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Friday, 27 November 2015

8 Humiliating Boris

Danny knelt on the wood floor as James’s feet rested on his head, keeping him from rising from his knees. Dammit I hate being in this position, plus im still sore from the beating I got from THAT bastard on Monday. Danny rubbed his stomach, wincing at the throb of pain from the large bruise which had formed when James had used him as a punching bag. At least Nick wasn’t too mean, well apart from the forced swallowing and the fucking.
Danny heard a heavy rock song sound from speakers as a gigantic bull approached the cage and stepped inside.

“Standing at 7 foot and 1 inch and weighing in at 309 pounds: Boris ‘the Hammer’ Masters.” Boris stepped over the top rope and stood in the centre of the ring in blue trunks. Looking all around the arena Boris scowled and waited impassively. The music faded and the sound of a boos and grumbles remained. Burk shook his head resignedly as he waited for the crowd to settle.
Danny rose slightly as James spoke quietly “no idea why that bull is here tonight. Maybe he got offered a big bonus for finally participating in a gay match.” James stops talking and noticed Danny had moved trying to get a better view.

“Nick has given me permission to punish you if you get out of hand. He told me especially to fuck you, hard if you talked to Tim or Dave.” James smiled evilly “sooo please talk to either of them.” Danny stared at James then turned back to the ring, James laughed and adjusted his feet. Allowing Danny to observe the fight from his kneeling position. Burk spoke into the microphone “and his opponent, our champion at 6’6 and 286 pounds: Nick “the Demolisher” Brock!”  Rock music blared from speakers and Danny winced as Nick strode down the steps into the cage. He jumped over the ropes and landed to cheers from the crowd. Nick raised his arms, flexing them and mounted a corner post and the crowd roared its approval.  

Burk exited the ring and closed the door. The lock clanged, sealing Boris and Nick inside, the crowd silent waiting with anticipation. Nick smiled and circled around Boris waiting for the the bell to sound.
“So Boris what did you do to piss Greg off? He saw me on Monday and told Burk to set this up pronto. Greg told me to make you suffer before fucking you, doubling my usual winnings.” Nick stopped in front of Boris, waiting for him to respond.
“I insulted some of the homosexual fighters, when Greg was nearby. That’s why im here, and no your not going to fuck me at all. I am not going to fuck you but I will turn you into a pretzel and break you.” Boris stared into Nick’s eyes, daring him to refute. Nick grinned at the challenge and raised his arms, offering a test of strength to start the match.

Boris stood impassively, staring down at Nick waiting for the bell to ring. He looked in Burk’s direction and saw him gesture to go along with Nick. Boris shook his head, his horns gleaming in the spotlight as he slightly crouched and mimicked Nick’s pose.
DING DING! The bell echoed around the arena as Nick and Boris stepped towards each other. Meeting in the middle and interlocking fingers, trying to prove who is the stronger.

“Nick will win” James stated as Danny watched the two titans clash in the middle.
Danny looked back at James with a sceptical expression “trust me Nick  will win, it won’t be easy but it will be guaranteed. Just because your smaller than your opponent doesn’t mean you will automatically lose. You saw my match with Alexander?” Danny nodded wondering where James was going and also surprised why he was being nice.

“well Alex is a over a foot taller and outweighs me by at least 100 pounds and yet it was his ass getting pounded an hour ago.” James grinned as he turned back to the ring where both Nick and Boris were struggling, each trying to gain the upper hand. Danny noticed that both fighters had started to sweat even though the match had started two minutes ago. Suddenly Boris stepped forward and pushed Nick to one knee. Boris used his upper body and superior position to force Nick to both of his knees.
“you shouldn’t boast so much” Boris muttered between clenched teeth as he maintained his dominant position over Nick.

“And you should be more careful letting your opponent get so close to your balls” Nick replied as he lunged forward. His head impacting Boris’s crotch and causing Boris to howl in pain and release Nick’s hands. Nick stood up and dusted his knees watching Boris writhe on the mat, clutching his groin and moaning in pain. Nick rolled his eyes and walked to a corner post and waited for Boris to recover. He wiped his forehead, tossing the gathered moisture onto the mat and looked around the arena. Nick saw Danny watching, grinned and turned back to Boris who had managed to get back to his feet.  

