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Friday, 27 November 2015

1 Complete Mismatch

Disclaimer: WARNING this story contains violence, graphic homosexuality, consensual and non-consensual sex. If this is not to your liking turn away. Also if you are under the age of 18/21 or under your countries/state age of consent also turn away.
Also sex between anthromorphic humans, (humans with some animalistic features)
This is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any living or dead beings.
This is a fan fiction and the characters of Danny (dog), Nick (brown wolf), Eliot (black bull), Burk (walking fish), Dave (cougar) and Tim (golden tiger) belong to 09Tuf and Depraved4Yaoi from deviant art as does the setting.
Please check out their art and support them for their wonderful characters and art.

Danny closed his locker and grabbed his workout bag from the ground beside him. He had received a message earlier that he might be needed to substitute for one of tonight’s matches at the warehouse. The Warehouse was what the members of (David’s gym and fighting club) called the underground fighting scene. Though not technically legal, it does allow fighters from around the region to earn a lot of money in fights there.

Danny was new to the fighting circuit but eager to start making a name for himself and being a substitute fighter for a minor match would help raise awareness of him. Danny moved out of the locker room and almost bumped into Tim as he was entering.  Tim was a giant compared to Danny and defiantly more muscular, but everyone knew that Dave was friendly, if serious. Frequently helping to train with everyone and improve the skills of the other fighters he was a good friend.

“Hey Tim! Just to let you know I got called in to Sub at the warehouse tonight!” Danny blurted with excitement.
Tim stopped for a moment and turned towards Danny “Congratulations! If you do get into a match and you have warning send me a message and I’ll try to get there to watch. I’d come with you now but I’ve got a kids class to help teach”.
Danny nodded in understanding, Dave one of the other fighters taught a self defence class for children that everyone helped out with. 
“Anyway have fun and good luck!” Tim continued into the locker room and Danny turned towards the exit.

As he left the building, he decided to jog to the warehouse instead of driving there, thinking it would be a pleasant warm up for an upcoming fight it he was lucky. He started to increase the pace towards the industrial district; it was late afternoon leading towards the evening so there were people on the streets. Including a couple of lovely ladies who he got a good look at as he passed on the pedestrian strip.

He glanced back to see the women also staring is his direction, specifically his butt. Danny was proud of his body. He stood 5, 0 a bit small for his age but he was happy. Danny had a lean muscular physique at the modest weight of 155 pounds. The majority of which was muscle, beneath the tank top was a washboard abs, pecs with thick muscle, arms measuring 15 inches at the peak and forearms with lean cables for muscles. A narrow waist leads to a set of legs which propelled his body at a decent speed.

It took Danny 45 minutes to jog to the industrial district where he followed the instructions on the message to a nondescript building where a man was lounging outside. Danny held up his phone displaying the message and the bouncer nodded and gestured to enter the door on the left. Danny entered and followed the walls which lead to a small room where the manager for the underground fighting scene was.

Danny paused outside the door as he could hear raised voices from inside. “WHAT do you mean he’s not COMING? He was scheduled for the feature tonight, Oh he’s injured. He better be bloody dying if thinks he can miss another match”. Danny heard a pause then another tirade “a knee injury from a practice bout earlier today, gah ill drop by In the morning to see him and to tell him our contract will be over if he misses another match” another pause then Danny heard a slam and a cry of GOD DAMN IT.

Danny waited a moment then knocked on the door he heard an angry “enter” and proceeded into the room. Burk was sitting behind his desk, the phone handset was askew on the receiver, and his hands were flicking through a rolodex on the table. “Ah sir, I got a message that I was on the roster tonight” Danny asked quietly stepping into the room and closing the door behind him as he stepped into the room. The Manager was big, bigger than Danny but was slowly heading to more fat than muscle. Danny waited for a moment for the figure to look up and acknowledge him.

Burk looked up and examined the young man in front of him. “Danny isn’t it? You’re our Sub for matches tonight?” Danny nodded and Burk continued “well it looks like your getting a match tonight then, your taking the feature match from Eliot”. Danny nodded, he remembered seeing Eliot at the infirmary earlier that day but he couldn’t remember who he was fighting. 

“Have you signed all the forms yet?” Burk continued quickly while turning around and reached into a cabinet where he was looking for a file. “Danny, Danny ahh there you are” he spun around again and placed a file on the table. Danny saw it had his photo in a pair of wrestling trunks and listing his stats.

“No matches so a virgin huh, not a problem ok here is the standard wavier signed, insurance and medical both signed good, good, ok I need you to sign one final form for tonight then you’re ready to go for a debut feature match”. Burk pulled out another set of forms and pulled out several pages and passed then to Danny.
“Also I need you to understand that these are domination fights. You if you do lose, you can expect to be fucked. That’s why the extra forms” Burk indicates to Danny.
“I understand but I don’t plan on losing” Danny confidently replies with a cocky smile. “I fuck, I don’t get fucked”. Burk smiles when he hears this but shrugs.

“Sign each page at the location and your ready” Danny quickly scanned the forms but he didn’t notice anything unusual so he signed at each location and handed the forms back. Burk quickly put them into his folder and put that away, “Alright head towards the locker room the feature is scheduled to start at 8 which is an hour from now, so prepare yourself you’ll be seeing your opponent at the ring. Good luck kid” Burk said earnestly turning back to his phone and quickly dialling a number.

Danny turned to leave and heard Burk speak into the phone “complete rookie, have the betters lined up and modify the…” Burk continued as Danny closed the door as he turned down the corridor towards the locker room.   

Danny took out his phone and saw the time as 7:30 and sent a message to Tim “replacing Eliot match starts at 8 sharp, don’t know who opponent is wish me luck”. Danny continued straight and walked to the door which had “Locker” written on it. Danny opened the door and stepped in; the lighting was dim, with shadows in the corner. His nose was immediately assaulted with all the smells familiar with a locker room, as Danny breathed in deep and continued in. He found an empty slot in the wall and placed his phone, wallet and shoes. Danny quickly got changed out of his clothes and grabbed his fighting speedo and slipped it on.

