard a rumble and noticed it came from his stomach. Nick looked up from the screen, into Danny’s eyes and then glance towards the kitchen.

Danny glared at Nick but he turned towards the kitchen and proceeded to prepare the next meal. He cooked spaghetti Bolognese with salad and served it in front on Nick. He closed the laptop and began to eat. Danny sat down, eating slowly, not meeting Nick’s face.
“Passable but needs improvement, clean the kitchen and the then join me on the couch.” Danny nodded in acquiesce, cleared the table and began to clean the kitchen. He took as long as he could, before he joined Nick on the small couch. Nick was putting a disc into the DVD player when Danny sat on the couch closest to the end. Nick sat on the other spot, which was right next to Danny.

“Watch the video, turn away or close your eyes and you won’t like what I do to you. Tomorrow we’ll watch again and there will be a quiz after, every incorrect answer is a 5 hard thrusts. So pay attention, afterwards you’ll get a treat” Nick finished with a smile and hit play on the remote. Danny watched himself enter the cage and jump into the ring. He heard Burk announce Nick and watched him enter the cage to roaring applause. Danny shook his head as he saw how mismatched he was. Danny looked at Nick who met his eyes, smiled and licked his lips.   

Danny shuddered and looked back at the screen as he saw himself throw the ineffective punches at Nick’s abs.
“I hope you like the kicks to your balls” Danny muttered as he watched himself kick Nick.
“Actually I did enjoyed both of em, if you want to cause genuine pain with a groin shot. Aim specifically for the testicles or use enough force to make sure you get them both. You almost did it for the second but it wasn’t enough”. As Nick finished commentating Danny watched as the expression of Nick’s face during the match was of pleasure, not pain.
Danny continued to watch while Nick was silent. When Nick caught Danny in mid-air and then started pummeling Danny’s gut, Nick commented. “Need to learn to brace yourself better, one punch shouldn’t fold you in half like that. Even from me”.

Danny winced and rubbed his stomach, which was still tender from the beating he was watching. Nick smiled as he saw Danny rub his stomach and turned back to the screen. “Next bit was defiantly fun, that is how you properly punch the groin. I used massive force which you experienced but I personally prefer direct manipulation, like this.” Nick stopped speaking when he noticed that Danny had closed his eyes. He reached over and plunged his hand into the robe and grabbed Danny’s testicles. Nick gave them a brief squeeze and Danny moaned in pain as his eyes opened. Danny saw Nick grinning as his paw was cupped around his balls.
“Ok I get the picture, oww you can release them now” Danny pleaded while gritting his teeth at the impromptu rough massage.
“I like my hand where it is. It will remind you to pay attention now where were we? Ahh the arm lock, notice whatever you did to me in that 5 minutes I did to you?” Nick asked while glancing at Danny and gently massaging his balls.

Danny grimaced and nodded “I did notice, but heck of a lot harder than I did to you. I had no chance fighting against you right?” Nick thought for a moment and shook his head.
“Against me, I would give maybe 10% chance. That would be if I was sloppy and playing with you. You would have also remembered that you just needed to leave the cage to win. Against a fighter with similar skills, just under even chance since your unfamiliar with the warehouse rules.” Nick finished speaking as a crash surrounded from the speakers, indicating that video had just shown Nick crashing on top of Danny.        
“That hurt a lot by the way and I didn’t land on you, not that it would have hurt as much.” Danny finished as he saw himself being lifted and run around the ring.

“So that’s how I got those marks, I wasn’t aware at the time.” Nick smiled as he gentle squeezed his hand around Danny’s balls. Danny squirmed uncomfortably but remained silent as he let the wolf grope him.
“I did give you the chance to catch me before I landed, you just lacked the strength and will to do so. Which I intend to improve, whether you like my methods or not.” As Nick was speaking his hand moved from around Danny’s balls and traveled towards his sore butt. Danny grabbed Nick’s arm and stopped it moving further below him. He met Nick’s eyes and waited for the wolf’s reaction. Nick licked his lips suggestively and withdrew his hand, bringing it to his mouth and licked his fingers clean.

Danny shuddered and turned back towards to the TV and watched Nick’s hand dive into his speedo and grip tight. Nick chuckled as he was watching himself and listening to Danny’s wails of pain. Danny noticed that occasionally Nick would stroke himself as he was watching the replay. Bet he likes re-watching his conquests, but I reckon he doesn’t get to share the experience with the victim. Danny shook his head and turned back to watch his defeat. For the next 15 minutes they sat in silence as they relived Danny’s defeat. When Burk announced that the combatants could leave, Nick paused the tape.

He turned to Danny “I’m going to give you a choice”
“Let me guess, suck me or don’t cause either way I’ll be fucked?” Danny replied staring at the TV.
“No, I was going to say we don’t have to watch the next part. It has no bearing on you learning from mistakes in the match. As for your mistakes today they had better not happen again, unless you enjoy being punished.” Nick finished talking and licked his lips again. Danny’s eyes followed the tongue as it went around his mouth and then retreated back into that toothy grin. Danny stood and turned to the bedroom and went in, shutting the door behind him.
“I guess that’s a no. Oh well I’ll enjoy it myself.” Nick hit the play button and spent the next 30 minutes enjoying himself as he relived dominating Danny.

Danny shed the robe and put on underwear and climbed into the king size bed on the left. Ill sleep next to the edge, that way I can roll out if something happens. After a while he heard the lights turn off and the door creak open. The bed sunk as Nick lay down on the right side and promptly fell asleep. It took ages for Danny to sleep, and it was in short bursts as he woke every time he felt the bed move. It didn’t help that Nick snored loudly.    

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