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Friday, 27 November 2015

4 The First Monday

Danny woke up feeling a sensation around his groin. He looked up and saw Nick had engulfed his dick and was sucking it, roughly. Danny squirmed with discomfort and tried to sit up when he felt something enter his ass. Holy crap not agin wait he’s sitting down so its not his dick ahh. Danny lost his train of thought as he felt a stab of pleasure as the hand touched something inside of him.  He moaned then howled as his balls got crushed by Nick’s other hand. Danny tried to buck up but Nick had an elbow resting on his thigh. Nick looked at Danny’s face and grinned as much as he could with his mouth currently full.

Ok you don’t wanna stop! Let me make you! Danny brought his other thigh and slammed it into Nicks head. Nick rocked back a little but this turned out to be a bad idea. Danny screamed in pain as he felt teeth graze along his dick as Nick’s head moved. OK bad idea but I gotta try before I ahh… Danny started to shudder as he felt an orgasm approaching and Nick sucked harder. Danny climaxed into Nick’s mouth and he felt a stab of fear. Crap what is he going to do… wait why is he… Danny stopped his train of thought as Nick moved from the floor back onto the bed. His mouth was closed but he was smiling. Nick knelt over Danny and grabbed his jaw.

He forced it open, since Danny was trying vainly to clench his jaw shut and moved in to kiss. Nicks lips sealed shut over Danny’s mouth and his tongue forced liquid into his mouth. Wait that my cum! He’s making me swallow my own orgasm! Danny thrashed trying to buck Nick off him but the wolf moved and pinned Danny with his lower body. Nick’s tongue travelled into Danny’s throat where he pushed the remainder of his cum. Then Danny felt his nose pinch as airflow was blocked and Nick’s lips still had the airtight seal. He wants me to swallow or I’ll pass out… Danny swallowed, he felt Nick release his nose and the tongue withdraw.

Nick pulled up from the lip lock and released Danny’s jaw.
“Not the best cum I’ve tasted, but it will serve, after all it is quite nutritious. Lots of protein and calcium. Now for resisting the serving…” Nick finished speaking as he grabbed Danny’s rock hard dick and started to roughly stroke it, fast and hard. Danny felt a brief moment of pleasure as it was chased away by pain, as the head was too sensitive for the rough treatment Nick was giving. Danny tried to stop Nick from stroking him by trying to grab the wrist but Nick just laughed. Grabbed Danny’s wrists and held them tight as he continued to masturbate Danny. Danny moaned in pain at the rough hand-job as he felt another orgasm approaching.  Danny opened his mouth to moan when he gurgled as Nick shoved his cock into Danny’s mouth. He wasn’t able to go all the way in, but it was enough to bang painfully into Danny’s throat. Danny started to mumble that he was approaching when Nick did something strange. He covered the slit in the dick with his thumb and pressed down HARD.

Danny chocked around the dick in pain as he felt is orgasm cease. Nick pumped his dick in Danny’s mouth a few times as he released his own copious fluid build-up.
“Drink it all up Danny boy. It will help you get stronger for the coming fights I’m arranging for you hehehe.” Nick pulled out and clamped Danny’s mouth shut, waiting for to swallow again. Don’t have my nose this time so you’re not going to force me this time! Danny was thinking furiously as he glared at Nick’s smirking face.
“Fine you want to do this the hard way, I can oblige” Nick stated when kneeled up and sat on Danny’s chest. The bed groaned as Nick adjusted himself and leaned over Danny’s mouth again.

Not another kiss! I barely survived the last one! This time however Nick didn’t go in for a kiss, he wrapped his mouth around Danny’s nose and waited. Great now I’ve got his stinky dog breath right in my sinuses, it won’t ever come out. Well I hope he won’t mind me passing out… Nick felt the resistance from Danny cease as he passed out.
“Stubborn dog” Nick muttered as he let go of Danny’s wrist and mouth. Well then I’ll have to give you the morning milk another way. Nick went into the kitchen and started cooking breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. As he was finishing the eggs, he quickly masturbated into a pan and whisked it into the eggs. Whistling merrily he set the table and looked in on Danny. Danny’s nose was twitching so Nick walked in and slapped Danny’s belly. Hard, the sound echoed throughout the small apartment and it had the desired effect of waking Danny up.
“Breakfast is ready” Nick turned and sat down at the table and began to eat.