“Nice butt” a deep masculine voice called from behind Danny.
Danny unhurriedly continued to dress himself and then turned around. He sees a figure sitting on a bench in the corner, “thanks, I take good care of my body” Danny replies.
“I’m Danny and you are…” As Danny states this he holds out his hand to where the figure was sitting. The figure moves and steps into the light, Danny holds his tongue at the sheer size of the person in front of him.

“I’m Nick” the figure said as he grabbed Danny’s hand a shook it. Nick is tall; Danny only reaches to the top of his chest. Nick is as tall as Tim and is bigger. Tim had muscles, but this guy made Tim look tiny by comparison. Huge arms, boulders for shoulders, tree trunk thighs and a dark brown colouring that blended perfectly into the shadows. Danny was slightly in awe at the size of the person in front of him.    

“So, first time here?” Nick asked casually, turning to lean against a nearby wall.
Danny hears a slight creak as Nick puts his weight against it. “Yes actually I’m in the match at 8”. Nick smiles when he hears this, but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes.
“Good luck, the guy you’re fighting is a real beast” Nick states, with the smile on his lips.
Danny is slightly unnerved by the smile and is safe from replying when his phone chirps.
“Pardon me” Danny turns to the phone and sees a reply from Tim “good luck I can be there just after you start”; the time read 7:35.
“At any rate I’ll leave you be, to prepare” Nick continues walking out the door.
As Danny waves goodbye, he turns and starts stretching getting mentally and physically prepared for his first battle.

Across town

Tim finishes up the session helping Dave pack up when he spots Eliot walking out of the complex. “Hey Eliot!” Tim calls; Eliot turns slowly favouring his right leg.
“What’s up” Eliot calls back.
“Just wondering who were you meant to be fighting tonight at the warehouse?” Tim continued walking to him and stood in front. Eliot and Tim clasped hands and tried to break the others hand; it was a game they played.
Eliot scowls “I was meant to be fighting Nick tonight at 8 but at practice today I strained my knee and suffice to say it isn’t fully moving. The Doc told me to take it easy for the next few days… What’s wrong?” Eliot asks when he sees Tim’s face go slack in dismay.
“Danny is the sub tonight, he just messaged me he’s in the fight at 8” Tim stated in a quiet voice as he pulls out his phone and loads a web browser.
Eliot also pales “Burk wouldn’t send a complete rookie to fight Nick would he? Especially in a no holds barred match?”
Tim shakes his head as he quickly loads the warehouse’s betting page and snarls “shit they’ve already updated the betting, Danny vs Nick 8:1 odds the rookie will win”.
Eliot whistles “pretty steep odds but I can see why Burk went ahead; he’ll be making money hand over fist.”

“Greedy bastard” Tim agrees.
“Hey why the long faces?” Dave ambles over a smile on his face.
“By the way thanks Tim for helping out, so what up” Dave continues a confused look crossing his face.
“Danny the new guy is fighting Nick tonight at the warehouse” Eliot states with a grimace.
“Well crap” Dave states flatly.
“That’s an understatement, Eliot can you lock up I need to head there and stop Danny from getting in the ring” Tim tells him, as he searches his pockets for his keys.
“Sure no problem, but you had better leave now if you want to get there before they lock the cage” Eliot tells them as he heads to the doors.

“The cage?” Dave asks as he is following Tim into the car park and into Tim’s jeep.
“Yeah, for no holds barred matches, the ref locks the cages for a specific time limit and it can’t be opened until the end. Two fighters step in and only one leaves conscious and the other is…” Tim trails off as he starts the engine and immediately pulls out of the lot and into the main street and speeds up.
“And the other is what?” Dave asks as he holds onto the bar as Tim drives like a maniac as the time reaches 7:55.

“With any other fighter I wouldn’t be worried but with Nick, he has no sense of when to stop. He causes pain for fun, he gets off on it. The fighters are allowed to leave after 30minutes, the difficult thing is leaving. Usually the matches go longer as both try to get out first and stop each other. Nick deliberately finishes his opponent in the 30minutes and then has fun with him for as long as he wants” Tim continued in a flat voice while weaving in and out of traffic.

“Plus Nick is the Warehouse Champion, all wins except a draw, and that was due to the ref calling it when both fighters were physically incapable of moving”.
Dave gave a low whistle, “no wonder you don’t want Danny fighting him. I’ve only heard some stories and seen him in the corridors, but I don’t really know him”.
Tim nodded, “we’ll be there in 5, what time is it?”
“7:58 I’m guessing that they sometimes start late?” Dave replied hopefully.
“I Hope so”

The warehouse

“Weighing in at 155 pounds and 5 foot 5 is the newcomer Danny “the Fang” Bendis!” the announcement came over the speakers as Danny ran down from the locker door, to the waiting entrance of the ring. He was wearing his blue speedos and he looked good as he ran down, he heard the applause as he entered the cage and saw Burk standing inside with the microphone. Danny took a breath and leapt into the air, flipped over backwards and landed upright to thunderous applause.  While he was in the air he got a good look at the ring, it was a normal wrestling ring, with a meter gap between a chain-link barricade and the ring. The roof of the cage was about 5 meters above the ring. The door that Danny passed through had a metal bar with room for a large lock. Danny was puzzled about this until he heard Burk speak.

“Well Danny defiantly has some energy! And now his opponent weighing in at 290 pounds, and standing at 6 foot 6, the current champion, the undefeated, the unmolested, the absolute beast Nick “the Demolisher” Brock!” The applause was so loud it drowned out the opening tune of Bad to the Bone played as a tall figure stalked the same path that Danny had just taken. As Nick fully emerged into the light, Danny gulped, and turned towards Burk, “you expect me to fight the champion in my very first match?” 

