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Friday, 27 November 2015

5 Training with Tim

Tim woke early on Sunday. Still thinking of what Danny would be suffering in the coming days. Damn that bastard for allowing Danny to fight Tim thought as he lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Burk likes making wads of money and especially if he can make it interesting. Throwing a total rookie at Nick is like waving a red flag in front of bull. He’ll charge and enjoy the trampling he’ll inflict. Tim shook his head to clear his thoughts as he put his glasses on and rose out of bed. After relieving himself, Tim made a quick breakfast of eggs and toast. After finishing he heard his phone alert with a message: what time are we meeting at David’s, D.

Tim typed back: going for a quick run around the area while I think about how we are going to do this. I’ll meet you at the front of the apartments at 8. Won’t use David’s as he doesn’t like anything extra in the matches and we need to practice that.  
After sending the message, Tim changed into sneakers and running clothes and exited his apartment. The number was 407 and he proceeded down the stairs. Tim arrived on the ground floor and saw Dave waiting outside the entrance, also in running gear.
“Figured I’d join you” Dave remarks as he joins Tim. Tim nods and begins to run towards the beach front. He sets a hard pace and Dave keeps up.

Dave notices that Tim is deep in thought as they are running and he decides to keep silent and let him Tim think. What does he mean by not using David’s? I’m sure he would be fine with us for using it training. What does he mean exactly by extra? Unless… Dave heard Tim speak and quickly paid attention.
“Running helps clear my mind and it allows me to plan on what is coming next. So Burk told us what we have to do to get in the ring with Nick. You have to win 2 matches and we need to win a tag match”. Dave nodded in understanding, indicating for Tim to continue.
“Now Burk said that he’ll line up opponents with in the next few days. So we should know your first opponent by tonight or tomorrow and you’ll be fighting on the Saturday night. Majority of the matches happen on Friday, which is all the minor fighters, about an hour per match. The money makers are on Saturday night, and Burk allows more time for the matches, between 1 to 2 hours”. Tim stopped talking as they ran down the steps and onto the beach. They continued running for a couple of minutes until Tim spoke again. “Now you remember the victory conditions from last night?” Dave made an ugly face as he remembered. “30 minute timer for the cage to unlock. First one out of the cage is the winner but they can spend as much time in the cage as they want. Until someone exits the cage it’s NHB, anything goes including sex”.  
Tim nodded as Dave finished, their feet pounding into the sand as the rounded the corner and continued onto the pavement.

“The reason we can’t use David’s is that he won’t allow any training for matches at the warehouse. So we have to use the ring on level 4 of the complex”. Tim announced as they ran up a hill. His breathing was becoming harder now, as was Dave’s.
“I didn’t know there was a ring on 4. I knew about the weight room on 3”. Dave replied as they reached the top. Tim stopped and went to the railing and leaned against it, stretching his muscles and allowing a moment to recuperate.
“There’s the main gym on 1, 2 has wrestling mats and a boxing ring. Level 3 has a weight room and sauna. 4 has an enclosed wrestling ring and level 5 has a private gym for the champions. That’s where Nick trains so we’ll avoid the fifth floor. I live in 407 which is the floor, along with 5 for all the homosexual fighters to be housed. Makes it easier to reserve the rings for practice domination matches”.   

Dave nods in understanding “but I’m in apartment 106. I was told when I rented my apartment was that the building has training facilities. I never actually inquired about them since I use gym at David’s”. Dave finished speaking as he turned around and started jogging back down the beach. Tim finished stretching, followed and caught up quickly with Dave. They continued running for several minutes when Tim’s phone vibrated. Stopping for a moment, Tim pulled it out and saw an email from Burk. It had the details for Dave’s first match and who he was fighting.
“Ok your first match is this Saturday at 7, your opponent is Eliot. I think Burk has a sense of humour, putting Danny’s saviour against Nick’s original opponent”. Tim shook his head and put his phone away and saw Dave smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” Tim asked as they resumed the jog back to the complex.  
“I’ve fought against Eliot before, in practice and I managed to squish him. This will be easy” Dave confidently replies. Tim’s eyebrow rises as he replies “I doubt it will be easy. In that practice match it was a fair fight yes?” Dave nods and Tim continues.
“Well for starters, you’re taller and bigger than him. So you have the advantage in both reach and strength. It was practice, so no cheap shots or trying to cause permanent harm. And it was David’s gym so nothing more humiliating than a bruised ego. Nothing like the warehouse.” Dave’s smile disappeared as he listened to Tim.
“So what do you think would happen, if it was a blind match and I knew nothing about the warehouse except to win I had to wait for the timer”? Dave asked seriously.