James grinned and rubbed his crotch, obviously enjoying Boris’s suffering.
“doenst matter how big and strong you are. Take a hard enough hit to the balls and anyone will go down.” James laughed, pulled Danny closer putting him in a head scissor and locked his ankles. Making sure Danny wasn’t able to go anywhere.
“youll have a better view from here and I can have some fun.” James laughed again and leaned back in his chair. James hooked a finger in Danny’s collar and pulled. Danny gasped in surprise as he felt his throat tighten and he pulled on collar, trying to relieve the pressure. James laughed again and released the collar allowing Danny to gasp for air.  

Danny took several deep breaths and kept his fingers inside the collar. Insuring at least he could breath when James decided to torture him. Well if he releases the head scissor ill show him what Nick just did and ill enjoy it. Danny let his head rest against James’s ample package and prepared himself to head-butt when the opportunity presented it. Danny watched Nick mimed holding a cape and taunted “el toro”. Danny could see steam coming out of Boris’s nostrils as he charged at Nick. Nick dodged nimbly to the side and propelled Boris into the ropes with a kick. Nick followed Boris to the ropes and slammed both his fists onto Boris’s back. The dull smack echoed around the warehouse as Boris fell forward onto his hands and knees.

Nick raised his foot and stomped on Boris’s back, inflicting more pain. Boris grunted in pain but remained on his hands and knees. Nick stomped again and again trying to force the bull onto the mat. However Boris refused to yield, Nick growled and ran to the ropes. He bounced off the ropes using his momentum to jump into the air and landed on Boris’s back. All 286 pounds impacted Boris as he remained solidly kneeling and Nick was sitting on the bulls broad back. .
“heh not bad though I don’t mind my opponent on his knees” Nick muttered as he sat on Boris. Boris grunted and suddenly hit the mat and then pushed himself upright. Nick was knocked off balance by the sudden change in position and fell off Boris. Landing on his chest a few feet from the rising bull

Boris stood 7 feet in the air and glared at Nick’s sprawled figure. Boris stepped forward and powered a kick right into Nick’s side. An enormous SMACK filled the arena and Nick was rolled onto his back by the force. Nick shook his head and stood up “well you do have some fight in you. I was wondering if your all bark and no bite” Nick grinned showing his canines. Boris snorted and charged at Nick, catching him around the waist in a bear hug and lifting him in the air. Boris increased the pressure as Nick started raining punches on Boris’s head and shoulders. Boris grunted as Nick started to knee and kick, trying to force the enormous bull to release him. Boris suddenly pushed himself forwards and then heaved Nick over his body in a german suplex. BANG!!! Nick crashed face first into the mat as Boris let him go and stood up and posed for the crowd over Nicks supine form.

Danny whistled in appreciation as he witnessed the strength of the bull.
“don’t count Nick out just yet” James said as he watched Boris swagger around the ring.
“he’s taking more punishment from me in a practice match” Danny turned around to look at James. James was smiling as he watched the ring and motioned for Danny to do the same. Danny turned back to the ring where Nick was standing up, shaking his head and Boris was not paying any attention. Danny could see Nick’s grin as he quietly stood up and snuck behind the bull. Boris grunted in surprise as Nick gripped him around the waist and lifted the bull high into the air. Danny could hear Nicks laughter as he suplexed Boris onto the mat. BANG!!! The ring shuddered, the posts shook as 600 pounds hit the mat and Boris howled in pain as he landed face first.   

Nick quickly stood up and sat on Boris’s back again. He grabbed Boris’s horns and pulled, using his phenomenal strength to haul Boris’s upper body in a violent camel clutch. Boris continued to howl as his back was pulled almost to breaking point. Danny could see Nick struggling to maintain the hold as Boris fought desperately to escape. Nick heaved, putting even more pressure on Boris’s lower back as the pull tried vainly to push the gripping hands off his horns. The horns were slick with sweat as Boris managed to push one of the hands off his horn. Nick instantly changed tactics, releasing the other horn and lunged forwards as Boris started to fall. Nick snaked his right arm around Boris’s neck and secured a rear choke hold as Boris’s face hit the mat.