Burk turned the mic off, and turned towards him “you’re getting paid a lot for this, and he knows it’s your first match so he’ll be friendly. Also I gotta explain how this match works: around the arena you see the timers?” Danny nodded, “the door will close and I’ll lock the door, when the bell sounds. The timer will count down from 30minutes, after that time the door will be unlocked. To win you need to be the first combatant out of the door under your own power. Also this is NHB, I assume you know what that is?” Burk told Danny as he watched the ever increasing figure of Nick approach the ring.

“No holds barred, anything goes” Danny replies feeling a little more confident, I can use my speed and agility to run circles around him and strike weak-points.  Burk exits the ring and passes by Nick and speaks to him, but Danny can’t hear over the applause and the noise of the crowd as they chant “Nick, Nick, Nick”. Danny also sees a grin on Nick’s face as Burk pats him on the shoulder and exits the cage. Burk turns and closes the door, and pushes the metal bar home so the door can’t be opened and affixes the lock and returns the key to his neck.

Danny is standing in the middle of the ring waiting for Nick to enter, they were looking at each other’s face and Nick had that grin on his face. Suddenly Nick sticks out his tongue and blows a raspberry “Lighten up kid, otherwise this won’t be fun”. Nick effortlessly jumps into the ring, over the top rope and lands. Danny feels the vibrations as almost 290 pounds lands and stands straight.

“Jeez you’re small fry, maybe I should have Burk toss you back and see if I can get anything bigger?” Nick is still grinning as he approaches Danny. Nick stands in front of Danny and places a hand on his head, lightly then brings it to his body. Danny steps back and notices that the top of his head just reaches below Nick’s armpit. “Your 150 right” Nick continues, with that smile getting larger. Danny nods unsure of where this is going. “I bench and squat 200 for my warmup” Nick states and the smile has grown into a full blown manic grin.

Danny’s eyes go wide with disbelief as he head Nick start to chuckle. “I’ll make a deal with you shrimp, when the bell sounds I’ll give you 5 minutes on the timer for you to do anything you want to me. I won’t resist, and if you manage to put me in a hold that makes me cry for my mummy, I’ll go easy on ya. So what do you say?” Nick extends his massive paw. “Deal and I will make you cry, not only for your mummy but for your grandmother too!” Danny fires back as he takes Nick’s paw and squeezes hard as he could. Danny stares into Nick’s face hoping that he is squeezing hard enough to cause a little bit of pain. Nick’s grin widens and says “I’m going to have so much fun”


Burk stands by the entrance watching the ring when he hears a commotion behind him; he turns and sees a familiar figure talking to the bouncer. “Tim what are you doing here? I thought you had said that fight was the last time you would come here”. Burk states as he sees Tim step forward past the bouncer and another figure as well. “You brought a friend excellent, so who is this strapping lad you’ve brought hmm he does look tasty”. Burke laughs until he sees Tim’s face and the expression on it.

“Where’s Danny!” Tim yells at Burk as a bell rings. Tim suddenly stops and looks in the direction of the cage. He can see Danny and Nick, the door is closed and the timer running.
“We’re too late, SHIT! Why you greedy toad did you put a complete rookie in the ring with Nick!” Dave quickly catches up the Tim and grabs him before he could throttle the warehouse owner.

“Well it’s nice to see you to, and the reason I put him with Nick is because he is the sub. It’s not my fault that Eliot couldn’t make it to fight Nick”, Burk states matter of factly. Ignoring the fact that the only thing keeping the enraged tiger from turning him into a chew toy was also glaring daggers at him. “You know the rules as well as I do, the cage cannot be opened, before the timer stops. Also I went through all the paperwork with Danny before the match and he understood the risks. Now calm down and support your friend inside the cage or I will remove you by force”. Burk’s voice was deadly quiet as he said the last line.

Tim took a deep breath “release me Dave”. Dave looked Burk who nodded, and he slowly released Tim from the full nelson. “VIP seats are empty, I’ll join you shortly, got to sort out some other paperwork” Burk states as he moved into a corridor. Tim quickly steps into the viewing area and grabs a seat in the VIP section where he can watch the totally lopsided fight and hope his friend isn’t too badly hurt.


Danny steps forward and starts to punch the exposed gut of Nick. After a dozen hard punches, he steps back and winces from the pain in his hands. There was no evidence of the punches on Nick’s abs apart from the soreness on his own hands. Nick grins “1000 crunches a day and you might get abs as strong as mine. Is that the best you’ve got you’ve got 4 minutes left” Nick states while glancing at the timer then continues to inspect his nails.

Danny steeped back, knelt in a crouch, and quickly stood bringing his foot high in a spinning roundhouse kick, turning his entire body to maximize the force in the heel that crashed against Nick’s jaw. Nicks jaw went past his right shoulder as the crowd went silent. “Nick’s toying with him” Tim said bitterly looking at Nick’s face. Nick slowly twisted his head to the opposite shoulder to work out the kink, and moved his jaw.

“Solid hit kid, very solid” Nick said while stretching his neck. Danny looked dumbfounded as the roundhouse had to no effect.
“Well then I'll just have to try something a bit different”, Danny muttered to himself, as he knelt and suddenly sprung up, his legs driving a uppercut straight into the unguarded crotch of Nick.

There was a dull smack that echoed around the arena, as the audience winced in sympathy at the devastating hit. All except one, Tim shook his head seeing the look of pleasure on Nicks face as he fell onto his knees. “Just a show, a performance” Tim muttered.
“Well I didn't expect such force from a little shrimp like that, lucky I don't plan on having children” Nick coughed out a little theatrically as he knelt on all fours.

Danny circle behind, took a few running steps and powered forward a kick straight into Nick’s crotch again. There was another smack and the audience cringed again as Nick’s rear was raised slightly off the mat. What the audience couldn’t see was the look of pure pleasure on Nick’s face as he fell onto the mat.

Danny quickly stepped over Nicks back and grabbed his right arm and pulled back bringing it 90 degrees off the ground and increased the pressure. “Come on, there has got to be some pain?” Nicks face was still turned towards the mat, but a muffled “Gotta do better than that kid to make me feel pain” came from Nick.

