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Friday, 27 November 2015

6 Tim Ambushed

Tim sat on the bench recuperating from his recent victory against Tony. That was a tough one he thought silently as he stood up and stretched. He almost had in that backbreaker when I managed to get out and knock him out, Tim mused as he began to twist side to side. Tim turned around and opened his locker and pulled out his glasses case. He pulled his contacts out and placed his glasses back in their correct place. As he was putting his glasses on, he head the locker room door open and then close. “Hey Tony no hard feelings right? I won and I realise you don’t like to get fucked but to the victor goes the...” Tim’s head collided with his closed locker door as a strong hand is pushing his cheek into the metal.

“No hard feelings at all, after all i didn’t lose against you” a voice purrs into Tim’s ear. Tim’s eyes open in shock as he recognises it and it wasn’t Tony.
“Axel, what do you think you are doing?” Tim demands as his face was pressed into the cold, hard metal.
“I’m having some fun after all there’s no rule about doing this!” Tim felt his briefs start to loosen from around his hips as Axel pulls them down.

“No you don’t!” Tim roars as he pushes against the locker trying to move the white tiger away from him. Axel laughs as he repositions, keeping Tim trapped against the locker.
“Feisty are we? No matter I expect you’re worn out after that hour long match which allows me to have my way with you”. Tim feels Axels’ arms snake around his head and locks him in a painful full nelson. “Get in here and lock the door” Axel calls as he turns Tim around, turning him towards the middle of the room. Tim is struggling, trying to break free of the strong grip when he sees who Axel was talking to. Turning around from locking the door was James, who had a grin similar to a cat seeing a canary all tussled up and nowhere to go. 

James walks over, his head barley reaching Tim’s nipples as he runs his hands down Tim’s bare chest. “Hello Tim, we shouldn’t be too long” James says as he begins to lick and bite Tim’s exposed nipple. Tim saw James’s hands pulling his briefs completely off his hips as Axel slid his tongue into his ear.

“Hurry up I want to fuck him before he manages to break free” Axel tells James impatiently as he increased the pressure on Tim’s neck with the full nelson, pushing Tim’s head onto his chest.
“Let me have a little fun first” James replies as he throws a heavy right punch right into Tim’s exposed nuts. Tim saw stars as he howled as the pain travelled from his testicles to his brain. He didn’t feel the next punch as it sailed into his unflexed abs, causing him to release the air he just sucked in. James grinned as he repeated this for a few moments, Axel kept licking and probing with his tongue during this. Tim felt hardness behind him as he realised that Axel was getting ready to impale him. I must fight back Tim thought desperately as he tried to struggle and was rewarded with knee to the balls, courtesy of James.

“I’m coming hold your horses” James told Axel as he went behind Tim and did something. Suddenly Tim felt a pulsing hot flesh as Axel’s cock slapped against Tim’s bare arse.
“Position it. I’m kinda busy” Axel orders as he tightens the nelson and lifts Tim, so he is standing on the tips of his toes. Tim feels the large cock nestle between his butt cheeks, just below his opening. Tim renews his struggle, trying to stop the inevitable fucking that was about to happen.
Axel pulled down, forcing Tim onto his cock. Tim yelled in pain as he felt the huge fuck-stick force into his clenched arse. Tim saw James as he stood in front of him, saw him wind back and send another punch straight into Tim’s balls. Tim howls in pain as his balls get smashed and his concentration slips, allowing Axels’ cock inside.

“Nice” Axel says as he continues to force Tim down, but is unable as Tim is resisting with both his feet flat on the floor. Tim see’s James eyes settle on something beside him and the pressure on the nelson increase again as he suddenly falls. Axel dropped onto the bench that Tim had been sitting on moments ago, bringing Tim with him and using gravity fully pushed himself into Tim. Another yelp of pain echo’s around the room as James mutters “shut up already”. James strips his speedo and shoves it into Tim’s open mouth, partially silencing him.

How much of that thing is inside me? 11 inches, a foot? Tim thinks as he is being impaled.
“That’s a tight ass, not as tight as a virgin but you’ve been fucked what once, twice max? And none of them were as big as my foot-long” Axel whispers into Tim’s ear as he begins to thrust up.  Tim feels a hand on his dick as he sees James wrap a paw around his dick. What is he doing...? Tim’s trail of thought stopped when James starts to lick the head of Tim’s cock. He then opens his mouth as swallows the shaft, inhaling the entire dick until he reached the base. At the same moment, Axel thrust up and James had also thrown his fist into Tim’s nuts. A moan of pain sounded from Tim, but the gag didn’t let much else out.

“I think he likes that” Axel whispers, probing Tim’s ear with his tongue as he thrusts again. James pulls away for the moment. Grinning at Axel, he replies “yup but he won’t like this”. Again James swallows Tim’s large dick. This time however his teeth scrap along the shaft causing pain not pleasure. He went down the entire shaft, and when he reached the base, another punch sailed into Tim’s unprotected nuts and Axel thrusted. The cycle continues for a few minutes with Tim whimpering with pain as he finally gave up resisting as the pain was too great.

James had just finished licking the head when he looked at Axel “lie down on the bench still holding him”. Axel’s confused look changed to understanding when he saw the malicious look in James’s eyes. Axel leaned back and spun around, lying on the bottom with his captive held securely on top of him. Wait why is he doing that...? Tim saw James stand on the bench and grabbed Tim’s legs. With an evil grin, he lined his own rock hard dick at Tim’s arse hole and pushed inside.

Tim yelled in pain as he felt another substantial dick entered his already full arse. Tim howls again, but the sound only emerges as a whimper as James then begins to fuck him fast. Axel also increase his pace as they both impale there helpless captive. They continue to power fuck Tim for 10minutes until James stops and shudders as Tim feels a warm fluid enter his ass. Axel increases the pressure and the pace of his own fucking then stops, as another copious amount of cum gushes into Tim’s ass.

James pulls out with a plop and stands next to Tim’s mouth. He yanks the speedo out and forces his cock into Tim’s mouth. “Clean it” he orders, face fucking Tim as Axel is still making thrusting into Tim. Tim tries to stop the cock in his mouth and moves his teeth to graze it when he feels a hand around his balls. “Bite and ill rip these off” James threatens gripping Tim’s balls in a vice grip. Tim stops moving his mouth and allows James to use his mouth. James turns to Axel and asks “Almost done? We’ve got that movie to catch” as James pull his dick out of Tim’s mouth. Axel grunts and replies “almost let me get clean”. Axel stops thrusting and release the full nelson and pushes Tim off his chest.

Tim rolls down and lands face first on the locker room floor. It’s over he thinks but he turned face up and sitting up. Tim see’s Axels’ dick in front of his face and keeps his mouth closed. “None of that now open wide” Axel pinches Tim nose, blocking airflow. Tim opens his mouth to gasp and as soon as he does, Axel shoves his foot long dick down Tim’s throat. Tim tries to resist the face fucking until his nose in pinched again and the huge cock stays inside his mouth.

I can’t breathe, I’m about to pass out... 

Tim wakes up, lying in a bed in the infirmary. He sees Burk and Nick and then falls asleep.


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