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Friday, 27 November 2015

2 Waking Up

Bright light. That’s the first thing that passes through Danny’s mind as he slowly start to wake up from a nightmare. He dreamt that he was fighting a giant wolf and he got raped by the wolf’s massive dick. Danny blinked, as his eyes started to focus and noticed that the ceiling was different. He tried to turn his head but his neck was stiff and sore. Danny started to notice that his whole body ached. There was a dull throb from his groin and his ass felt sore. Really vivid nightmare, to make my body ache Danny thought as he felt something around his neck. Danny moved his arm slowly as it was also stiff and felt around his neck. His fingers brushed against something made of leather.

Hearing footsteps Danny opened his eyes and gazed in the direction the sound was coming from. He saw a closed door that wasn’t his door in his little apartment. The door opened and Danny recognised the figure from his nightmare. Danny blinked several times and rubbed his eyes, hoping that this was a mirage. After a few moments the figure still stood in the doorway, smiling. “Nope this isn’t a dream, here put this on and join me when your ready” the figure said as he tossed a bathrobe onto the bed next to Danny.
“Don’t take all morning, you’ve already been asleep for the last day” the voice said from the next room, slightly muffled.

Danny slowly sat up, feeling stabs of pain throughout his chest and midsection. Danny also got a good look at himself in the floor to ceiling mirror. Well I’ve defiantly had better mornings he mused quietly as he examined his reflection. He had bruises on his chest, arms, neck and abs. there was also a leather collar around his neck with a tiny padlock which was closed and a tag. Well that’s humiliating Danny thought as he slowly rotated to the side of the bed where he found slippers. Danny also looked at his lower body and found bruises across his thighs, calves and ankles.

Danny slowly stood and reached for the robe, his back giving a protest at the movement and tied it closed. He moved closer to the mirror and saw that the collar was made of leather, had a plaque on it with some engraved writing. “Nick’s bitch” it read, the tag had “Danny” engraved into the metal and “slave” on the other side. Son of a bitch Danny thought as he looked around the room. The room was large and the bed was huge, king sized with side draws.

There was a door leading off to the side where he glimpsed tiles, presumably a bathroom, and the other wall had a wardrobe. Danny sniffed the air as he smelled sizzling bacon coming from the other door. Danny followed his nose as it lead into a living area and a kitchen. The figure that Danny saw earlier was standing over a stove as he held a frying pan from which the delicious smell was coming from. Danny glanced around and noticed that the room was minimally furnished with a small table and 2 chairs. There was a laptop sitting on the kitchen bench and a TV mounted on the wall facing the table.

The figure turned around and Danny saw it was Nick, his tormentor holding a frying pan and a pair of tongs and scooping bacon onto two plates. “Sit at the table ill be just a moment” Nick called as he grabbed the plates and brought them to the table. He placed one in front of Danny and the other down on a place mat. He moved away and returned with 2 glasses of orange juice. “Eat” Nick said as he sat down, “ill explain after you’ve finished your meal”. Danny looked at his plate and saw it was chock full of bacon, eggs, toast, grilled tomato and mushrooms. Nick had an even larger pile in front of him and was chowing down.

Danny grabbed a knife and fork and proceeded to eat. It was pretty good, the bacon was perfect, the eggs runny, the toast was still warm, the mushrooms were drizzled with a bit of butter and the tomato had a bit of parsley resting on top. IT took Danny about 20 minutes to finish the feast in front of him while Nick had already finished and was waiting patiently For Danny to finish. After Danny cleared his plate, Nick grabbed both of the empty plates and took to a dishwasher and put them in. he returned with a carton of orange juice and a bunch of paper.

“Alright, your wondering where you are, why you’re here and what is going to happen to you?” Danny nodded not trusting himself to speak to his captor. “First you in my apartment in the fighters complex, on the 5th floor. You’re here because you lost and I decided to use my prerogative as champion and winner to take you as my slave for a set period of time. Finally anything and everything will be happening to you but ill explain more in a minute” Nick lectured Danny in a calm and serious tone.

Nick continued; “when I have a match at the warehouse, the victory conditions are different than the norm; normally it’s a 3 round submission match with the winner doing anything to the loser as long as they remain in the ring”.
“That was what you signed up for originally. Well since you were the substitute for that night, you were to replace any fighter that would be unable to make it, i.e. Eliot who had an injury and got tossed in the ring with me”.