“Better eh, that I can do” Danny released one of his hands and reached down, grabbed Nick’s other muscled arm and brought both arms wrist to wrist over Nick’s back.
This bought a small reaction, a small groan that only Danny could hear. Danny smiled “finally a little pain are we. Good because I've got more in store”. Nick grinned as he was in slowly grinding the mat, rubbing his cock against the mat. Experiencing the pleasure and the slight pain.

Tim glanced at the timer and noticed that Danny only had a minute left before Nick would reverse the situation with ease. Danny cranked on the pressure and then released it, turned Nick over and left him in the centre as he climbed to the top rope. He stood to cheers from the audience and leapt off the turnbuckle aiming to land on top of Nick.

Nick saw him coming and saw the timer had reached the 25 minute mark and ticked to 24:58. So quickly it looked like a blur Nicks arms were raised as he caught Danny above his chest. Danny felt this sudden pain around his chest as he realized that Nick’s huge paws were gripping his pecs super tight. Nick suddenly moved Danny down then up again, using him as a barbell for a 150pound bench press. Danny was flailing trying to break free but the grip was steel and wasn't going anywhere.

Nick did 10 repetitions and on the final way down he tossed Danny into the air towards the turnbuckle where Danny had leapt from. There was a crash as Danny impacted the mat hard. Nick quickly leapt up from his lying position and moved to stand over the dazed Danny. Danny was seeing stars until a shadow blocked out the light. He saw Nick standing over him, a macabre smile on his lips, as Nicks tongue licked his lips slowly. “Not bad shrimp, 6/10 for effort but that isn't enough. So now I'm going to explain how the matches at the Warehouse work. You know how to win but what you don't know is that I can do anything, including taking out my dick and fucking you with it” Nick said with relish as Danny looked into his face with horror.

“The other thing you might not be aware of is that if the winner chooses, he can make the loser into his personal slave and do anything with him. Yup that's in the contract Burk had you sign tonight. Bet you didn't read the fine print. So here is what I'm going to do: if you’re still conscious when I leave this cage, I'll leave you inside. If your unconscious, your mine until my next match. And no you don't get a say about it” Nick’s was grinning so hard it must have hurt as he explained how deep the hole Danny was in. Nick was still grinning as he watched Danny’s expression as it turned from horror to terror.

“Well then let's start with what you did to me, stand up are you a man or a shrimp?” Danny felt a hand grip his hair as he was pulled upright and tossed into a corner turnbuckle.
“Better brace yourself” Nick suggested as he followed Danny and powered a punch straight into Danny's gut. There was a smack as Danny coughed all the air out of his lungs as his body jackknifed around the fist in his midsection.

Danny started to slump forward until a hand forced him back as another punch sailed In and hit his battered midsection. The audience counted down with every punch, culminating in a roar as the last punch hit. The last blow left Danny dazed in the corner only supported by his arms hanging over the top rope. Nick strutted to the centre of the ring to thunderous applause. He turned, took a few steps and powered a punch straight into Danny’s speedo clad bulge.

Danny shrieked like a banshee as he felt immense pain radiating from his crotch as he crumbled forward into the mat, both hands clutching his balls. Nick waited a few moments for Danny to stop flailing about and stood behind him. Danny was in shock and didn't notice that Nick was behind him. The audience went silent; waiting with anticipation as Nick slowly drew back his leg and powered a kick straight into the gap between a Danny's legs.

Danny rose almost a foot off the ground as another scream of pain left his lips as he flailed about. Nick stood patiently in the centre, checking his nails waiting for his victim to cease moving. As he did so he looked around the audience and spotted a pair of familiar faces In the VIP section. His eyes narrowed as he spotted his rival Tim and Dave and watched with delight when he saw them standing, gazing anxiously as Danny's pain ridden body. “Well well perhaps I can make this to my advantage” Nick quietly mused to himself.

Tim was watching Danny when he noticed Nick looking at him. Nick licked his lips suggestively and turned towards Danny who was lying face down. Nick grabbed Danny’s right arm and began to pull it slowly backwards. Danny yelled in pain again as he felt his arm being almost torn from its socket. Nick kept it that way for a few moments then casually reached down and grabbed the other arm and yanked it back so they were almost wrist to wrist.

Danny was in agony and he started to slip unconscious from the pain till he remember Nick’s threat. He forced his eyes to remain open as another shriek left his mouth. Then there was release as his arms flopped down. Nick stood over Danny; he reached down and flipped him over, leaving Danny lying in the centre of the ring. Tim watched in horror as Nick climbed to the top rope of the corner, waited for the audience to enjoy the moment as he leapt off the corner post. Danny watched in slow motion as the brown meteor was sailing towards him, but he was to slow to do anything as Nick crashed on top of Danny's chest.

BANG! The impact echoed through the arena as 290 pounds of angry wolf crashed on top Danny. The audience gasped in shock as they saw Danny get flattened. Nick stands up to cat calls and some boos, as he stands over the nearly unconscious Danny. Danny felt as though a planet had fallen on top of him, he managed to roll his head to see the timer. Please be less than 10 please. The timer displayed 19:55 19:54 and kept slowly ticked down.

Nick hoists Danny to his feet by his armpits and turns him so he is facing the crowd. Nick then takes the semi-conscious Danny over to the ropes and positions him so that his nipples are in line with the top rope. With a sadistic grin and his tongue probing Danny’s ear, Nick runs Danny along the ropes. Danny yells in pain as the friction burns his nipples producing a sharp pain. Nick bangs Danny’s shoulder into the corner post and then transfers him to the other rope and runs him around again. Nick runs Danny along the entire perimeter of the ring and stops where he started it. Danny is barely conscious, with his chest and nipples burning as he lifted and parade throughout the ring. Tim and Dave can see a large red welt along Danny’s chest and nipples from the friction and it also looked like some of Danny’s fur was torn away as well. The timer displayed 18:35. Is there going to be anything left of Danny when Burk opens the cage? Tim thought with despair.