Nick laid on top of Boris, he wasn’t the same size, but he managed to get close to his victim’s ear. “you know that hard sensation at your lower back? That is my rock hard cock, that is ready and waiting to fuck you so hard you wont be sitting straight for a month.” Nick whispered this as he kept pressure on the choke hold. Boris couldn’t reply but he tried to pull Nick’s arm away from his throat. All it did was for Nick to tighten the hold, his arm like a python slowly pushing the bull to unconsciousness. Nick slightly decreased the pressure, allowing the bull to get a small mouthful of air before. “but there’s no fun in beating an unconscious opponent. Theres 20 minutes before we get let out of the cage and the match only ends when one of us leaves. Im going to fuck you after that time so you better be ready.” Nick finished whispering as he completely released the choke hold and stood above Boris.

Danny could see Nick’s dick from the stands, tenting the red speedo, almost completely pushing the garment away from his body. Danny shuddered, even looking at that python was bring back bad memories. Danny felt something poke at the back of his head and looked back to see James with his hands under his speedo, massaging his own dick. His hand had bumped against Danny’s head. James looked away from the ring and grinned at Danny, his hand still buried in his own speedo. “it looks like your enjoying the match, Nick dominating the big bull. Like he dominated you, like I did” James laughed and ruffled Danny’s hair with the hand from his speedo. Danny felt a warm liquid on his scalp and tried to shake his head. It was difficult since James still had his head trapped between his thighs. Trying to get away from that sticky paw. James laughed and pointed at Danny’s speedo, where there was a noticeable bulge.  Danny tried to hide the erection by closing his legs and James laughed harder. People turned towards the sound Dave, Tim and sage as well. Wondering why someone was laughing like a hyena when a crash sounded throughout the arena.

Danny gazed back at the arena where Boris had stood up from the mat and Nick was on the mat. Boris was breathing hard and he stumbled, still feeling the effects of the choke hold. Boris stumbled to a corner post as was watching Nick with hate in his eyes. Nick slowly stood up and walked to the opposite corner. Nick stared at Boris and smiled, and licked his lips and winked. Boris shook his head, his horns gleaming as he glared at Nick. The timer ticked down, as both the warriors caught their breath. Nick took a step forward and Boris matched him, until they met in the middle, chests almost touching. Nick had to look up to meet Boris’s eyes and Boris glared down at him. The audience was silent as they waited for either combatant to make a move. The timer ticked to 15:59 and continued counting down, oblivious to the situation

“I am not going to lose to you dog” Boris rumbled. “and my ass is not your play thing” Boris continued as he stood over Nick.
“we will see about that… urgh!” As Nick starts to speak, Boris’s knee powers into his groin, doubling the wolf over. “that’s payback for earlier” Boris rumbles as he grabs Nick’s head and flips him to the mat.
Nick hit the mat, in pain from the knee to the nuts when Boris drops, knee first on Nick’s gut. SMACK! Nick spluttered as the bull landed, stood up and dropped again. The third time Boris straddled Nick’s waist and started to pummel his abs and chest with axe slams. Nick tried to protect himself the best he could from the onslaught. It was proving difficult as Boris would send a punch towards Nick’s face which he had to protect. After 2 minutes of this Boris stood over Nick’s still form and shook his head. He turned and climbed the corner post and balanced himself in the top rope. Nick was still in the middle of the ring partially dazed from the beating that Boris had done.

“please don’t tell me he is going to try to splash on Nick” Danny asked, slack jawed as he watched Boris prepare to leap.
“looks like it” James replied cheerfully as his hand rested on Danny’s head.
“but I doubt he will hit Nick, since he is faking being immobile”. Danny twisted his head to stare at James in disbelief.
“but that pounding, no one can take that much punishment and still be conscious, let alone ready to dodge!” James snorted and gazed back at the ring when he heard the audience gasp. Boris had leapt off the top rope and sailed towards Nick… or at least where Nick was when he jumped. Nick rolled to under the ropes and completely avoided Boris’s landing. Which was spectacular.

CRASH!!! 310 pounds of enraged beef hit the mat and the impact sent Nick rolling out of the ring. Boris lay flat on his face as Nick climbed back into the ring and stood over the unmoving bull. “jeez you are thick, thinking that I was dazed enough to not see what you were doing a mile away”. Nick shook his head and hauled Boris off the mat and tossed him into a corner post. Boris hit the post with a thud, his back exposed as Nick charged. Nick impacted the unmoving bull, slamming him into the post again. Boris moaned as he was crushed against the post and Nick’s mass. Nick stepped back and admired Boris draped over the post. He then squatted and lifted Boris onto his shoulders in a torture rack.