Danny nodded in understanding but was wondering where Nick was going with this. “For my matches it’s just as Burk explained, however as I told you in the ring. I could take you home or leave you there, I choose the former and you are mine until my next match, which in is 3 weeks. What that entails is doing anything I say and want. Yes that includes sex, cleaning, laundry, training, practice dummy, punching bag etc etc”. Nick continued as Danny’s face fell when he heard anything I say or want.

“So I’m your slave” Danny replies.
“Yes but there are benefits. First the pay you received for fighting against me is $20,000 and you also receive a percentage of the better’s profit and Internet sales. Its 20% and 10%, I get more but at the end of our time you should be getting around $60,000 bucks” Nick stated.
“Wow” Danny says awestruck by the figure, with that much money he could get out of that debt and get a decent apartment.

“Whats to stop me from dodging past you and sprinting for the exit?” Danny asks with a straight face as he takes a sip from his glass.
“Well if you could run at the moment, which you really cant as your still recovering from the match, you would be violating the contract you signed and giving up the prize money” Nice replied taking a swig from his glass. “Plus I would catch you again and rape you regardless if you still recovering. Being fucked can be pleasant and pleasurable, some people would love for me to fuck em with my cock. But I know how to make it hurt, a lot and that’s punishment. Plus other humiliations if needed” Nick replies finishing his drink.  

“The second benefit is free medical services while you are with me. The Doc has been dropping in to see how you are, she also told me to give you a few days to recuperate and regain your strength. That just means ill be using you in different ways. She also has been telling Tim and Dave of your condition and they are aware that you are in one piece.” Nick says with a toothy smile and Danny’s surprised look.
“Yes you are to remain in good health and in good condition. If you are permanently maimed or injured while you are with me, I cover the medical costs and pay for damages. Its all in the extra paperwork that Burk had you sign that night in case I decided to take you. Your copy of it is here” Nick indicated the stack of papers that he was leaning on.

“You can look at it later; the final benefit is that you’re also going to be learning and training with me. Every day until your release; weight work in the morning and fighting in the afternoon. In between sessions you are to keep the apartment clean, the gym area tidy, do the laundry, and cook. There are lists of how to do the cooking, what we will be eating and what time”. Nick finished and waited for Danny to digest the information.

Danny was thinking all of it through and asked “why the training? You could just have me as a slave and a fuck doll, like you did in the match?”
“I see potential in you; you had no chance of winning against me. But I think in the weeks we’ll be spending together you’ll become a stronger and better fighter. One who might might be able to challenge me and win. After a couple of years” Nick smiled when he saw Danny’s jaw drop at the potential beating him. Then he realised it would take years of training.    

“Now before you think it is going to be nice and easy for you, it won’t. You will get one chance at getting the tasks right before I punish you. Ill also be keeping track throughout the day and administering it at the end of the day. Just because I’m being reasonable now doesn’t mean I will be for our time together”. As Nick said the last few words, Danny realised that the calm voice and the niceness was just a mask. A mask for the sadistic, fighter that had claimed him.

“Any other questions?” Nick asked Danny with a slight smile.
“Where will I be sleeping, why the collar and clothes. I don’t think ill be doing weight work wearing a bath robe”. Danny asked
“You’ll be sleeping in the bed in there with me, as for clothes, while you’re in the same room as me and we are alone. You will be naked or in clothes that can be easily shed. If you have to head outside you can wear what you want in the wardrobe. Except for the collar that stays on until you are released. I have the key that will unlock it. Its there to help you realise that this is a master and slave relationship. I am your superior and I am choosing to do these things with you. They can be revoked and there can be additional rewards. Additionally if you encounter any of your old friends or acquaintances, you don’t speak with them. Especially Tim and Dave, if you do I will immediately rape you there in front of them and they can’t do a thing to stop it. Understand?” Danny nods as his questions were answered.

“Anything else?” Danny shakes his head and Nick continues. “Well I know that your ass hasn’t fully healed for a pounding yet and I need to release, which you will do every-time I ask. So get on the bed and wait for me”. Danny sighs and states “what if you take it too far? Are there safe words or something?” Nick pauses and replies “say yellow if you wish me to slow down or take a break, red to stop immediately. Ill remember how often you use them and in what position. Don’t use them unless you really need to and you might need to say it a few times. When I get into the mood it takes a bit to get out of it. Now get to the bed ill be a minute”. Nick turns back to the kitchen with the carton and the glasses and puts them into the dishwasher.