Nick then places Danny on his feet and twists him into a painful abdominal stretch. Nick is playing with Danny’s right nipple while he his left hand has dived underneath Danny’s blue speedo’s. Wait, what is he... Danny loosed another scream of pain as Nick’s hand had encapsulated both of his nuts and began to squeeze. Danny started to thrash about, but he could only move one arm effectively and it was pushing Nick’s jaw. Trying to force the larger wolf to let go but all it did was to make the grip tighter around his balls. 
“Hmm maybe you’ll be singing as a soprano after this” Nick taunts as he continues to squeeze Danny’s balls. Nick then releases Danny, who flops onto the mat landing on his battered chest.

Danny lay unmoving on the mat as Nick stalked around his fallen prey. Nick turned Danny face up and mounted his chest. Having 290 pounds of mass suddenly drop onto Danny’s chest caused a whimper of pain to emerge from Danny. Tim watched as Nick hooked Danny’s legs underneath his arms. Nick also grabbed Danny’s hair and pulled his head upright. Danny was still conscious at this point; if groggy as Nick moved slightly forward bringing his large package straight into Danny’s face. “That’s it, worship my power, you’ll be experiencing it firsthand soon” Nick taunted. Danny was struggling to breathe as he nose and mouth were blocked by the red speedo and all it contained. He opened his mouth and some of the protuberance entered. I wonder if he’ll be as happy if i bite off his dick! Danny thought as he closed his mouth, trapping a portion of the speedo clad bulge inside. Danny closed his mouth, Nick’s huge quads suddenly clamped either side of Danny’s head and began to squeeze.

Tim noticed that Nick’s expression had changed from pleasure, as he was dominating Danny. To pain, as Danny did something with his face buried in Nick’s crotch. Nick’s tree trunk legs snapped together and it seemed that there was a race going on between the two combatants. “Oh my. Danny might not be out of this fight yet, judging from Nick’s expression” Tim told Dave as he watched Nick grimace from pain.
“Do you think he’s biting Nick’s dick?” Dave replied with a grin as he watched Nick’s legs tighten.

Danny was finding it difficult to breathe with his nose covered and his mouth currently occupied trying to crush the wolf’s red package. Just a little longer Danny thought as he started seeing spots, I sigh that he need air fast. Suddenly the pressure on Danny’s head stopped as he felt a hand grab his lower jaw and pull it open and the weight disappeared off his chest. Danny inhaled a lungful of air as he watched Nick retreat to the opposite corner massaging his groin. An ugly smile on his face, as he heard Burk announce “15 minutes till the cage unlocks”.

Danny crept backwards as he watched the wolf warily, his back hit the ropes and the used it to steady himself as he stood upright to cheers from the crowd.
“Not bad kid, not bad at all. Not many would have the balls for what you just did but you do. Im going to be more careful now, you’ve got some sharp teeth there, thankfully I don’t mind a little pain.” Nick called across the ring as he continued to rub his groin. Danny noticed that the front of Nick’s speedo was damp. Most likely from his saliva, as Nick started to approach the corner where Danny was standing.

Danny warily stepped forward to meet partway, leaving himself room to dodge if Nick can charging in. Tim watched as Nick slowly advanced on Danny with his huge arms stretched to capture him. Nick sprang forward trying to grab Danny but missed. Danny had dodged to the left and circled behind the wolf and attempted to wrap his arms around the huge wolf.  
“Huh you think you can crush me do ya?” Tim watched in disbelief as Danny managed to capture Nick from behind in a bear hug, only for it to be broken easily when Nick powered his arms up. Nick had grabbed both of Danny’s wrists and had them above Danny’s head. Nick then put his foot behind Danny’s ankle and tripped him. Forcing the both of them to hit the mat with a thud that sounded throughout the arena.

Danny again felt 290 pounds of wolf land on top of him and this time he had no chance of escaping as Nick had both of his wrists grasped tightly. Danny was again seeing stars as Nick rolled over and pinned Danny chest to chest. Dave watched as Nick grabbed both of Danny’s wrists with his left hand and with his right grabbed Danny’s crotch and began to push. Danny felt his arms in pain as they were being pulled and a crushing pain as his dick and balls were being compressed into the mat. Nick’s hands were occupied but his mouth was at the Danny’s left nipple. The wolf opened his mouth slightly and bit down on the exposed tit, causing Danny to groan in pain as his nipple was subjected to more abuse.
“You bit me, its only fair I repay the favour” Nick muttered around Danny’s nipple as his tongue teased the tit. Danny started to flail about, trying desperately to toss the wolf off him so he could fight back. Danny was able to roll slightly and gather his legs together to push the wolf away. Nick released Danny’s wrists as he felt a kick coming to his gut. Nick rolled with the kick allowing Danny a little space to stand up.

“He’s holding his own” Burk muttered, sounding slightly impressed, as he watched Nick circle around Danny.
“I think Danny surprised Nick with the bite” Tim replied also watching as the two fighters clashed in the middle in a test of strength that Nick easily won. This time it was Danny trapped in the bearhug with his arms by his side. Nick started to lick Danny’s face with his tongue while he was increasing the pressure. Danny was groaning with pain as he felt he was getting skinnier. Nick released Danny, propelling him into the ropes and then catching Danny on the rebound in a torture rack. Nick stood tall with Danny draped across his shoulders, one hand on Danny’s neck. The other inside Danny’s speedo, as he started to pull down. Danny felt he back cracking and his balls getting squeezed again and let loose a howl of pain. Nick also started bobbing up and down, using Danny as a weight for squats. Each time increasing the pressure until Nick pushed Danny overhead and slammed him down onto his knee.