“I would give to Eliot because he is a scrapper. He would take you to the mat and start pummelling your balls. Not at the start of the match but around the 20 minute mark he would turn the match around. Before that point I can see you beating him but doing it fairly. Holds and slams, nothing to cause permanent injury. I’ve seen Eliot almost castrate an opponent to win”. Dave cringed as Tim talked but he continued listening attentively as the complex came into view.
“So to prevent Eliot from winning, you need a crash course in what the domination matches are. Ill arrange to reserve the ring on 4 so we can practice every day.  Other times we’ll be watching the matches of Eliot and Nick so we can figure out strategy. Morning’s we’ll do weight work because we will need to be able to throw Nick around. And trust me he isn’t a lightweight. Hopefully we’ll get the ring in the afternoon. So don’t push yourself too much in the mornings. The complex is usually deserted on the weekend as everyone is either seeping in or relaxing. So we should have the ring all of today”. Tim opened the doors and turned to Dave “get into fighting gear and meet me on 4 in 30minutes. I’m going to check that I’ve got Nick’s and Eliot’s matches or if I need to email Burk for a copy”.

Tim jogged up the stairs as Dave turned to his apartment and fixed a big breakfast for himself. After finishing the eggs and bacon, he changed into his white sparring trunks and shirt. He walked up the three flights of stairs till he arrived on the fourth floor. Dave looked around and noticed nothing new. He saw a door at the end of a hallway with a whiteboard on the door. Dave walked towards it and saw “in use from 10am to 2pm private training D Tim”. Dave pushed the door open and whistled, impressed. The room was as big as 2 apartments with a full sized wrestling ring, punching bags in a corner and a small set of free weights. There were also sparring mats and benches along the wall.

Tim was standing over the benches putting his glasses into a case. He turned around and Dave saw Tim’s face. “You look different without your specs” Dave noted.
“Thanks I think. Anyway I can’t fight with them on so I use contacts. So what do you think of the ring?” Tim gestures around ‘it’s not as much as at David’s but we make do on this floor”.
“It’s pretty good, didn’t think you could fit a full size ring in here but they just combined two apartments into one?” Dave asks walking around the room, he noticed that the walls were padded with practice mats.  
Tim nods “two apartments for this floor, 3 for the champ gym. The other floors used one so there a little cramped but people manage. There just some basic rules: clean up after you’re done. Break it you replace it. If you want a privacy mark it on the whiteboard”. Tim finished speaking and stepped onto the practice and started stretching.

Dave shed his shirt and joined Tim on the mat and mirrored his movements.
“Mind if I ask you a question? Its personal” Tim asks, while staring at Dave.
“Sure if I get to ask you the same thing” Dave smiles as he replies.
A brief smile appears on Tim’s face “have you been fucked before? Sorry for being blunt but it is important to know”. Dave winced “right to the point, that’s understandable considering what I saw happened to Danny. Umm yes, once. It was interesting. If painful. I prefer to be giving rather than receiving”. Dave goes silent as he looks at Tim “and you?”

“I’ve been fucked 3 times, twice with my ex-boyfriend and once was not my choice. It wasn’t in a match, it was after.” Dave saw an ugly look cross Tim’s face as he spoke.
“I’ll tell you about it later. Ok what we will do today is a 30 minute match. Same rules as at the warehouse, so everything is permitted. Ill set the timer on my phone and leave it on the bench. To win all you gotta do is grab it. Also there’s three cameras in here pointing at the ring. I’ve enabled them and they record to the computer over there”. Tim points to a corner where Dave can see a small laptop hardwired into the wall.
“We can watch the match after and see where we need to pick our game up” Tim finishes as he puts his phone on the bench and sets the timer for 32 minutes.
“What about stakes”? Dave asks he ducks under the bottom rope and rolls into the ring.
“No stakes. Just some fun and seeing what we are each capable of”. Tim replies as he steps over the top rope opposite Dave.