Danny noticed that Nick was able to stand straight with the dead weight as he gripped Boris’s neck and his other hand disappeared in the blue trunks. Boris stirred as he felt himself being lifted and then pain. Boris howled as Nick viciously twisted his gargantuan bull balls in a vice grip. Nick bobbed up and down, inflicting more pain on Boris’s back as he tried to reduced Boris’s chance of ever having kids.
“I give, I give, I give, I surrender!” Boris yelled in pain as Nick kept abusing him. Nick paused for a moment and replied “you know I don’t accept my opponent surrendering. Just makes me want to hurt em even more”. Nick gave a vicious twist and Boris screamed as Nick bench pressed the bull right into the air.

Danny whistled dumbstruck at the strength that Nick was displaying. Keeping Boris suspended over his head while he was struggling to get free.
“I had no chance at all” Danny mutters watching the spectacle.
“Yup” James agrees awestruck as Nick threw Boris back onto the mat.
For the 4th time that night the arena echoed with a BANG! As Boris impacted the mat harder then his own leap off the turnbuckle. Boris lay flat on his front as Nick placed a foot on his back and posed for the crowd. Displaying his dominance over the bigger bull. The crowd roared as Nick posed for each set of stands. The timer reached 5:58 and continued counting down.

Danny was dumbstruck as he watched Nick rotate, posing to each side of the arena until he stopped staring at Danny’s section. Nick pointed at Danny and gestured for him to come. Danny blinked in surprise as James snorted and released his head from his thighs. Danny then felt himself rising as James hauled him upright and pushed him in the direction of the stairs. “better get going, you don’t want to make him wait” James looked back to the ring where Nick was waiting. Danny hesitantly trod down the stairs and stopped just outside the cage. Nick pointed to the cage door and Danny walked towards it, glancing at Boris who was still lying on his face. Danny walked to the cage door entrance and looked at the timer. 5:21, 5:20… Danny stared at Nick “the doors still locked”. Nick grinned at replied “Burk unlock the cage so Danny can come in”.

Burk stood up from where he was sitting and walked to the door. He pulled a key from his pocket and looked at Nick.
“you sure you want to do this?” Burk asked. Nick nodded as Burk pushed the key into the lock and turned. The lock opened with a clang and Burk opened the door, gesturing Danny to enter. As Danny stepped in he heard Burk whisper “good luck” as Burk closed the door, locking it securely. Danny swallowed as he stood by the door staring at Nick.
“get in the ring dog, I want you to show this bull a good time”. Nick grinned at Danny and motioned him to get into the ring.

Danny hesitantly slid under the bottom rope and walked to the centre of the ring.
“this is what your going to do, your going to show this homophobe what its like to be with a man” Nick said softly, his eyes boring into Danny’s.
“do a good enough job and I wont abuse you until Wednesday morning, neither will James”. Nick continued as he kept his foot on Boris, pinning him to the mat. Danny swallowed looking at Boris then back to Nick and did a small nod.
“Good, ill keep him subdued and you give him the best time he will ever have”. Nick stepped off Boris and reached down and pulled the bull to his knees. Nick then locked in a full nelson with his hands holding the horns. Nick then braced himself and made sure the bull couldn’t more or resist.

Danny got a good look at Boris’s face and he wasn’t paying any attention, he looked almost unconscious. “better wake him up, we don’t want him to miss anything haha” Nick chortled and Danny could see him grinning. Danny walked forward and stood in front of Boris. Even with the bull on his knees, Danny just came to Boris’s mouth. How do I wake him updo what James said. Danny grimaced and looked at Nick, pleading for him to not make Danny do what he was about to do. Nick shook his head, leering at Danny as he held Boris securely. Danny sighed and knelt in front of the bulls body, bringing his head just above Boris’s enormous speedo clad bulge. He reached down and ran his hands over the spandex, feeling the enormous cock and balls trapped within. Danny cupped the bull balls, one in each hand and began to squeeze.

“Imagine there mine” Nick whispered as he stuck his tongue into Boris’s ear, eliciting a small moan as Boris started to stir. Nick tightened the hold as Boris started to struggle and norting in alarm. “What are you doing with me pervert” the bull growled as he continued to struggle, with Nick holding him securely.
“im having my assistant show you what it is like to be with a man” Nick whispered as he licked the side of Boris’s face.
“what NO” Boris yelled, trying to stand up but Nick just laughed as he used his superior position to keep Boris where he was. Danny looked up, staring at Boris’s enraged face and mouthed “I’m sorry” as he squeezed. Hard.