Danny gets up and walks back into the bedroom where he notices the other door. He opens it and whistles at the size of the bathroom. There is a spa bath that could fit 4 people, a large shower area, a vanity and the toilet. Danny turned when he heard foot steps and turned towards the main door as Nick stepped into the bedroom.
“Nice bath” Danny remarks as he closes the door.
“Thanks” Nick replies. “Are you going to stand there or are you going to remove my robe and give me release?”

Danny moves forward and peels the robe away from the wolf, Nick was naked and ready. Danny was able to fully examine his captor; Nick just managed to fit in the doorway. His frame was he without any fat anywhere. His muscles are big and as hard as granite. His thighs were double the size of Danny’s and his arms are a minimum a double the size of both Danny’s arms. He had a solid 6 pack and a deep, thick chest. Nick’s shoulders had to larger than cannon balls. Standing in front of Nick, Danny measured him and only came to the wolf’s nipple line. Danny was able to get a close look at Nick’s dick and estimated it to be about 11 inches long and 2 inches thick.
“No wonder my arse is sore what that huge dick of yours. Plus I had never been fucked before”. Danny admits as he kneels down before Nick, the dick at the perfect height for his mouth.
“I could tell you were a virgin as soon as I saw your hole, ill let you decide how you want to do it, just get me off”. Nick demands while standing in the doorway.
Danny wraps one hand around the massive cock and starts to stroke it.
“Faster! Harder or ill shove it in your ass!” Nick threatened as he began to arch backwards from the pleasure. Danny moved his other hand around Nick’s body, to his ass and felt how muscular it was. He managed to feel the crack until a paw came down on his hand and began to crush it.
“No you don’t go back there unless you want to be punished. You manage to beat me in a proper match and you can fuck me, but until then hands off”. Nick released Danny’s hand and felt it return to the front of his body.
Well you want it rough Danny thought as he brought his free hand around Nick’s humongous balls. He managed to wrap his hand around them and started squeezing them in time with his strokes. He also increased the pressure on Nick’s dick, imagining crushing it.

“That’s it! That’s it! Harder” Nick started to pant as he moved his hips in time.
Danny felt Nick’s balls shudder and his dick started to spasm as jets of cum started to stream out of the opening and onto Danny’s face. 5 surges later Danny’s face was caked in cum and Nick was panting in pleasure.
“Good job, go clean your face and put on some underwear, there in the drawer behind you. Then meet me in the kitchen. We’ll go to the gym”. Nick reached past Danny and pulled open a drawer, which had a variety of different types of briefs, jock straps, and speedos.

Danny went into the bathroom and spent a few minutes getting the cum of his face, fur and hair. Well this is my life for the foreseeable future Danny mused as he cleaned his face. It isn’t pleasant but it could be a lot worse, I could be fighting that beast every minute.
Danny quickly dried off and went looking for a pair of underwear that would fit him. It took him a few minutes but he found a brief that would fit, if a little loose. Remind me to ask to get some smaller underwear. Don’t want it falling down at the wrong moment and giving him an excuse to fuck me. Not that he needs one.

Danny put it on and walked into the living area where he found nick sitting at t he table looking at something on his laptop. “Your ready, good we can start I was just watching the match and you defiantly need some work. We’ll be watching and analysing it later. Follow me”. As Nick stood up, he was only wearing a speedo and had a key chain is his hand. He opened a door at the end of the kitchen and walked through. Danny followed and stepped into a hallway. Nick closed the door and locked it. Danny noticed it was apartment 501 and looked at the hallway and only saw 9 other rooms.

“Are they occupied?” Danny asked tentatively.
“Some, there are people on floor 4 and 5 are for the gay fighters. The other floors are for the straights. Each floor has a gym and only the champions have the key to this one, as it’s the best. Nick informed Danny as he walked towards another corridor, turned left and stopped in front of a door. Danny saw a sign “Champions Only!” on the front. Nick used his key to open the door and walked in, Danny followed and his jaw dropped. Inside was a fully modern gym, with multiple machines and free weights. There was also a bike, rower, treadmill, stair climber and much more. He also saw a shower and what looks like a sauna on one wall. Past the weights and machine he saw padded mats and a fully sized wrestling ring. There were punching bags, combat mannequins and what looked like a machine with a pair of boxing gloves.