Oww, note to self being smothered is not fun especially by a perverted wolf. Danny noticed that he was quite sticky from Nick’s attention and started to head to the bathroom.
“Breakfast first and if you’re a good bitch I’ll let you wash up” Danny heard from the other room. Danny growled when he heard “bitch” but he followed the instruction and sat down. He mechanically shoved food in his mouth as Nick was watching and finishing his own breakfast. When Danny had finished, Nick raised an eyebrow and indicated for him to clean up. Danny started to clean as Nick was finishing writing a list.
“So what did you think of the eggs?” Nick asked with a small smile.
“Personally I prefer them sunny side up” Danny retorted as he put the plates away.
“That would’ve made the special sauce too obvious” Nick mused while watching Danny’s expression. It went from contempt to curious as he looked at the pan he was holding. He sniffed the handle and his expression changed to disgust as he looked at Nick’s dick.

“Disgusting” was all that Danny could say as he placed the pan in the washer and finished clearing the table.
“Well if you had taken it in bed, you could have yours eggs anyway you like. By the way seaman is actually quite nutritious and mine is the best in the building. So at least once a day you’ll be getting the best supplement in town, possibly twice if you’re good.” Nick grinned as he was talking and Danny shuddered.
“So either you can take it willingly or not, your choice. However I need to get some things done in town so you’ll be cleaning up here and then heading to the gym to follow this program.” Nick pointed at the paper on the table where Danny saw him taking notes.

“Also you’re not washing until this afternoon and I will smell it if you do and you won’t like my reply. Finally no masturbating or orgasms for you unless I do it to you. Oh before I forget if you see James or Axel in the gym, ignore them whatever they do. They know your mine and that won’t interfere unless they want to get on my bad side.” Nick finished talking as he entered the bedroom and Danny heard the shower turn on. A few minutes later Nick emerged wearing a tank top and jeans. He went to a cabinet and pulled a wallet and keys out and shoved them in his pockets.
“Spare key for the apartment is by the door. The gym is open on weekdays, and don’t lose the key”

Nick closed the door with a clunk, leaving Danny in the apartment naked and covered in dried seaman while holding a wash rag.                                                  


Dave woke to a sore neck and a banging on his apartment door. He slowly stood up and checked he was decent before wandering into the hallway and opening the door. Tim was standing just outside, wearing a t-shirt and fighting shorts.
“Morning” Tim said cheerfully holding a mug of coffee and a toasted sandwich.
“What happened to you?” Tim asked as Dave opened the door allowing him in and seeing the bruise on Dave’s neck.
“Had a run in with Axel last night” Dave replied sullenly as he sipped at the coffee, nodded his thanks and sat down. Tim looked around for a plate and quickly served the toasted sandwiches and brought it over.
“Well you’re walking so that means Axel didn’t get his way with you. No one has the balls to stand up to him except…” Tim broke his line of thought as he looked at Dave’s face.
“Yup Nick hit him and said something about claiming in the ring. No idea as I was oxygen deprived from the choke hold. Nick also mentioned something about honour?”

“Yeah Nick isn’t actually that bad when compared to Axel or James. Nick will beat you in the ring and fuck your brains out there. But he won’t wait till after you’ve won and then fuck you. Unlike Axel or James.” Tim finished speaking with a hiss and shook he head.  
“Anyway let’s head to David’s, he’s happy for us to use the ring and train with the others as long as we follow the rules: No low blows and no sex” Dave nodded as he stood and strode into the bedroom and quickly changed into gym clothes. Loose shirt and fighting shorts.
“Let’s roll” Tim nods and opens the door and they walk down the stairs.

On the ground floor they spot Nick, in jeans and a tank top leaving the building. He mounts a motor bike and quickly zooms off.
“Wonder where he was going? And where’s Danny?” Dave asked aloud, glancing at Tim quizzically. Tim shrugs and continues walking to his car gazing in the direction that Nick took off in. Tim got in the driver seat while Dave sat in the passenger side. Tim drove them to David’s which took 15minutes and they got out and proceeded inside.

