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Friday, 27 November 2015

7 Dave vs Eliot

Tim sat in Burk’s office watching James brutally fuck another fighter on the TV monitor. He heard the door open and then close with a snap as the fish sat at his desk.
“Why did you call me here Burk? I’d rather be assisting Dave get ready for his match against Eliot in” Dave checked his watch “25 minutes, if James finishes on time…” Burk glanced at the monitor and grimaced.
“I forgot how long he takes when he is enjoying himself.” Burk shook his head and muted the volume and sighed.
“Ive asked you here Tim to let you know that you’re fighting a newcomer next week.”

Burk held his hand up, stopping Tim’s objection before he could speak.
“I know you not meant to fight until the tag match the in 2 weeks against Brant and Jacob. However I’ve been asked to have a new fighter star in a match. The boss” Burk spoke softly as he looked around the room, assuring himself that they were alone.  “Needs him to face a sufficiently skilled opponent and you need at least one more single match before you fight Nick. So I thought you would be a good match otherwise ill make him fight Dave instead.”

Tim nodded in understanding and indicated for Burk to continue.
“Sage has been competing in the dome for the last few months and is currently undefeated. He’s 4 and 0 and is eager to try something different.” Burk finished talking and stared at Tim waiting for him to respond.
“Yeah I remember hearing about him it at the gym. Haven’t seen him but I heard he’s good, but what do you mean by different?” Tim replied speaking to Burk while looking at he monitor. James had his victim pinned against a corner post and was thrusting with enthusiasm while biting his ear. Tim turned away and starred at Burk, pointedly ignoring the monitor.

“Well he wants a bigger challenge, and winnings.”
“Is he aware that matches here are for bigger stakes than at the dome?” Tim asked as he pointed at the monitor. James had his opponent face down on the mat, his foot was grinding his victims head into the mat as he continued fucking his opponent into the mat.

“Well Sage knows what happens generally. The sex matches make the most money and if he loses well, he understands that he would get fucked but he doest plan on losing. He’s here tonight, scoping out potential opponents, at least that’s what the said.” Burk finished speaking and looked at the monitor. “Looks like James is done, ill have Dave’s fight start in 15 after I bring Alexander to the infirmary. So your answer?”

Tim looked at the monitor and noticed that James had flipped his Alex onto his back and had delivered a brutal kick to his head, almost knocking him out. Alex was still moving his head as James shook his head, said something and lifted the fighter to his knees. James opened Alex’s mouth and shoved his cock in and began to skull fuck Alex. James held Alex’s head tight as he manipulated it, thrusting his cock in and not allowing Alex to breathe. The camera paned down and Tim saw that James had his foot resting on Alex’s balls and was slowly crushing them. James continued skull fucking Alex for a few minutes until he stopped and shuddered and held Alex tightly against his stomach, forcing him to swallow his cum. James laughed and moved one of his hands to Alex’s nose and blocked it off, stopping him from breathing with the dick in his throat.

Alex started to thrash with urgency as he couldn’t breathe and James laughed again and stomped his foot down, crushing Alex’s balls as he fell unconscious. Alex stopped moving, James waited a few more moments and then pulled out, his dick dripping wet from saliva and cum. He raised his arms in victory and left the ring, slamming the door shut behind him.
Burk sighed and stood up looking at Tim. “Let me know your decision by tomorrow, ill go collect Alexander and get Eliot ready.” Burk left the office heading to the ring. Tim stood up and left as well, heading to the locker room. He saw James approaching and continued walking straight, ignoring him.

“Hey Tim! Wanna join me in the locker room for some memories? Come on I know you liked it!” Tim moved past James and saw Dave standing in the corridor, wearing his white speedos. He was pacing nervously to and fro in the corridor, looking at the ring. Tony had stepped into the cage and was pulling Alex out of the ring onto his shoulder. He then walked up the stairs, carrying Alex to the infirmary. Tony walked past Tim and Dave when James stepped out of the locker room, wearing a speedo. He slapped Alex’s ass hard “excellent! I get to have him again” Tony continued walking, ignoring James.

“No one has a sense of humour these day” James muttered staring at the red handprint on Alex’s ass as Tony opened a door and proceeded inside. James swaggered past Tim heading to the VIP seats. He turned towards Dave “I wish you luck and if not it should be entertaining. Always fun watching a newbie get fucked” James continued to his seat laughing. Tim looked at Dave “ignore him, you will be fine. You’ve been training for this all week” Dave nodded reassured by Tim’s words of confidence.
“Well I had better get going, looks like Burk is ready to introduce the fighters. Eliot saw me before in the locker room. He wished me luck” Dave grinned. “He also said that I will enjoy his cock in my ass. I replied that he would enjoy mine more, he smiled and left.”