“Welcome to my kingdom” Nick announces as he enjoys the look of amazement on Danny’s face. Nick walked to the free weights and said “alright part of your duties will be keeping this place tidy and the returning equipment to where it belongs. You can use everything, you will be my spotter when I need it, and ill do the same to you. Each day will be a different muscle group and regime. Today you’re just watching and helping me since you’re still recovering. Tomorrow you start with me pushing to see how much your body is capable. This arvo we’ll be working on the bags and ill be using a dummy for practice. You can do some light work now, just don’t injure yourself. Call out if you need a hand”. Nick turned towards a bench and Danny saw it was set up for bench presses. He also saw the weights on the end and noticed it was about 160lbs. Nick got under the bar and pushed out 20 reps with ease.  

“You weren’t kidding when you said I’m your warm-up” Danny mused aloud as he turned towards a bike and got on. He heard a grunt of acknowledgment and then adjusted the seat and proceeded to lightly peddle, trying to get his legs used to moving again. He heard a clink as nick placed 40 pounds of weight onto the bar. Went under and he did 18 reps, and repeated. Each time Danny glanced at the mounting pile of plates on the bar and wondered why it didn’t snap in two. After 20 minutes Danny got off the bike and watched as Nick pushed out 4 reps at 480 pounds. He then put the bar back and stood up. He’s only lightly sweating. Jesus he’s a fucking beast!

“You had better stretch out; it will get rid of the soreness and pain faster.” Nick said as he took a break to stretch his neck and arms. He them piled more weight on the bar and went back to his workout. Danny was stretching his body, pushing past the stiffness and the pain and started to feel better. He watched as Nick completed 1 rep at 560lbs and saw him get up. Yep he’s defiantly sweating now Danny noticed as Nick’s fur was drenched in sweat and he was panting. Danny saw Nick pick up another set of weights and put them on. Danny stood up and followed Nick as he slowly counted the additional mass. 560 pounds how in the hell can anyone beat this guy?       

Danny walked over the the bench and watched as Nick mentally prepared himself. He grabbed the bar lifted it and brought it to his nipples. Danny noticed that his arms were shaking as the bar rose slowly back up. There was a chink as the bar was replaced on the bracket and Nick stood up and stretched. “My max is 570, can’t seem to get past it. So what’s your max you’ve done?” Nick was stretching as he asked, looking at Danny.
“My max bench is 190, over my bodyweight” Danny replied as he started to remove weights from the bar and place them into the plate rack. Each plate was 40 pounds and Danny carried them, one in each hand.
“Leave 140 on there, that’s what you are starting with tomorrow” Nick announced as he went to the dumbbells and started working on his shoulders. “Now I want you to head back and prepare lunch, there’s a book on the table on what were having. Key is over here, ill be there in 20”. Nick turned away and continued working his shoulders as Danny left the gym.
As Danny entered the hallway he noticed that there were no elevators and he didn’t spot any obvious stairs. He looked around and spotted them hidden in the opposite corner. He went over and saw that they went straight down to the ground floor. I wonder if I get some stuff from my apartment, though I don’t have my keys and where is my phone? Ill look for it when Nick is busy, I wonder what is for lunch.

Danny returned to 501 and unlocked the door. He went to the kitchen and spotted several papers on the top, the first was a meal plan with meals laid out and nutritional values assigned. The second was food prep guide for the various meals. The third was a image of Danny, including his stats and skill level. Where did he get this? And why does he have this? Wait did he know before the match that Boris would be unable to compete… as Danny was thinking this through he heard the doorknob rattle, and click as the door was opened. Danny quickly went rummaging around in the kitchen cabinets for the various dishes and plates required.

Nick entered the apartment and noticed that Danny was getting started with the food prep. “I’m going to have a shower, lunch better be ready when I get out” Nick warned as he continued towards his bedroom and closed the door. Danny quickly looked at the guide and followed its instructions for a grilled chicken salad with the correct ratios outlined. Danny heard water hitting tiles as Nick entered the shower.  It took him a few minutes to get everything ready, I’m not going to give him an excuse to fuck me Danny thought as he diced carrots and turned towards the pan and flipped the chicken breast over. A couple of minutes after this Nick emerged from the bedroom, fur slightly damp and a towel wrapped around his waist as he sat down at the table. Danny hurried over with a plate with the meal outlined.