Another howl of pain left Danny’s lips as he impacted Nick’s knee. Nick still had a grip on Danny’s neck, changed it to his arm and began to bite and lick Danny’s right nipple. Nick’s other hand was still in the speedo and it was  busy gripping Danny’s dick and pointing it skyward for the audience to see. After Nick takes a bite of Danny’s nipple he leans over and whispers: “You know how I said that you might be leaving this ring conscious? Well you defiantly won't be conscious after I have my fun. You think this is bad? Wait till I take my cock out and introduce you to another world of hurt”. As Nick whispered this into Danny's ear, he also stuck his tongue into the ear, almost into the canal. Danny shuddered at the unusual sensation and hoped that his tormentor would stop once he had his fill.

After this Nick lifted Danny into the air and then slammed him into the mat with a power bomb. Holding Danny still with his back on the mat, Nick sat down and pinned Danny’s arms with his legs. Nick then grabbed Danny’s legs and pulled them to the side as he leaned down and started to suck and nibble on Danny’s speedo clad package. Danny whimpered as he felt teeth nip his dick and balls with increasing pressure. Tim glanced at the timer as he was watching and asked Burk: “Isnt it about time you went to unlock the cage?” as the display read 00:42. Burk nodded as he watched Nick pull Danny upright and contort his victim into a pretzel.

He turned towards the cage door and glanced at the timer 00:19. He proceeded to grab the key and put it in the lock and unlocked the cage. Burk placed a hand on the bar and waited, the crowd started to count down from 10, 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0!
At the zero, Burk pulled the bar back, allowing the door to opened and announced. “Combatants can now leave the arena; the first one to leave under their own power is the winner”. Burk turned away and proceeded up the stairs returning to his seat. He looked at Tim and Dave and said “when Nick leaves you can collect your friend, medical care is free for newbie’s, I am sorry”.
Dave turned to Tim and asked “when do you think Nick will leave?”
“After he’s had his fill” Tim replied in a monotonous tone as he stood up. He walked down the stairs and stopped outside the cage door and waited. Dave followed him and they stood side by side as they mentally prepared for the worst.

Danny hears the crowd announce 0 as he manages to open his eyes. He is being suspended off the mat in an unusual hold he had never experienced before, but he had seen it. The Campana and Nick had him facing the door. Danny saw Burk unlock the cage; he saw that both Tim and Dave were watching and how they moved to the cage entrance, worry and shame on their faces. Nick also sees the only person who he has not managed to defeat and someone who looks like fun. Nick releases the hold and steps over Danny’s unmoving body to stand at the corner closest to the door.

“Tim, it’s been awhile who’s the new guy? I hope you’ve been enjoying the show, because you’ve got prime seats to the after party”. Nick licked his lips again, slowly, almost seductively. Tim was unfazed by the performance called to Danny “remember you only need to get out of the cage”. Danny heard his friend; somehow he reached inside himself to marshal his last spur of energy and managed to propel himself to the ring edge. He grabbed the edge of the mat and slowly pulled himself forward. Danny can feel his battered and bruised body, protesting at the movement as he manages to get his chest outside the ring. Until he feels pressure on his ankles as he is yanked backwards.

“You don’t think you were getting away that easily do ya? Oh no not until I’ve finished and I’ve barely started!” Nick growls as Danny feels his speedo being ripped away from his body. Danny feels a paw by his side as he turned chest up and sees Nick standing over him with the torn blue speedo. He sees Nick look at his crotch “what a tiny dick! Don’t worry ill make it bigger!” Nick kneels between Danny’s legs and wraps his hand around Danny’s cock and starts to roughly stroke it. Even in his battered and bruised state, the cock started to grow until it reached its full size of 6.5 inches.

“Hmm not bad shrimp” Danny hears from his tormentor as Danny feels something wrap around the base of his dick and balls. My speedo but why… Danny’s thoughts finish abruptly as he feels another bone crushing punch to his now exposed balls. He screams again as he hears a collective wince from the audience and Tim yelling “that’s enough!”
Nick then speaks “every time you talk Tim, Danny will get another hit to his jewels capache?” to illustrate the point Nick rams his fist into the exposed nuts of his captive. Another shriek of pain sounds in the arena.

Tim grits his teeth but he nods so Nick can see him. Nick stands above Danny and slowly stripes his red speedo from around his waist and steps out of it. He drops it next to Danny’s face as Danny finally sees what it has been concealing. Holy mother of God… that thing is huge! It’s bigger than mine and it doesn’t look hard! Nick then sits on Danny’s chest and speaks. “I’m going to give you a choice shrimp: you can suck this and make it huge and ill then fuck you with it with your saliva as lube. Or you can decline; I’ll make this hard and fuck you without lube. Your choice but you better choose quickly”.

Danny stares in horror at the gigantic cock that was resting between his pecs. Suck that but it won’t even fit in my mouth. Danny is still thinking when he hears “times up open up or…” Nick trailed off watching Danny’s face as his mouth remained closed. “Well then, looks like it will be the hard way, more fun for me”. Nick stands up and begins to rub his cock, after a few strokes it becomes engorged with blood. Danny watches it grow as he stares in horror as it approaches almost a foot long and as wide as a can of mother. Nick stops stroking and pulls Danny off the ground and throws him into the corner turnbuckle closet to the door.

Danny’s back impacts the post with a thud and he almost slides down until a pair of arms turns him around and forces him against the post. Danny hears a whisper in his ear “I recommend biting down on that rope, you don’t want to bite your tongue off”. As Nicks speaks he sticks his tongue in Danny’s ear and Danny quickly bit down on the top rope. Danny feels his butt checks being pulled apart as he tries desperately to clench and keep them together. “Well, well a virgin hole, this is going to be so much fun” as Danny hears this he feels a warm sensation at his hole. His focuses on keeping it clenched, hoping that would be enough to prevent the huge dick about to enter.