“Well he is cocky for good reason. Eliot has won several matches though not against Nick, James or Axel. I can hear Burk doing the opening spiel, get ready and good luck, though you won’t need it.” Tim gripped Dave’s hand and exited the corridor to the VIP seats. Dave watched as Tim sat down in an empty seat far away from James and Nick as possible.

“Fighting for the first time here at the warehouse standing at 6’1 and weighing at 231 pounds is Dave “Destroyer” Silver!” Dave run down the steps into the cage and jumped into the ring to applause from the crowd. He stood in the centre and started to do some poses before he waited in the corner for his opponent. It’s also a show Tim told Dave earlier so I better put on a good performance. Music blared throughout the arena, Dave recognised it as All that remains - This calling as he turned towards the entrance corridor and saw a white figure.

“And his opponent, a veteran of many battles at the warehouse: standing at 5’8 and outweighed by a 100 pounds is Eliot “Fire” Test!”
Eliot charges down the steps and enters the cage to rousing applause from the crowd as he does a few back flips and showing his agility. Burk stepped out of the ring and closed the cage door. Dave and Eliot stared at each other waiting for the cue to start.

Dave and Eliot circled each other in the ring, waiting for the other to make the first move.
Come on! Dave thought as he waited for Eliot to get within his reach. You don’t want to come close to me, then ill get close to you! Dave stepped forward and ducked a punch that sailed in and grabbed Eliot and tossed him to the mat. Eliot sprung back up and moved out of Dave’s range.
“Is that the best you can do, a little throw?” Eliot taunts as he avoids Dave’s strikes just getting out of range.
“You haven’t seen nothing yet” Dave retorted as he caught a kick aimed at his head and swept Eliot onto the ground. He followed Eliot onto the ground where he used his heavier mass to pin Eliot in full mount. Dave started pummelling Eliot’s face as best as he could while Eliot defended.

“Not bad” came a soft voice from behind Tim. Tim turned around and saw a yellow furred, spotted cat sitting just behind him. He recognised his as Sage from the pictures that Burk had shown him before. Tim nodded in acknowledgement as Dave continued striking Eliot where he could.
“He should be aiming for undefended points” Sage commentated, watching the fight. “Though he should be ready for… there it goes.” As sage was speaking Eliot had managed to wiggle under Dave’s mass and had kicked him to the ropes. Eliot got to his feet quickly and dodged Dave’s charge and jumped on his back. Eliot secured his grip on Dave’s neck and held on, trying to choke the bigger fighter out.

Im not going out that easy! Dave thought as he tried to dislodge Eliot from his back. He tried to strike Eliot’s head, but he just tucked it in. Dave started seeing spots as he spotted a corner post and charged to it. He turned and slammed Eliot into it. Eliot’s grip slackened for a moment, allowing Dave to grip his arm and pull it down.
“Got you now” Dave said as he pulled Eliot over his head and flipped him onto the mat. Eliot retaliated by kicking Dave in the head. The blow caused Dave to release his grip and move back a few steps. Eliot rolled to his feet taking a guarded stance and grinned.
“This is fun! I am going to enjoy fucking your ass”.
“Not going to happen” Dave replied wiping his lip and staring at Eliot’s grinning face. He glanced at the timer noting that 8 minutes had passed.

They charged at each other, grabbing each other in a test of strength. Tim watched intently as Eliot and Dave struggled, each trying to force the other to the mat.
“Dave has the weight and height advantage but Eliot is faster. He’s also a scrappier fighter where Dave is more traditional. You up for a wager?” Sage asked moving from behind Tim to sitting next to him. Tim looked at Sage, noticing how fit and good looking he was. He was wearing jeans and a open shirt but what Tim did see, he defiantly liked. Shorter than himself, smaller but with a lean muscular physique. Bright yellow fur with small black spots covering his body. He would be a challenge Tim thought as he kept watching Sage.

“Ok stakes, money or something more?” Tim trailed off watching Sage’s face. Looking for a reaction to his reply.    
“Hmm how about slave for a day? No sex but otherwise anything else is fine.” Sage replied smiling at shocked expression on Tim’s face.
Tim looked back to the ring as he saw Dave’s body flat on his back and Eliot standing up straight, panting at the exertion of lifting and slamming Dave.

Owww. Pain raced through Dave’s thoughts as he lay on the mat seeing stars floating around his head. Eliot stood over him grinning as he knelt on top of Dave, his legs on top of Dave’s as Eliot began to pummel his exposed head.
Pain lanced through as each punch impacted his head. He felt his lip split open and a cut along his cheek as Eliot’s fists hit his face.
“Jeez I was promised a decent opponent” Eliot said between punches hitting Dave’s face. Dave tried to buck Eliot off but he managed to reposition his mass and stay on top.