Boris yelled in pain as his balls were being crushed. Nick held the raging securely, but only just as Danny released his grip. Drew back his arm, and powered it straight into Boris’s crotch. the bellow echoed around the arena as Boris continued howling in pain as Danny threw another punch. Dany could hear James laughing from the stands as his face burned with shame.
“take off his speedos” Nick ordered as he restrained Boris, keeping him from moving. Danny swallowed and stood up. He grabbed with side of the blue speedos and began to pul it down Boris’s huge quads. Boris’s huge dick slapped against Danny’s face when it was freed from the confines of its spandex prison. Danny managed to get the speedos to just above Boris’s knees and stood up, waiting his Nick’s next order.

“well well, it isn’t hard yet and its still huge” Nick commented as he bent Boris’s head down to stare at his own cock. “Danny give Boris a kiss, use lots of tongue” Nick grinned as Danny stared at him in horror. There has to be a way for me not to do this! Danny stared at Nick and then at Boris who was white with rage and shame. “do it or ill call for James to get in here and discipline you” Nick whispered in a threatening tone. Danny swallowed as he stepped forward in front of Boris.
“im sorry” Danny whispers to Boris as he grabs the bull’s jaw and pulls it open. Danny closed his eyes and started to make out of Boris. The audience cat-called and laughed, whistling in appreciation. Danny could hear both James and Nicks laughs as his cheeks were bright red. He pulled away from Boris, releasing his jaw, saliva dripping from the open mouths as Boris snapped his mouth shut. Rage burning in his eyes as he glared daggers at Danny.

“hahaha excellent show! Now give him a rubdown” Nick grinned as he kept the huge bull under control. Danny winced but he began to rub Boris’s sculpted muscles. He started with the huge biceps, rubbing them gently, not looking at Boris’s face. “give em a good kiss” Nick commanded as he stuck his tongue into Boris’s ear again. Danny puckered his lips and kissed the huge peak, leaving a wet mark on the hair. He then went to the other arm and did the same thing, again not looking at Boris’s face. After worshipping the arms, which Boris must have spent hours in the gym making. Danny worked down until he met the enormous chest and he ran his hands across the slabs of beef. Danny rubbed the right pec and then lightly bit the tit, causing Boris to let out a soft moan at the sensation. Danny heard Nick whisper “I can see your enjoying this”. Danny felt something poke him in the chest. He glanced down and realised that Boris was really enjoying the attention.
OH MY GOD! It bigger than Nick’s! Danny looked at that massive anaconda with fear. it was at least 13 inches long and almost 3 inches in diameter. How can ANYONE take that thing! “well well, you defiantly are bull sized aren’t you Boris. With that slab of beef between your legs, anyone would love to have you as a boyfriend” Nick grinned. “what are you staring at there is still the other pec and his washboard” Nick barked at Danny who hastened to obey. Danny suckled on the left tit for a minute before he travelled to the magnificent set of abs. He kissed each ridge of muscle heading down until he reached the trimmed pupes at the base of the massive dick.

“give him a suck” Nick ordered as Boris started to struggle again. Danny started at the massive cock as he gripped it with his hand and began to slowly stroke it. He stepped back, still stroking and knelt, putting the mushroom head at mouth level. Danny looked at Nick, who nodded to continue as he force Boris to look at Danny. Danny looked up at Boris and apologised again as he opened his mouth and took a portion of the dick into his mouth. Boris yelled in outrage but couldn’t move as Nick restrained him. Danny could only fit half of the enormous fuck stick into his mouth as it hit his tonsils and he gagged. Danny started to bob on the dick using his tongue to stimulate the sensitive head. Boris moaned involuntary in pleasure at the treatment he was receiving.

Danny continued to suck the dick, he also massaged the huge balls causing another moan to emerge from Boris. Danny felt the balls tighten the dick throb as a volcano of cum exploded and entered his throat. Danny gagged and pulled off as the dick continued to spurt, cum covering his chest as he fell onto the mat. Nick laughed his ass off as Danny was covered in Boris seaman and Boris was moaning in pleasure at the release.
“good Dog! Now for me to have mu fun. Come over here at take my speedo off.” Danny stood up and went behind Nick. I wonder if I can fuck him, he’s busy restraining  Boris and I can get some revenge. Danny’s thoughts trailed off as he saw Nick staring at him, daring him to try something. Danny shook his head and carefully pulled the red speedo’s down Nick’s muscled legs, until the speedos hit the mat. Nick lifted one foot slightly off the mat and Danny pulled the speedo off the foot. Nick repeated the manoeuvre and Danny removed the red speedo and dropped it onto the mat.