Dave dropped into a fighting crouch as Tim held his hands in air. “Test of strength I’m game” Dave declares as he locks fingers with Tim. They both strain, trying to push the other off balance and onto the mat. Fuck, he’s strong Dave muses while sweat drips down his face. Doesn’t help he’s taller than me either well then I have to be trickier Dave stops resisting, allowing Tim to push him the mat. Dave uses the momentum to flip Tim over, tossing him near a corner. Dave jumps back up as he sees Tim stand up. Dave motions to lock up again but Tim charges, grabbing Dave around the waist and driving him into the mat.
Whoosh. The air leaves Dave’s lungs as he hits the mat hard, he’s stunned for a moment. Tim turns and grabs Dave’s right arm and falls back, trying to secure an arm bar. No you don’t! Dave resists and manages to keep his between them, barley.

Yup he’s defiantly strong but if I do this… Tim lets go of Dave’s arm and wraps his legs around Dave’s head in a scissor. Whit what? Oh shit! Dave feels the pull on his arm abruptly cease and a tightness around his head. He feels an immense pressure around his head as Tim’s thighs squeeze, attempting to squish Dave’s head into a pancake. Holy hell that’s tight! Dave vainly tries to separate Tim’s legs but all it does is make him squeeze tighter.    
“If it’s this easy for me to subdue you, you have no chance against Eliot, let alone Nick”. Tim mocks as he increases the pressure on Dave’s head.
Well then let’s see if he likes this! Dave follows Tim legs until he reaches the hips and then lunges between. Blindly aiming for every man’s weak point. The testicles.

Dave hears a grunt of pain as Tim releases his legs, allowing Dave to roll away. Tim is sitting on the mat, massaging his groin with a grimace.
“What, can’t take a little love tap?” Dave mockingly inquires, smiling at Tim.
“Ok you wanna play rough? I can do rough” Tim replies glaring at Dave as he rubbed his crotch. Dave stands in a crouch waiting for Tim to make his move. Tim rises in a crouch as he begins to circle Dave. Dave mirrors the movement, at the same moment they both charge in. Tim ducks low, seizes Dave around the waist and lifts him up in a bear hug.

Dave feels his vertebra begin to crack under the intense pressure that Tim is using. Ow Ow he didn’t like that cheap shot, I had better get out of this quick. Dave quickly began striking Tim’s head, trying to daze the tiger but it had no effect. Dave felt the pressure decrease as he was slammed to the mat. Dave was seeing star as he saw Tim standing over him, shaking his head. Dave felt his legs move and begin to contort, he moved his head and saw Tim fall back onto the mat and then excruciating pain as his legs were on fire. Tim watched as Dave howled in pain from the figure 4 leg lock that Tim just applied.  

“Give up yet?” Tim called as he increased the pressure, causing Dave to howl with pain. “NO!” Dave screams as he feels his legs almost breaking.
“You sure?” Tim mocks as he continues the pressure. He can take the pain, that’s good Tim muses as he watches Dave’s face. Ok time to reverse this! Dave rolled onto his stomach, as Tim yelped in pain as the hold was reversed.
“My turn” Dave calls as he leverages Tim’s foot into the reverse and adding insult to injury, started to tickle Tim’s sole. Tim alternated giggling and moaning with pain at the unusual feeling of pain and pleasure.
“Hey! I didn’t realise your ticklish! So do you surrender?” Dave asks as Tim tries to vainly escape from the dual torture.

