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Friday, 27 November 2015

9 Burks’ Paperwork

Burk looked up from his desk as he heard heavy footfalls and saw Nick walk past, with Danny slumped over his shoulder. He heard the footsteps stop and hen Nick speaking. “Burk I want those speedos back, especially Boris’s”. The footsteps started again and Burk heard James laugh as he strode past the door. Burk turned to the monitor and saw Boris was still in the cage, out cold. The crowd had started moving to the exits, some moving closer to the cage getting a look at the defeated bull. Burk shook his head and left his office, heading to the cage. He exited the corridor and started walking towards the cage. He noticed that Tim and Dave were still in their seats, gazing at the ring, there expressions slightly dismayed. Well I would be to if I was about to fight Nick. No one willingly fights against him, its usually drawn by lot. Though they come and try to get out of the fight, like Eliot did. Hmm ill have him fight Axel soon. He can consider it punishment for making Danny fight Nick. Burk shook his head and strode towards the cats.  

“Tim, Dave can you get Boris out of there and take him to the infirmary. Also ive got the details for the fight with Nick, come by the office later”. Burk turned around and walked back to his office. He walked in and sat on the chair, sighing heavily. He watched Tim, Dave and Sage walk to the cage. Tim and Dave jumped into the ring and started to free Boris of the restraints. Tim pulled the speedo from Boris’s mouth while Dave freed the bull’s legs. Tim then untied the speedo around Boris’s wrists and motioned for Sage to come closer. Burk saw Tim talking and Dave helped him slide Boris under the bottom rope. Tim left the ring and he and Sage put each of Boris’s arms over their shoulders and started to move him out of the cage. Dave ran over and grabbed the bull’s legs and helped carry the unconscious fighter. It took them a few minutes to walk up the stairs, carrying Boris as some of the crowd were watching. Some slapped the bulls ass and laughed as he was carried out of the arena.

Burk watched the procession walk past his door and heard them talking to the doctor on call. Burk turned to the TV and switced it off. He then rummaged in the filing cabinet and pulled out a folder marked “Nick vs Tim and Dave” and pulled out several pieces of paper.
He heard a knock and looked up to see Dave and Tim standing just outside his door. He motioned for them to come in and take a seat.
“Alright, ive got the match specifics here for your perusal. I didn’t decided how its going to happen, neither did Nick. Greg is the one who sorted this and im just implementing it”. Burk passed them each a single piece paper and watched there expressions, waiting for the outburst.
“What the Hell!” Dave burst as he stared at the paper in his hand with incredulity. Greg wins 20 bucks Burk thought as he watched Tim rereading the sheet.
“can we request any changes” Tim asked calmly as Dave sat fuming, glaring at Burk.
“im afraid no. personally I would let you do some changes but mt hands are tied. Basically im letting you know this to get ready for it.” Burk leaned back in his chair watching the cats as they thought about what they could do.
“So for us to win we need to free Danny from his handcuffs with the key hidden somewhere on Nick. Then move Danny out of the cage and knock Nick out?” Burk nodded as Tim finished speaking.

Dave stood up and began to slowly stalk around the small office muttering under his breath.
Tim looked at Burk, and Burk could see the gears turning in his mind.
“For Nick to win he needs to subdue the both of us, at the same time and stop Danny leaving the cage?” Burk nodded again as Tim looked back at the paper, thinking.
“What do we get if we win?” Dave demanded sitting back down in the chair, glaring at Burk.
“The esteem of being the only fighter to defeat the undefeated champion. Nick’s record at the moment is 20-0, sorry 21-0-1.” Burk glanced at Tim and saw a small smile as he heard he was the only fighter to get a draw. “Winnings will be a minimum of 20,000 with the victors getting 30% extra from bets. You cant be named champions since it’s a 2 v 1 match but its still an impressive achievement. And you get Nick to do with as you please while your in the cage.” Burk finished talking as Dave and Tim stared at him in shock at the last statement.

“Nick gets the same things of course. Additionally he keeps Danny as his contract slave for 3 months and he can demand a match from either of you, solo.” Burk sat silently watching as the cats expressions changed to dismay as they listened to Nick’s rewards.
“is Danny allowed to leave of his own power if we free him?”Tim asked staring at Burk.
Burk sat there for a few moments, thinking before he replied.
“it doesn’t say” Burk stated, keeping a straight face as he witnessed Tim and Dave exchanging looks.
“at any rate, it will be a normal tag match, one active fighter legally allowed in the ring. Tagging in and out as normal. Danny will be in Nick’s corner, opposite the door, and you 2 will start in your corner, closest to the door. Nick is allowed to engage the un-active fighter if he steps into the ring without being tagged in. apart form those rules, its anything and everything goes.” Burk finished speaking, allowing Tim and Dave to digest the information.
“also I need you to sign this” Burk pulled a separate piece of paper and placed it in front of them.
“it says that you understand the rules and restrictions of the fight and will keep to them. Nick also has to sign this, which he will do tomorrow.”