The gym was huge. The room was divided into 4 sections: An exercise area with free weights, machines, treadmills, rowers everything a modern fitness gym would have and more. Another corner had padded mats and rubber flooring to protect against injury. Fighters were practicing ground combat and various martial arts in this area. There was a boxing ring where fighters were practicing wrestling throws. The final section was a fighting octagon for use with MMA fights where currently there was an monkey and an orange tiger exchanging blows.

Dave approached the octagon and called “Morning Alexander. Tony why do you keep getting caught in that hold?” Dave heard a grunt as walked around the octagon and saw that Tony was trapped in a nasty head lock and arm bar that Alexander was applying. Alexander was struggling to keep it tight but he was managing while Tony was grunting in pain. Tony used his other arm to tap his submission and Alexander released the pressure and stood up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
“Hey Dave! How are you?” Alexander asked leaning against the cage panting from exertion.
“I’m better than Tony is at the moment. Also we got permission to use David’s to practice for our bout with Nick.” Dave replied staring at Alexander as he passed him a water bottle from the side.

“Then you can take my place in here” came an annoyed voice from inside the ring as Tony stood up, stretched and snatched the water bottle out of Alexander’s hand. He took a gulp glaring at Alexander who smiled and grinned.
“Yeah Tony was becoming a bit too easy I need a challenge.” Alexander replied grinning at Tony’s petulant expression. Tony shook his head as he left the arena, tossing the bottle at Alexander’s head. Alexander caught it and turned towards Dave “so coming in?”    
“Give me few minutes to talk with David and get changed” Dave replied while turning to the small office located in the back wall. 
He noticed Tim was already at the door and was talking with someone. Dave walked over and stood next to Tim.

“As long as you don’t bring Nick, James or Axel here, anyone else is fine. There mostly good guys at the warehouse outside the ring at least.” David finishes with a smile as he sees Dave.
“Hey Dave, so your fighting against Eliot on Saturday?” Dave’s nods
“Well get training, to go against Nick you need to win the matches and Eliot isn’t a push over no matter what you think.”
Dave’s expression changed from cheerful disregard to something more serious as he heard the tone in David’s voice.
“Well I had better get started, see you two later” Dave turned and entered the change room. He quickly changed into sparring gear and jogged back to the octagon where he quickly began to grapple with Alexander.

“So do you think you have a chance against Nick?” David asked while watching Dave and Alexander.
“The 2 of us maybe 60%. There’s a reason he’s undefeated and honestly am amazed I didn’t lose when I fought against him.” Tim replies while looking around the gym.
“Then why did you challenge him?”
“Didn’t feel right that Danny was tricked into it and you know the rules. Danny is Nick’s until he is challenged to a championship match. The next one 3 months away and well I don’t want Danny turning into James.”
“True, anyway I’ll let you get to it”. David turns and closes the door leaving Tim to watch the gym by himself.


Danny finished cleaning the apartment and sat down with his head in his hands. I can’t believe the next 3 months will be the same as this? If I knew this could have happened I would have listened to David and not gone anywhere near this place. Well I had better get started with the training. Since Nick isn’t here, I’ll wear normal workout clothes, they must be hidden somewhere. Danny walked into the bedroom and quickly looked around. He found where Nick had normal clothes and tried on a shirt and pants, they were loose but he was able to wear them. Danny grabbed the key and a water bottle and exited the apartment. Heading to the gym door, which opened easily into the huge room. Danny glanced at the paper and moved towards the bikes when he heard a sound.