Dave feels Tim starting to move and quickly rolls them both across the mat, disorienting Tim and keeping the hold locked on.
“No. I don’t surrender” Tim replies through gritted teeth as he pushes his torso upright.  Panting, Tim manages to unhook his leg from Dave’s and collapse forward. Dave also releases and rolls away panting.
“Well that was fun, if painful” Dave states as he stands up and moves over Tim and kneels on his back, reaching for Tim’s head.

Dave secures Tim’s head and begins to bend his back into a camel clutch, which elicited a groan from Tim. “I thought you said you were undefeated? Or was that just boasting?” Dave asked as he leaned back, increasing the pressure.
“Ok your good” Tim mumbles through gritted teeth as his back cracks. Suddenly he hears his phone chime, indicating the timer being complete.
“That went quick” Dave remarks as he keeps Tim in the hold. His back turned towards the phone. “All right, time for me to win” Dave suddenly slams Tim face first into the mat and releases the hold. He ducks under the ropes and stop still as he sees a figure standing in the doorway.

Holy cow! He’s huge! Dave thinks in shock gaping at the figure. The white tiger filled the doorway completely. Tim slowly stood up and turned towards the phone, ready to congratulate Dave when he saw the looming figure in the doorway.
“Nick mentioned there was fresh meat in the building” the figure said as he stared at Dave, looking up and down, sizing him up. “He didn’t say how tasty he looked” the figure licks his lips as he finished speaking. Dave shivered recalling that Nick did that during the match.
“Axel. What are you doing in here?” Tim states cautiously as he stands up and moves behind Dave, completely focused on the white tiger.

“Tim! I didn’t see you there. How are you? Hope you feel alright after our last meeting”. Nick grins sadistically as he’s talking to Tim, paying Dave no mind.
“I’m fine, go back to your own floor and leave us in peace” Tim replies. His eyes boring into Axel’s, daring the bigger tiger.
“So you’ve recovered? Excellent, do you want to go another round with me?” Axel asks innocently as his hand reaches down towards his groin. Dave follows the hand and gasps in shock as he sees the other tiger’s speedo. It was so tight, it left nothing to the imagination and it contained something big.

“Your friend wants some I think. Hmm I might even be gentle”. Axel takes a step forward as he speaks, staring at Dave when Tim interrupts with a growl.
“You want Burk to hear that you’ve been out of bounds? He’ll make you battle against Nick again and you remember how well THAT went for you last time”.  Axel growls in anger as he suddenly stops and steps back.
“I bet you heard Nick’s latest toy last night. I sure did, the howls, the cries, I enjoyed it immensely. He’s so yummy, I might ask Nick if I can borrow him… For extra training” With a sadistic grin Axel turned around and left the room.

Tim waited a few moments then sighed in relief and sat down on the mat, holding his hands.
Dave looked around then climbed back into the ring, opposite Tim.
“So who was that? I’m guessing he’s not pleasant, since he’s a friend of Nick’s”. Dave looks at Tim with a concerned look and waited.
“That was Axel. If you think Nick is bad, he’s worse. A lot worse” Tim replied in a monotone.
“There’s someone worse than Nick?” Dave was stunned, considering what he saw Nick do to Danny last night. He was having difficulty imaging what is considered “worse” when compared to Nick.

“Yeah there’s 3 people in the building who are banned from public areas except on the fifth floor. Nick, Axel and James, the three most depraved and perverted fighters in the city. Remember when I mention how many times I had bottomed? Well Axel and James were not by choice. It was a month ago, I had just beaten Tony and was recovering in the locker-room. When Axel and James jumped me and. Well I’m sure you can imagine what happened. When I woke in the infirmary, I saw Nick talking to Burk, no idea what about. I heard later that Nick found me an hour after I finished my match with Tony. Burk wasn’t happy when I told him what happened. However nothing official could be done as it was my word against theirs. So Burk installed security cameras and banned them from using the lockers except for 5 minutes before and after a match”.

Dave was staring, aghast as Tim recounted the chilling tale.
“So that’s why you didn’t want Danny fighting Nick. You didn’t want him to experience what happened to you”. Tim nodded, stood up, stretched and exited the ring. Dave stood and watched as Tim proceeded to the laptop and hit a few keys.
“I’ve sent the footage to my email, including Axel entering. Come on I need a shower after running into him”. Tim changed into loose clothes, grabbed his phone and exited the room.
Dave hurriedly changed and followed. Closing the door he followed Tim into his apartment and whistled in appreciation at the nice room.