Tim picked the paper up and quickly read it, his eyes sweeping across the page. Tim nodded and reached for a pen and signed under his name and passed it to Dave. Dave glanced at Tim and also signed under his name. Burk took the sheet back and quickly signed in the witness section. He then put he paper back into the file and stood. Tim and Dave rose as well and waited for Burk to speak.
“well that’s it. Go home and plan, by the way Dave your versing Tony next week, Tim your against Sage and Nick has put Danny fighting against Dennis. Don’t ask why, he told me to do it earlier. Anyway Im heading home” Burk shooed the cats out of his office and closed the door. Burk sighed and sat behind his desk and reached for the phone. He dialled a number.     
“Yes?” a deep voice said and Burk shuddered as he heard Greg.
“they’ve signed the documents, now ive got to get Nick to agree and sign. Also Danny will need to as he is also participating in the match”. Burk sat silently waiting for a response.
“good” the phone clicked and the line went dead as Greg hung up.


Tim and Dave looked at the closed door and then glanced at each other. Dave shrugged and started heading to the locker-room. Tim followed and as he passed the infirmary, he heard a bellow and stuck his head in. Boris was trying to sit upright on the bed, bellowing “where is that bastard! I will kill him!” Only the restraining hand of the doctor kept him on the bed.
“Now relax or you’ll injure yourself more than Nick did”. Boris glared at the doctor but stopped struggling and laid back on the bed. Tim stepped cautiously into the room, looking at Boris, blanket covering his lower body. Boris’s upper body had several large bruises, particularly around his neck. His horns looked slightly misaligned, probably from the pressure Nick was exerting while controlling him.

Boris looked at Tim and glared, “what are you here for cat? Come to gloat, stare? If you are bugger off.” Boris turned his head away and closed his eyes.
“actually I was going to see how you are, but ill leave you be”. Tim turned around and started to walk out of the room.
“Wait, I’m sorry for being an ass”. Tim turned to look at Boris, who was staring at Tim.
“Doc told me you and the other cats brought me here, so thanks. So was it as bad watching as it was me experiencing it?” Boris spoke quietly and gestured for Tim to sit on an empty chair near the bed. Tim sat and thought for a few moments before answering.
“Yes, its never pleasant watching someone experience Nick’s attentions, though I did think you would win for a while”. Boris frowned, considering Tim’s words for a moment before replying.
“Well did you enjoy the show?” Tim shook his head and Boris snorted but he continued speaking.
“I understand your fighting Nick in a few weeks?” Tim nodded and was about to speak when Boris interrupted.
“I want to help.” Tim blinked in surprise as Boris continued.
“It wont be for free, but I want revenge on that bastard. Helping you guys is the best I can do at the moment. Anyway we can discuss this later” Boris finished speaking when the doctor came around and indicated that it was closing time.

“Okay, ill speak to you later” Boris nodded as Tim stood and walked to the corridor. Dave stood outside, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for Tim.
“What did he want?” Dave turned and started walking to the warehouse exit, forcing Tim to jog to catch up.
“Well Boris want to help us, not sure what he wants. Any rate what do you think of the terms of the fight with Nick?” Dave snorted at Tim’s words.
“I think the fight will be difficult, but not impossible. Its harder for him to win than us, but the bit that worries me. Just from watching his fight today, he will do almost anything to win”. Tim nodded as they came to the door and pushed it open. He stopped, staring at the figure leaning against his car. The figure was taller than Tim, broad and there was a gleam of white light reflected off teeth.
“Hello Tim, Dave its been awhile” as the security light flicked on revealing Axel lounging against Tim’s car.
“Axel, what do you want?” Tim growled as he stopped in the doorway, Dave stood next to him bag in hand.
“Did you watch Nick fucking the homophobe? Ill tell you I was hard and I am still, though no one wants to play”. Axel grinned and stood straight, displaying his impressive height as he stalked forwards. He stood right in front of Tim, an inch away and loomed.

Tim looked slightly up, staring into Axel’s eyes and standing impassively. Axel chuckled and looked at Dave “you up for a tussle? I watched your fight with Eliot, 7 for the fight and well the fucking could have been more intense”. Axel licked his lips seductively and laughed at Dave’s disgusted expression.
“ill pass thanks” Dave answered glaring at Axel.
“Your loss anyway im here to give you an offer. You 2 are fighting Nick in 3 weeks, im offering to give you a hand to prepare for that fight, if you want it”. Axel grinned and waited, his eyes flicking between Tim and Dave.
“Your price?” Tim asked staring at Axel’s grinning face.
“Well I you can imagine” Axel replied grabbing his bulge and laughing.
“We’ll pass” Tim replied pushing past Axel and heading to his car. Dave followed Tim as the engine started.
“if you change your mind, get in touch” Axel laughed and disappeared into the night as Tim drove out of the carpark.         

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