“Give me a few strokes and put some spit on my dick. I want Boris’s first time to be memorable hahah” Nick laughed evilly as Boris started to struggle. Trying vainly to escape the impending penetration. Nick easily readjusted his grip and kept the bull under control. Danny knelt under Nick and spat on his hand and gripped Nick’s slightly smaller dick. He began to stroke the large cock, applying the spit to give some lube. After a minute, Nick was fully hard and ready to enter. “Guide me in” Nick told Danny as he slightly knelt and Danny guided the head to Boris’s hole. Danny could see the massively muscled ass of Boris, straining to keep his hole closed.
“hit him in the nuts, it will cause him to relax” Nick told Danny as he was pressing against the entrance of Boris’s hole. Danny winced as he remembered how Nick fucked him last week, but he complied.

Danny stood in front of Boris and avoided looking him in the face as he brought back his foot and kicked Boris right in the balls as hard as he could. The howl of pain echoed around the arena as Nick lunged up, penetrating Boris in one move. Danny stepped back and watched as Nick began to power fuck Boris. Using his superior position to pound relentlessly into the bigger bull. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the arena combined with Boris’s moans of pain. After 3 minutes Nick pushed Boris forward, causing them to fall forward, with Nick pinning Boris to the mat. Nick pushed his ass high and pounded into Boris’s ass with extreme force. Danny stood in the corner averting his eyes from the spectacle when he heard Nick speak. “get over here and get your dick out, your going to have a turn in a moment ahhh”. Nick stopped speaking as he did a final thrust as came inside Boris.

Nick pulled out, released his grip on Boris’s horns and stood up. He gestured for Danny to come over and mount Boris. Danny shed his speedo unwillingly and looked at Nick. Nick rolled his eyes and grabbed Danny by his penis and pulled him over to the waiting ass of Boris. Nick did a few strokes, getting Danny’s dick to full hardness and pushed him down to kneeling between the legs of Boris. Nick guided Danny’s dick into the well lubricated hole “fuck him” Nick whispered. Danny reluctantly complied as he began to thrust into the unmoving Boris. Nick stood behind him and started giving directions and pointers. Danny felt an Nick’s hands on his shoulders as Nick put his head next to his own.
“Good just like that now get ready” Danny winced as he felt Nick grab his hips and pushed himself into Danny.

Danny yowled as Nick went balls deep then Nick pushed Danny to lying on top of Boris. Nick reached around and grabbed Boris’s horns to use as handlebars. Nick then started fucking Danny with increased force, which caused Danny to increase his own fucking of Boris. Both Boris and Danny were moaning in pain as Nick fucked em both. After 5 minutes Danny felt an orgasm building in himself and the next thrust Nick did pushed him over the edge. Danny exploded in Boris as he felt Nick also come inside him.
“haha that was fun” Nick said as he pulled out of Danny with a plop and stood above the both of them. Nick put his foot on Danny’s back and posed for the crowd. Nick reached down and removed Boris’s speedo. Nick then wrapped it around Boris’s ankles, binding them together. Nick strode to where Danny dropped his speedo and pushed Danny off Boris. Nick took hold of both of Boris’s arms, tied them behind the bulls back using Danny’s speedo.

Nick then grabbed his own red speedo and rubbed it along the cum dripping out of Boris’s hole. There was enough to completely drench the fabric as he opened Boris’ mouth.Nick then stuffed the cum rag them inside the bulls mouth and closed it shut.
“well hes in a fuck coma haha” Nick laughed as he reached down and lifted Danny effortlessly onto his shoulder and walked out of the ring. He stepped out of the cage as Bad to the bone echoed around the arena as Burk announced Nick as the winner. Danny was watching Nick’s muscled ass move as he carried him to the stairs and up. Danny was ashamed at what Nick made him do. As Nick strode up the sitars, Danny heard a laugh as James came into view following Nick.
“Nicely done bitch, maybe theres some hope for you after all”.  

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