“Nice place, its netter than mine”. Dave remarks as he looks in the gourmet kitchen and living room. There was 50 inch TV on the wall, several game consoles and a expensive looking computer on the desk. He heard water running from the next room and waited for Tim to reappear.
“There’s food in the fridge if you want something, I’ll be a few minutes”.
“Ok” Dave called as he looked in the fridge, looking for a snack. He grabbed a yoghurt and sat at the table, waiting for Tim to reappear. He heard the water stop and Tim reappeared, glasses on, wrapped in a towel.
He joined Dave at the table and sighed. “Sorry for ending practice early, Axel arriving brought back memories I prefer remain buried”.
“Not a problem, you mentioned that Nick defeated him. When did that happen?” Dave asked after finishing the snack.
“About 5 years ago, it was a close match but Nick beat him and well you saw what happened to Danny. Any way after that Nick was the champion and Axel hasn’t fought him since. Axel hates Nick for beating and humiliating him and his eager to get another chance to fight Nick. Enough of that however lets discuss what went well in the bout and what didn’t.”       
Dave and Tim spent the next few hours reviewing the bout they had. Eliot’s previous matches and Nicks fights. Including the one where he and Tim fought to a draw.
“Impressive” Dave remarked after that clip had finished playing on the big screen.
“It was tiring, we both woke in the infirmary with Burk declaring a draw. Nick has wanted a rematch ever since. To prove he is the best, I’ve never obliged him until now.” Tim looked at the clock and noticed it was almost midnight.
“Jeez I didn’t realise what time it was. You had better head back to your place if you want any rest for tomorrow. We start training full time and I’ll see if I can convince David if we can use his facilities and practice against Ray, Duke, Alex and the others”.

Dave nodded as he stood up, yawning “good night Tim, see you in the morning for another run”. Tim heard the door open and close as he stood up and got ready to sleep.
Dave closed the door and started walking towards the stairs. He got to the landing when he heard a voice from above.
“Hello little kitty” a familiar voice called above Dave. Dave turned around and stared at the enormous figure of Axel stalking down the stairs. Axel stopped right in front of Dave and gazed hungrily at him. Dave stood his ground, since Axel took up the majority of the landing and waited for the tiger to move.
“Generally victims get out of my way unless they want another dose of pain. Those that don’t move then become my victims, so either way you’re fucked.” Axel grinned evilly as he spoke and placed a hand on Dave’s shoulder and pushed. Dave took a step back as the white tiger pushed him and he almost hit the wall from the force.

“You’ll forgive me if I decline now excuse me.” Dave tried to push past the tiger but was stopped when Axel put his other hand on his clavicle and secured him to the wall.
“Ahh but you’re not going anywhere, you see now I’m excited and you’re alone. So I’m going to take you to the ring, and fuck you senseless.” Dave felt fear as the hand on his clavicle reached his throat and began to tighten. He vainly tried to push the figure back and suddenly his was lifted by his throat and held against the wall. Starting to panic as Dave couldn’t breathe he was kicking and managed to land a kick against Axels groin.
“Feisty, I am going to enjoy breaking you in… argh!” Suddenly Dave is dropped to the floor as he sees a brown wolf behind Axel.
He hears a growl and a hiss as Axel steps back “if you want him, fight him properly. No more jumping people in corridors unless you have a prior claim. Unless you want me to do that to you now?” Dave blinks in surprise as he stares at Nick, who was facing Axel down even though he is slightly shorter.

Axel grits his teeth as he steps back onto the stairs and ascends up, disappearing around the bend. Nick briefly glances at Dave “be careful, there are residents who do not have honour and I won’t be around to save you next time”. Nick continued walking up the stairs and also disappeared. Dave shook his head and rubbed his throat well I’m going to have lovely bruise in the morning. He stood up and continued down the stairs rubbing his neck.       

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