Nick looked at it and said “utensils?” Danny went back into the kitchen and spent a minute looking for the correct draw. He brought out knives and forks with his own lunch, sat down and started eating. Nick started eating and both sat in silence, until Danny broke it with a question. “So what exactly will be my punishment for today?” Danny asked quietly in between bites.
“We are going to watch the match. Tomorrow we will be having a match in the gym and ill see if you’ve learned from your mistakes. If not we’ll watch it again slow-mo and you’ll be taking notes of what you did wrong. You’ll also be getting fucked; 5mins per mistake and it won’t be pleasant”. Nick finished with a grin while licking his lips as he swallowed the last piece of chicken.

Danny reached over and grabbed the empty plate and his own. He rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher. He was happy to be doing this simple task while his mind was busy trying to think of a way out of this situation. Danny heard movement behind him as he saw Nick disappear into the bedroom and then return stepping into red speedos.
“When you’re done there, join me in the gym. I want to see how you were trained.” Nick turned as he said this and walked out the front door. Danny slowly cleaned up the kitchen, placing the dirty pans and knives in the washer and switching it on. Now I’ve got the place to myself… ill look for my phone and see if I can get in touch with someone. Danny then spent the next 15mins searching through the apartment. He looked in drawers, the closet, the bathroom cabinet, and all the kitchen cabinets. The only location Danny was unable to search was a locked cabinet under the TV. I wonder whats in there… Danny shook his head as he turned to leave the apartment. Well I had better get used to this. It won’t be pleasant but I won’t complain. And I’m betting that Tim is trying to figure a way of getting me out of here earlier than Nick wants.   

As Danny left the apartment he noticed a figure heading downstairs. Noticing that the colour of the hair was black instead of brown he realised it wasn’t Nick. I wonder who that is Danny thought. He shook his head and resolved to ask Nick. Danny turned and walked to the gym, wondering what Nick wold have him do now? Danny opened the door and stepped inside. He noticed that Nick was in the wrestling ring with a training dummy. Danny observed that the dummy had a blue speedo on and Nick was currently applying a single leg boston with one hand. The other hand was grasping the speedo where there was a noticeable bulge. Jeez he trains his depravity, what have I gotten myself into?

Danny’s train of thought ended when Nick noticed him and grinned. He let go of the dummy and beckoned him over. Danny warily stepped next to ring and waited for Nick to speak.
“Ok I want you in here, pretend that dummy is an opponent and I want to see what you know and what you can do”. As Nick was speaking he was stretching while still grinning.
Danny looked a the dummy and replied “it wont show you much, but ill do it”.
Nick grinned and climbed onto a corner post and sat down.

Danny slid under the bottom rope and proceeded to the dummy. “Anything special you want to see?” Danny asked.
“Just show me what you can do. Don’t be gentle with it, I usually go through one a week” Nick replied. Danny shook his head and grabbed the dummy and tried to lift it upright. Fuck its heavy Danny thought as he got it upright. Must weigh 160 pounds, jeez no wonder he didn’t want me lifting. Just manipulating this will be a workout. Danny looked over and saw Nick was grinning.

“I had it made to simulate an opponent’s weight, the average height and size of the crotch”. Nick was grinning as he said the last. Danny shook his head as he positioned the dummy and placed it into a full nelson. Danny dragged the dummy around the mat for a few moments before tossing it in the corner and shoulder charged it after a breather. After slamming his shoulder into the midsection a few times, he scooped it onto his own shoulders in a backbreaker. Wow it is really heavy Danny thought as he released the hold and let the dummy flop to the ground face first. Danny quickly jumped onto the dummy and applied a camel clutch/full nelson bending the dummy.

Nick was watching a smile on his face as he watched Danny showcase what he knew on the dummy. Theres potential here, just have to break it down so I can build it up Nick thought.
After 30minutes Nick noticed that Danny was really sweating, his speedo almost soaked through allowing Nick to see the outline of Danny’s cock. Tasty I might try that later Nick mused; I wonder if he’ll find the ahh he did. Danny had applied a head scissor to the dummy when he noticed that the dummy’s speedo was slightly off. He repositioned it when he saw it had a dildo in there with a pair off rubber testicles. Wow he must have got this custom order wait what is that? Danny released the hold and flipped the dummy over and pulled the speedo down. Incorporated into the dummy was a flesh jack exactly where the arsehole is on a living being.