“Hmm seems I need to know the magic word… Open Sesame!” As Nick calls out he grabs Danny’s balls and squeezes hard, eliciting another scream. At the same time, the hole relaxes, Nick with one hand around Danny’s nuts, the other holding his hair lunges forward sending his gigantic cock into Danny’s virgin arse. Another howl of pure pain erupts from Danny’s mouth as he feels this thing enter a place where nothing has been there before. “Only 2 inches well I think I need to keep applying the password. Open Sesame!”
Nick squeezes again and pushes forwards, sending more of his fuck-stick into Danny. “Almost halfway, open sesame!” another shriek, Nick slides further into his captive. “One more push should do it, you really should’ve sucked this, and it would be all the way in by now”. Nick taunts as he give a final squeeze on Danny’s balls and a final push.

Danny is hoarse from the pain, the screams from earlier but he feels a pair of rock hard legs leaning against his arse. It’s all in Danny thinks as he hears Nick whisper “I’ll give you a moment to get used to my size then I’ll show why. I. Am. The. CHAMPION!” the last word is screamed in Danny’s ear as he feels the pulsing cock being removed from his arse. The relief is short lived as suddenly he feels the cock head against his hole and it being forced in at high speed. Nick goes balls deep into Danny, and Danny screams in pain as he is being violated. Nick is now using one arm to support Danny from underneath as the other is still pulling his hair, causing Danny to arch his back.

The cycle repeats: Nick fully withdraws and then plunges in. Danny’s screams turn to whimpers that only Nick, Tim and Dave can hear. Tim doesn’t speak and neither does Dave as they realise that it would only cause more harm to Danny. While Nick is raping Danny, he is staring right into Tim’s eyes and Tim stares right back. After a few minutes Nick pulls Danny off the post and wraps his arms around Danny’s neck in a full nelson. The only thing supporting Danny’s weight is Nick’s cock, balls deep in Danny. Nick lowers his legs until he is kneeling on the ground and Danny is standing with his knees bent. Nick then moves Danny up and down with his arms and starts to lick Danny’s ear with his tongue. Turning him into a flesh jack, during this Tim notices that Danny’s cock is rock hard and that his speedo is still wrapped around his dick and balls.

“Bastard” Tim mutters only loud enough for Dave to hear. “He’s using Danny’s speedo as a cock ring, making sure that he stays hard even through the abuse”. Tim shakes his head as he continues to watch Nick impale his friend.   
“You’ve seen this before I take it?” Dave quietly asks, also watching with disgust at the spectacle before him.
“Yes it was my first night here. Nick was fighting another fighter from across the state. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into. Nick toyed with him, then dismantled him and then raped him just he’s doing now. I vowed that I would never let that sadistic wolf ever do that to me. My match with Nick ended in the draw I told you about”.
Tim tells Dave quietly still watching Nick. Nick shudders after a particular violent thrust as Danny whimpers and stops for a moment. Nick then pulls Danny off his cock and throws him to the mat. Tim and Dave can clearly see Nick’s cum coating his dick and some start to leak from Danny’s abused arsehole.

“That’s it isn’t it? He finished so he should be leaving right?” Dave asks hopefully as Nick strokes his cock, collecting his seamen in his hand and licking it clean while staring in their direction.
“Nope, that night I saw Nick cum 6 times. Each time in his opponent and he licks his hand clean. The last time he shot it in the throat of his victim, forcing that python all the way into and then finishing. It would be impressive if it wasn’t so perverted.” Tim states with disgust.   
Nick finishes cleaning his hand and licks his lips and mouths “I heard that” finishing with an evil and sadistic grin.

Danny is face down on the mat when he is flipped over and a leg is yanked out of the way. Danny feels both of his legs suddenly start moving in directions legs aren’t supposed to go and groans in pain. At the same time he feels that gigantic fuck-stick get shoved back into his arse and starts pounding away. Tim shakes his head in disgust as he watches Nick manhandle his friend. “He’s an imaginative, sadistic wolf turning a banana split into a painful penetration hold” Dave remarks quietly.
“You have no idea, but you’ll see soon” Tim replies as he watches helpless to interfere or even give emotional support.

Nick continues to thrust as he rolls Danny forward, facedown into the mat, and continues to fuck him doggy style. Nick grabs both of Danny’s wrists with one hand and Danny’s tail with the other. As he continues to pull fully out and then reenter, using them as hand holds.  Nick stay’s inside Danny as he releases his wrists and tells him to straighten his back. Danny, wishing to relieve the pain on his neck complies  as he uses his hands to brace himself on all fours. Nick repositions his hands to cover Danny’s mouth as he continues to rape him. Tim watches and Nick continues to pound into his friend for a few more minutes, then Nick stops and shudders. Nick pulls out of Danny and turns him around as he forces the cum covered dick into Danny’s mouth for him to fuck a new hole.
Nick lifts Danny upright and then slams him back to the mat. Nick rolls Danny onto his head so that his weight was being supported only by his neck and shoulders. Nick then plunges balls deep into Danny, pushing all his mass into Danny and down into the mat. Danny is basically being fucked into the mat by the unrelenting thrusts of his tormentor. Nick reaches and grabs hold of Danny’s dick and starts to stroke it in time with his thrusts. “Wait why is he doing that?” Dave asked incredulous as he sees Nick continue to stroke Danny and Danny starts to make noises that aren’t pain.

“He’s not doing for Danny, notice the speedo. It’s acting as a cock ring stopping blood from leaving his dick and stopping Danny from cumming. Soon that dick will become hypersensitive with the need for release and then it’s another weapon that Nick will use to torture Danny”. Tim remarks coldly “he did it last time as well, when it finally was removed, the poor guy came, but it wasn’t pleasant. It hurt, he was screaming in pain from his own orgasm”.
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph” Dave quietly whispers in fear.
Danny’s face suddenly changes from one of pain, to briefly pleasure then pain as he can’t release. Nick grins again and increases his pounding and stroking and until Danny is whimpering again. Nick stops fucking as he pushes once more but the hand stroking Danny increases in speed as Danny begins to groan in pain louder. Nick pulls out of Danny and steps away, allowing Danny to flop onto his back. Nick wipes his dick off with his hand again and licks it clean. He pauses and then bellows to the crowd “DO YOU WANT MORE!!!” and waits. A very definite yes echoes throughout the arena as the crowd voices its opinion.