Looking around Danny noticed a figure hanging from a hook. The toes barley touching the floor and tied with rope around the wrists. Danny walked around and looked at the person, realising it was a wolf and noticing that there was a gag in his mouth. The wolf looked at Danny pleading for help and Danny sympathising reached up and removed the gag. It was a black speedo with “J” initialised in white.
“Thanks” the voice was hoarse, like he had been yelling. Danny noted that there was red welt and bruises were starting to develop.
“I’m Dennis and unless you want to join me leave the building and don’t come back… Oh you can’t go so who is your ‘owner’?” Danny touched the collar, he forgot it was there when he saw Dennis.
“Danny and I’m Nick’s ‘dog’. Here let me try to get you out of that” Danny
“There’s a winch on the wall. So your Nicks new victim? I heard there was someone new on the floor.”
“Yeah that’s me” Danny replied as he found the winch and just started turning it.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, unless you want to join him.” Danny whirled around and saw a black Badger a foot behind him. Holy crap! I didn’t hear anything! I need to keep a lookout next time. The badger was shorter than Danny but much more muscular. He was also naked and his dick was big and pointed right at Danny’s gut. The badger pushed past Danny and stood in front of Dennis and threw an uppercut into his balls. Dennis howled and the badger kept throwing kicks and punches into his gut, balls, and sides.
“You’re not going anywhere and the only reason you’re not also getting strung up is that collar. However you will watch what I do to this sneak since you wanted to free him. I’m James and this punching bag.” James had just sent his knee into Dennis’s balls, sending another howl throughout the room.

“Thought he could use my gym without permission. He actually snuck in and was using weights when I can in. Yeah he had a collar a few weeks ago but he only gets access while he’s wearing it, not after.” James finished a combination set, pummelling Dennis’s balls when he stopped and turned towards Danny. He gestured for Danny to come closer and Danny followed slowly stopping just short of the erection that James was sporting.
“I can’t pummel you like I can do to this one however…” James stepped forward and powered a knee right into Danny’s groin. Danny howled as he sank to the floor and curled into a ball and held his crotch. James snorted and Danny heard the sound of a body hitting the floor.  

Danny rolled over and started to crawl away when he felt another kick propel him across the floor. Danny screamed as his balls were abused again and he heard an evil laugh.
“Don’t give me a tempting target bitch” James stepped over Danny, carrying Dennis on his shoulder and toss him into the ring. Fuck that I thought Nick was the only punisher I had to worry about. Danny watched as James spent the next 20 minutes tossing Dennis around the ring. Applying painful submission holds and only releasing when Dennis submitted several times. It wasn’t completely one sided, Dennis occasionally managed to hit James or get him in a wrestling hold. But James was able to quickly reverse and resume torturing Dennis.  

James was clearly enjoying himself as evidenced by his hard dick, which was leaking like a faucet. James had Dennis in a camel clutch when he paused and looked at Danny.
“Aren’t you meant to be exercising? Cause if Nick catches you slacking what I’m doing to Dennis is minor compared to what hell Nick will put you through.” James finished speaking and released Dennis allowing him to slump to the mat in pain and moved to the corner closest to Danny. Danny heard moans of pain as he saw Dennis slowly stand up and charge at James. Dennis seized James around the middle and suplexed back to the mat with a thud.

Dennis lay on his back panting when James stood up and towered over him.
“you need to keep pushing the advantage, otherwise you’ll let your opponent recover like this!” James’s elbow impacted with Dennis’s gut, expelling all the air that he had just sucked in. Danny quickly started the program Nick designed while watching James torture Dennis.
Holy crap he’s strong for a little guy Danny thought as he watched James effortlessly dominate the larger wolf. Dennis was barely conscious when James stopped and ripped Dennis’s shorts completely off. James pulled Dennis up and propped him in the corner facing Danny. There was no expression on Dennis’s face while James was grinning.

“Do you need to fuck him?” Danny asked still cycling on the bike while he was watching.
“Yep unless you want to fight me for him?” James replied staring at Danny. Danny stopped cycling while he thought it over and shook his head.
“I already have Nick screwing me I don’t want you as well”.
“I could make it sweeter? Say you win, I’ll ask to Nick to release you month early. But you lose ill fuck you and Dennis”. James watched Danny closely waiting for the reply.
If I win I’ll be released a month early now that’s not too bad but I lose… Danny started at James’s cock which was big. Not as big as Nick’s but bigger than his own.
“Offer expires in 10, 9…” James started to countdown and prepared himself to propel himself into Dennis
“Deal but I fuck you if I win” Danny called as James reached 2. I hope I’m not making a mistake. James grinned and tossed Dennis through the ropes where he hit the floor with a thud. James followed and dragged him to the seat and tied Dennis up giving him the perfect view of the ring. Danny quickly remove his clothes leaving his underwear on and entered the ring. James jumped into the ring opposite Danny and grinned.
“This is going to be fun!”

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