“Can’t believe you fell for that trick” Eliot continued between hits.
“Test of strength into nut punch. Oldest trick in the book and you fell right for it.”
Dave was mentally hitting himself for falling for it as well. I was too cocky! Damn it, I should have listened to Tim. He warned me that Eliot was know for being a scrappy fighter. Ok how do I get out of this? As Eliot readied to throw another punch, Dave bucked again and managed to put Eliot off balance. Dave was able to free an arm and used it to knock Eliot off him and quickly scrambled to his feet. He spat the blood that had gathered in his mouth to the side “ill be rubbing your face in that later” Dave promised to the smirking wolf.

“We will see” Eliot replied “bet you didn’t I was that strong did ya?”
“Actually I did underestimate you, but not anymore” Dave replied as he circled around Eliot.
Eliot mirrored the movement waiting for Dave to move. Dave warily advanced on Eliot and they met again in the middle of the ring.

“he’s lost confidence in himself” Sage commentated while they were watching the fighters jockey for position.
“Dave will win. Eliot has made him realise that he needs to take this seriously” Tim replied staring at Sage.
“Hmm up the stakes then? Let’s say two days as a slave” Sage continued staring at Tim daring him to accept.
“Deal but the loser wears a maid outfit” Tim replied grinning at Sage. Sage grinned back exposing his canines “you’ll look good in that”.

Dave had Eliot in a bear hug and had gripped him tight. Pinning both of his arms as well as crushing him. Eliot was groaning in pain as Dave held him tight as he heard Burk announce “15 minutes left until the doors open”.  
“Excellent I get to return those cuts you gave me” Dave told the squirming Eliot. Dave slightly released the pressure he was crushing Eliot with and then suplexed him face first into the mat.
BANG! It echoed around the arena and Sage winced “that must have hurt”.
“Yup” Tim replied smiling at Dave as he leapt to his feet to cheers of the crowd.

Eliot was groggy when Dave stood behind him and stripped his speedos off and tossed them out of the ring. “Ill take those thank you, now to finish you off and have my prize”. Dave finished talking as he sat on Eliot’s back and secured a camel clutch and began to pull back. Really giving Eliot’s back a good stretch as it was still hurting from the Bear Hug. Dave kept the pressure up for a few minutes, listening to Eliot’s moans of pain when he changed his grip. Instead of gripping Eliot’s chin, he transitioned to a full nelson and simultaneously leaned back and pushed. Causing Eliot extreme pain in his back and neck this time.  
Eliot was howling form the increased pressure, when he couldn’t take anymore more he yelled “I give, I submit, you win”.

Dave released the hold completely and stood to the cheers of the crowd as Eliot lay face down barely moving.
“Well crap” Sage muttered as he watched Dave celebrate his victory. “I’ve got to get a maid outfit” Sage finished in a dead voice.
“You’ll enjoy it. But lets do it after our match” Tim replied standing on his feet, clapping for Dave.
“Oh? So you’re my opponent that Burk has lined up for me” Sage asked as he stood and clapped.
“Yup and how bout we make the slave thing a little more intense. You win you get my ass for the 2 days. I win I get yours” Tim looked at Sage waiting for a response.

Sage thought about it for a few seconds and held out his hand “Deal”. Tim shook in agreement and sat back down waiting for the door open.
“So now what?” Sage asked as he sat down, glancing at the timer which displayed 9 minutes left in the match.
“Well Dave gets his prize” Tim replied.
“But in the last match there was no submit there?” Sage noted while staring at the ring where Eliot was still lying on the mat.

“That’s because I wont accept a submission from any opponent” a voice answered from behind Sage and Tim. Tim didn’t bother to turn around as he recognised James’s voice.
Sage turned his head and noticed the black fighter “you won the last match and put on quite a show.” James grinned turned back to the ring.
“It wasn’t a show. I enjoyed every second of it. But back to your question: Tim, Alexander, others and now Dave are part of the ‘good guys’. If an opponent submits they stop the pain, let them recover and fuck em. Not as rough as they would but still enough to prove that they won. I, the champion and the ex-champion don’t do that. You fight us except to be destroyed, even think about submitting and you’ll get it even harder” James grinned and stared right into Sage’s eyes as he finished speaking.

Sage stared back and didn’t look away until James turned back to the ring.
“You’ve got spirit kid, I like that. Maybe ill break it hehehe”’ James laughed quietly to himself turning back to the ring. “Let’s see what type of show Dave puts on” James said quietly.