Danny looked at nick with an eyebrow raised and Nick smiled. “Not bad but there is room for improvement, go have a shower”. Danny left the dummy in the ring and exited the gym, shaking his head at the thought that someone would get a fighting dummy and turn it into a sex toy. Nick watched as Danny exited the gym and turned towards the dummy. He easily picked it up and put it in the corner near the weights. He turned off the lights and left the gym. As Nick entered his apartment, he heard the shower going and went into the bedroom. He peeled off his speedos and opened the bathroom door quietly.

He observed Danny washing himself in the shower, his back dripping wet and prowled into the room. His feet making minimal sound over the water, Nick looked down and saw his dick was semi-hard with anticipation of the naked, fit body in front of him. He licked his lips and was about to grab Danny when Danny spun around and dropped into a fighting crouch.
Danny heard a click of nail on tile and whirled around and saw Nick 3 feet away from him.He crouched down into preparing to fight when he saw Nick smile.
“You’ve got good hearing” Nick spoke over the water hitting the tiles.
Danny noticed that Nick was naked and his cock was growing larger.

“I thought you weren’t meant to fuck my until I was recovered?” Danny asked warily gesturing to Nick’s inflating dick.
“You spent 2 hours throwing a dummy that weighed almost as much as you do around a ring. I think you’ve recovered enough for a light fuck” Nick replies with a smile.
Nick stalks forward, stopping a hands-breath away from Danny and asks “with or without lube, your choice”. Nick is grinning and running his tongue around his lips as he speaks, looking Danny right in the eyes. Danny stands up and puts his hand under the spray for a moment then grabs Nick’s cock and begins to stroke it. A few pumps and it grows to full size and girth. Danny turns around and leans against the tile wall. He tries to relax but its difficult as he feels Nick moving closer.

“This isn’t the punishment by the way” Nick leans as he whispers in Danny’s ear. “I’m just horny from seeing you wet and naked, so I’m going to be gentle”.
Danny shudders as he feels Nick’s tongue travel down his back, to his butt. Nick spreads Danny’s arse cheeks apart and revealed the slightly purple hole of Danny. He ran his tongue between the cheeks and started to lick Danny’s hole.
Danny moaned as he felt pain. Pain because it was bruised but after a few moments it turned to pleasure as he felt the tongue caress the sensitive spots. Danny involuntarily moved his hand to grip Nick’s head and tried push it further in, trying to keep feeling that pleasure. The sensation suddenly stopped and white hot pain replaces it as he felt his balls squeeze together.

“I’m the one in control, not you. You get exactly what I’m giving you and nothing more!” Nick roared as he stood up and impaled Danny in one movement. Danny bellowed in pain as his arse was abused again by Nick’s cock. It went balls deep in one thrust owing to the water lubing it and Nick had partially prepped Danny. Danny’s upper body collided into the tile wall as Nick’s thrust pushed him onto the wall. Nick grabbed Danny’s wrists and pinned them to the wall and started to fuck him hard, pulling all out then lunging in again. Danny’s head was crushed against the wall as he was able to watch Nick ravage him out of one eye. Nick stared into Danny’s eye and noticed a tear trailing down from the eyelid. However there was anger and defiance present in Danny’s stare.

Nick fucked Danny like this for what seemed like hours but must have been a few minutes. Danny felt sore as the fucking from the match still hadn’t fully healed. Suddenly Nick stopped moving and Danny felt liquid gush into his ass. Nick pulled out and spun Danny around and forced him to his knees. “You will lick this clean and then dry off” Nick ordered. Danny stubbornly kept his mouth closed his gaze daring Nick to make him. Nick lightly kicked Danny’s balls, which was enough to elicit a groan. Nick opened Danny’s mouth with one hand and used the other to guide his cock into the open mouth. Nick got his dick halfway in when he felt hands on his hips. Danny was vainly trying to stop the entire length from entering at once. Nick shook his head and pulled Danny further onto his dick, bring his face right to his fur.

Danny was spluttering when he felt his head moving backwards as the dick left his mouth, saliva dripping onto the ground. He managed to get a breath when the dick entered again. 4 times this happened till Nick pulled out and turned around. “I believe I’ve made my point. You get what I give you nothing more. Now dry off and join me in the kitchen, your going to watch exactly what I did to you and others I’ve fought.” Nick left the bathroom while drying himself as Danny slumped on the floor, water cascading down his face.
It’s going to be a long three weeks.

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