Danny had managed to turn over and was slowly pulling himself to the nearest edge until he is pulled backwards and is penetrated in one swift move. Danny feels a pressure on the back of his head, as his face is pushed into the mat. Danny manages to twist his head to side as Nick’s hand readjusts. Tim watches Nick rise up slightly and move his body weight over Danny’s head. Danny howls as he feels his chest start to compress as it supports 200 pounds of pure muscle. With each thrust Danny feels his cheek starting to get red from the friction. Nick does rapid, yet strong thrusts for a few minutes then he changes position. Nick takes his hand away from Danny’s head and drops his whole body onto Danny’s back.

Danny moans in pain but it is stopped when Nick’s arm wraps around his throat in a choke hold and Nick rests his head on top of Danny’s. Nick whispers in Danny’s ear “if I cum before you choke out ill keep the fucking until I’ve completely finished. Or you go to sleep, I finish now and I take your body home to play with, until my next match”. Danny realises he has about 30secs before he goes unconscious. Hating himself for doing this but he doesn’t want to go home with Nick, begins to rock backwards. Pushing himself against the thrusts as he urges Nick to move faster. The sadistic wolf obliges, increasing the pace of his thrusts. Danny begins to see spots until he feels a warm surge inside him ass. At the same time Nick released the sleeper hold and pulled out with a splotch. Again he licked his cock clean and gazed at Danny, mentally running through what he has done and what he has yet to do.

 Nick penetrated Danny again and rolled him onto his side. Nick grabbed a leg and pulled and his other arm went around Danny’s dick and started to stroke roughly. Nick started hard sharp thrusts while he kept pulling Danny’s leg in one direction. Danny alternated moans of pleasure and pain, until he shuddered but again no release thanks to his own speedo. After a couple of minutes, Nick sat upright moving the still impaled Danny with him. Nick moved the hand on Danny’s leg to his throat and held it moving Danny’s head. Nick also started licking the back of Danny’s shoulders and neck with his long tongue. Nick continued pumping into Danny as he continued to stroke and licks his victim. It didn’t take long for Nick to shudder and climax for the fourth time that night.   

Nick pushed Danny off of him and stood up. He hauled Danny up and placed his shoulder against a corner post and grabbed both of Danny’s arms. He then Penetrated Danny in one full thrust, grinding Danny’s shoulder into the metal post, eliciting another pained whimper. Nick then pulled out and pulled Danny’s shoulder off the post and swapped sides and entered balls deep again. He did this 20 times, 10 for each shoulder, each time a pained moan left Danny’s mouth. After the 20th thrust Nick pulled completely out and spun Danny around. He forced Danny’s mouth open and proceeded to shove his humongous cock into Danny’s throat. Danny started to gag but Nick kept pushing in until Danny’s nose was in his crotch fur. “Don’t even think of biting because I can do a lot worse” Nick threatened quietly as he slowly withdrew his cock from Danny’s mouth. Danny spluttered, getting a breath of air until the python was back down his throat. On the third penetration Nick shuddered and Danny felt a load of cum slide down his throat and into his stomach.

“Drink the milk and it will make you big and strong ha ha ha” Nick laughed as he left his enormous cock in Danny’s mouth. Danny started to make motions as he couldn’t breathe with the dick deep down his throat and Nick’s skin blocking his nose. Nick waited until he felt no movement from his captive then slowly withdrew his cock from Danny’s mouth. Nick looked around for his red speedo, grabbed it and shoved it into Danny’s unconscious mouth. “Enjoy the taste, you’ll be getting a lot more soon” Nick let out a sadistic laugh that sent chills down Tim and Dave’s spine. Nick reached down and lifted Danny onto his shoulder in a fireman’s carry with one hand and released the speedo with the other. Gravity and the pressure of no release forced a small amount of cum to drip from Danny’s dick. It hit the mat with plop.

“Pathetic, he gets to release and he can’t do anything. I’ll have to train him better”. Nick jumped over the top ropes and walked towards the door. Pushing it open as Burk announced that Nick was still the reigning champion and had earned his prize. Nick stopped in front of Tim and Dave.
“You going to get out of my way or what?” Nick said with a sneer.
“You’re not taking Danny” Tim replies with his fists clenched, Dave nodded in agreement next to him.
“Burk” Nick calls, “want to explain to these two what I get if I win?”
“Tim and Dave step aside, Nick has ownership of Danny until his next match” Burk replies over the PA.
“When is that then” Tim replies still staring at Nick.
“A month away” Burk replies.
“NO! Nick I challenge you to a match next week!” Tim retorts in Nick’s face.
Nick grins “deal but only if your partner also joins you, more fun that way”. Nick replies while looking at Dave.
Dave blinks and states “but I haven’t fought in the warehouse before”.
“Well if you want your friend back, you had better be there otherwise he’s mine”. Nick pushes past Tim and continues towards the exit.
“Fine! I’ll fight with Tim against you”. Nick raises a hand in acknowledgment of Dave’s statement and replies. “Burk will make the arrangements”.

Tim and Dave both turn towards Burk and he indicates them to follow him.
“Alright I can schedule a match against Nick for next week, but the issue is that Dave needs to wins before I can let him enter the ring with Nick. It’s one rule I can’t break as Nick is the champion”. Burk tells Tim and Dave as they enter the office.
“Well then I need to get two wins before next week. Sign me up” Dave replies.
“Ok they will be normal matches, 3 rounds, best of three so win by submission or domination, no timer” Burk states as he starts to gather paperwork.
“Domination?” Dave asks Tim.
“Basically fuck their brains out and seed them” Tim replies.
“Burk how will the match against Nick work?”
“I’ll be working on that and talking with Nick about it. I’ll also have the doc check in on Danny every day” Burk promises.
“Thanks and we” Tim indicates Dave. “Need to get started on training for these matches and for Nick”. Dave nods in understanding.


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