Dave stood resting against a corner post waiting for Eliot to get to his feet. He was ready when Eliot started to move and sat upright, rubbing his neck.
“You didn’t have pull back that hard” Eliot complained, massaging his lower back where Dave had sat. Dave grinned and motioned for Eliot to come over. Eliot sighed and stood when Dave shook his head “crawl to me”.
“You have got to be kidding!” Eliot said incredulously staring at Dave’s face. Dave smiled again and motioned for Eliot to come.
“I expect that out of James but not a newbie.” Eliot muttered darkly but he got to his knees and started to crawl to Dave. He reached Dave and started moving his hands to Dave’s groin. Dave grabbed Eliot’s head and pushed it into his bulging pouch.

“Suck it” Dave ordered keeping Eliot pressed into his crotch. Eliot inhaled Dave’s scent as he began to wet and moisten the fabric, sucking the outline of his dick.
“Good dog” Dave crooned as Eliot continued sucking his package. Dave also leaned over and slapped Eliot’s exposed ass with one hand and started to massage his butt crack. Eliot looked up glaring at Dave but continued doing as he was told accepting his punishment.
“Strip me” Dave ordered, slapping Eliot again when he didn’t comply fast enough. Eliot pulled away from Dave’s pouch long enough to pull the speedo down when he was pulled onto Dave’s dick. Dave had a tight grip on Eliot’s hair when he forced him onto his cock and started moving Eliot to and fro.

Damn he’s a good cocksucker Dave thought as he continued to force Eliot onto his dick.          
Dave closed his eyes, enjoying the attention he was receiving from the loser. After a minute he let go of Eliot’s hair and leaned over and started to finger and prod at Eliot’s hole. Dave stopped after a few minutes and pulled Eliot off his dick.
“Keep your mouth open” Dave ordered as he held Eliot’s head steady. He began to thrust into his mouth roughly fucking Eliot’s mouth. Dave held Eliot on his dick, feeling saliva gather on his dick when he pushed Eliot off his dick and onto the ground.  

Eliot yelped when he hit the mat and Dave kicked him onto his stomach and knelt behind him. Dave pushed himself inside in one forceful thrust and Eliot yelled in pain as Dave’s large cock entered his ass. True it had lots of lube and Dave had done a little bit of prep but it still hurt. Dave waited for a few moments, allowing Eliot to get used to his size when he pulled out and entered again. While Dave was fucking with hard, long thrusts he secured Eliot in a full nelson and made sure he wasn’t going anywhere. Eliot’s moans of pain were eventually replaced to sounds of pleasure as Dave rough fucked him. Cant have you enjoying this Dave thought, he decided to introduce a little pit of pain and increased the pressure of the full nelson, causing Eliot to yelp in pain.

“You don’t need to keep me in the nelson” Eliot whimpered between thrusts as Dave pounded into him.
“True but you would’ve done the same to me. No stop complaining and take your punishment like a man, not a bitch.” Dave felt himself starting to finish when he stopped and pulled out of Eliot and let go of his neck.
“Upsey daisy” Dave said as he grabbed a fistful of hair and lifted Eliot to his feet. Dave stood behind Eliot and grabbed him in a bear-hug, pinning his arms to his side. Dave then penetrated Eliot and continued to fuck him. Eliot kept moaning in pain as he was relentlessly pounded. Dave kept fucking until he erupted inside Eliot and for a few more pumps then he dropped Eliot onto the mat. Eliot fell face first into the bloody spit that Dave hocked earlier.
Dave put his foot on Eliot’s head keeping him in that position ti the roars of the crowd. He then turned towards the door and left the ring.

“And the winner is DAVE!” Burk announced as Dave stepped out of the cage and posed for the crowd. Tim stood clapping waiting for his friend to ascend so they could get out of there. That was the plan until he saw James smirking in the direction if the corridor. Tim glanced at the corridor and noticed Nick was leaning against the wall, Danny kneeling beside him wearing a collar. Nick was wearing his speedos and was stretching, getting ready to fight.
James looked at Tim and laughed seeing the puzzled expression on the tiger.

“Nick has got a special match on tonight, last minute thing. You might wanna stay and watch” James laughed again and jumped out of his seat and headed towards Nick and Danny. Tim watched him talk to Nick and then grab Danny by the collar and dragged him to an empty seat. James forced Danny to kneel and James sat on the seat, using Danny as a foot rest while he got comfortable. Tim was about to get up and intervene when Dave came bounding up the stairs and grabbed him in a hug.

“You were right, I should’ve been more serious at the start. I won’t make that mistake again. Huh what are you looking at… ohh whats Nick doing here?” Dave asked with a small growl.
“No idea but I think we should stay. Anyway let me introduce you to Sage, new fighter that Burk has me fighting next week.” Tim introduced Dave to Sage and they started to talk about the match and what Dave could’ve done better.

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  1. Dave put on a great match and won, hes now a warehouse fighter ^^